Raiders have a tough decision to make on Carson Palmer

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With Raiders coach Dennis Allen that the time has come to see quarterback Terrelle Pryor play, the questions becomes whether Allen and the rest of the organization will soon be coming to the conclusion that quarterback Carson Palmer should not play.

Though Allen stopped short of suggesting that Palmer could be benched this season, in the offseason Palmer could, in theory, be cut.

Palmer, who arrived via trade in 2011, is due to earn a base salary of $13 million in 2013.  The Raiders may decide that they can’t justify paying that much money to Palmer.

So unless Palmer takes less from the Raiders, he may get nothing and like it.  Or nor like it.  Either way, it’s hard to see him getting every penny he’s due to make next year.

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  1. $13 million for an aging, immobile QB who throws into double coverage against Champ Bailey, has a career losing record, and nearly as many turnovers as TDs? What’s the problem? That’s a bargain.

  2. Palmer has been deteriorating for years. Since the knee injury in 05′ he has been the First pick of the draft that never lived up to his potential. No more excuses for him, he simply is not that good.

  3. Carson Palmer has played terribly. It’s been painfully obvious why Cincinnati let him go. The offensive line, coaching , wide receivers, and running game has also been horrible; but Carson has to be held responsible for his poor play and decision making. We had the same personnel from last year and have played worse, how does that happen?

  4. Is there anyone in the world who could justify spending $13 million for one year on Carson Palmer? He’ll end up with reasonable stats this year but most of those are compiled after games are out of hand. The Raiders should bring in a game manager (Kyle Orton type) for pennies on the dollar and let him compete with Pryor for the starting job in 2013, then use this draft and free agency to start rebuilding the defense and offensive line.

    As a Broncos fan though I hope they don’t do the sensible thing, continue doing what you’ve been doing, giving out bad extensions to marginal players and then drafting for speed rather than skill.

  5. He will restructure. He did last offseason. With as many needs as the Raiders have they could easily justify giving Palmer another year or two. Draft Manti or The DT from Utah (Star liotsomething) and let Palmer have another year.

  6. No they do not. Carson Palmer has been the only true constant with that team. They have ready no NFL QB ready to play in reserve. Their best choice is Palmer. They need to let DMC go. That guy is a injury waiting to happen.

  7. Boy those high picks that could have been quality players for 10+ years each were a good trade for a washed up qb for 2 years..

  8. They have to cut Palmer. That should be a no-brainer. They need to spread that money around to a few guys who can help their defense.

  9. The curse of the USC quarterback..flip the roles. and have Prior start and Palmer as the backup..Then next year trade him the jets for him to reunite with Sanchez or banish him to Cleveland or Arizona

  10. Palmer should take a pay cut, but where they need to get things situated is on defense. I mean when you give up 30-40 points a week, the other team kinda knows your going to be throwing the ball a lot. Too much blame for Palmer here. That offense just isn’t good enough to make up for the hole it’s defense puts it.

  11. Carson’s no longer great, but he is a competent NFL QB. They need to find a way to keep him for next year and do some serious repair on the rest of the team – if Palmer had just a little help instead of the group of clowns they have, they could have been a 9 – 7 team, and maybe a playoff shot.

  12. Any team would like a veteran QB as good as Palmer in their organization. He can start for two more years and a few teams could afford him as a short term upgrade. Hope he restructures.

  13. The Raiders lose because of a defense that can’t stop anybody, not Carson Palmer. Only a select few QBs in this league could compensate for such horrific defensive football. Carson has had several turnovers that killed his team (i.e. pick six against the Falcons) but he’s still a good quarterback all things considered.

    The Terrelle Pryor bandwagon is hilarious. Nobody was going to draft this guy as a quarterback. He’s not an NFL caliber quarterback. If the Raiders start him, they’re waving the white flag.

  14. Oakland needs to clean house.Get rid of Palmer McFragile Seymour Kelly (especially him) DHB and I’ll say it Janikowski.They need to rebuild the team because what they have now is a delapidated home in need of a renovation.Hey sounds like their stadium too!

  15. Not only that, but he’s due $15m in 2014.

    If you feel like you wouldn’t keep him for 2014, then you have to wonder if it’s worth it to cut bait altogether on him sooner rather than later; that is, after this season and start your search for a new QB after this season instead of two seasons from now.

    And you have to wonder if Palmer really wants to be a part of a team that will flounder the rest of the time he’s with them, as well as work under a coach who didn’t choose him and probably wouldn’t mind installing his own guy as QB.

    He’s already shown that big money won’t keep him around a team he doesn’t want to be around.

  16. And Pryor is not your guy. The idea that he’s anything than *maybe* a serviceable backup in the NFL is laughable.

  17. I wonder if they could work out a trade b(sadly we’ll get nothing close to what we paid).

    Though he isn’t a franchise QB he would be an upgrade for a good chunk of the league.

  18. Great trade, Hue Jackson. Palmer just doesn’t cut it. He’s not God awful… Just very ordinary. And ordinary doesn’t help an all-around bad team

  19. I say Palmer’s toast. The Raiders will go witih Pryor and there’s a few good reasons. One: Is the money, of course! Payin’ 13-mil to a one INT short of a bust dosen’t make make sense. Pryor is sittin’ wasting away while Carson is sinking up the show. Two: Anyone can see that Pryor is much athletic than Palmer. Hell, Terelle probably can run BACKWARDS faster than Palmer going all out straight ahead! And Palmer’s arm?! WHAT ARM? Carson continues to throw into double coverage…..tossing marshmellos at that! (Can you say HELLO OLE’ YELLER?) It’s been all downhill for CP ever since that Steelers game. That been so long I’ve forgotten what year he got hurt. The Raiders need to do the same thing!!!

  20. trbowman says: Dec 8, 2012 10:06 PM

    The Terrelle Pryor bandwagon is hilarious. Nobody was going to draft this guy as a quarterback. He’s not an NFL caliber quarterback. If the Raiders start him, they’re waving the white flag.
    They’re 3-10. The white flag is already waving. Palmer isn’t without blame for that, but it’s not all on him. He takes responsibility. He doesn’t point fingers. He doesn’t badmouth his former team, the city, or the fans. He makes a great play and follows it with a terrible one. He’s not worth 13M next season, but he’s better than a lot of QBs that are starting this season and will be starting next season. At this point there is no harm in playing Pryor. Thanks to everyone’s hero Hubris Jackson, the Raiders have several high draft picks tied up in the QB position. They might as well see if Pryor has learned anything about the pro game.

  21. See what Pryor can do hahahahaaha! Cam 2.0? really!!! Carson can still make a team very good, He can be good with the Raiders, but he needs to be backed by a good defense and the O-line needs to be really good. And have atleast one go to guy not a bunch of second and third string wideouts.

  22. Doesn’t Oakland have some draft picks this year they could use on getting a franchise QB? Their record sucks so they might be in contention for a good one.

  23. Everybody who has actually paid attention knows that Palmer has been the LEAST of problems for the Raiders. The defense over the season somehow regressed to 2006 level of bad. No pass rush, no run defense, spotty coverage at best.

    The run game sadly died once Knapp came into town, forcing Palmer to become the main playmaker (which was not the plan).

    That’s not to say Palmer doesn’t deserve some blame, but the Raiders problems run far deeper than just the performance of the QB.

  24. Whether he is worth the money is debatable, but he is on pace to throw for 4,700 yards. Completely useless quarterbacks don’t do that.

  25. Its funny that all these ‘experts’ commenting are certain that Pryor cant be an NFL quarterback…

    When have YOU seen him play in a regular season game? ….oh that’s right, he hasnt been given a chance yet!! I say let the kid play and see what he does… You never know… If he is as bad as they say, then consider dropping him..

    One thing Im sure though.. Pryor wont stand in the pocket like the Statue of Liberty and get clobbered, he will run… and probably run better than the RBs on the roster…

    As far as Palmer goes.. for every 3 good passes he throws, he makes 1 bad read and/or throws an interception at the worst possible times!

  26. Remember — this was Hue Jackson’s doing, and it took a bizarre turn of events for it to happen:

    1. Mike Brown put Carson Palmer on ice rather than cave in to his demands prior to the 2011 season.
    2. Al Davis died 10/8/2011.
    3. Raiders starting QB Jason Campbell was injured and knocked out for the season on 10/16/2011.
    4. With Davis (who had doubled as the GM) dead and Jackson knowing he had to make the playoffs at a minimum to keep his job under a new GM, Jackson was able to mortgage the future (giving up 1st-and-2nd round picks) to get Palmer. If it works, maybe he keeps his job. If it doesn’t (and it didn’t), he gets a pink slip, but the future isn’t an MP, it’s a YP: your problem.

    Think about what this required: the Palmer impasse, Davis dying when he did, Campbell getting hurt *before* the trade deadline, and the Raiders allowing their lame duck head coach to make a lopsidedly bad trade in a feeble attempt to save his job. You could make an entire 30 for 30 about this.

  27. Not a tough decision. Carson Palmer is the best player by far on the Raiders’ roster and the only leader on that team. He is their offense. They have no running game, the O-line lets him get pounded every week , and the woeful WR corps can’t seem to consistently get open or catch the passes that come their way. Other than Brandon Myers and Marcel Reese, it is all Palmer. He is the only reason they have won 3 games and been competitive in a few others. This season he has more than shown his toughness, talent, and character. He never publicly criticizes his team-mates, takes the blame for their failings, and goes out there every week and puts up numbers that are astounding on such a terrible team. Any rational person will acknowledge that he has been one of the better QBs in the NFL in 2012. You don’t get rid of a player like Palmer or nickle and dime him, you build around him. Pryor has done nothing and is nothing. The commenters who are ripping Palmer know nothing-they are laughably ignorant. Have they watched a Raiders game this year? Without him, the Raiders only hope of winning a single game would require a lot of luck and a visiting east coast team suffering from jet lag and having a really down week. You might try to be clever and say the Raiders could win 3 games without Palmer, but you’d be wrong. He is the brightest light on one of the league’s worst rosters-and that is being charitable to the other 52 guys.

  28. He’s not cut out to run a true west coast offense…never has been, never will be. They are married to the west coast system, therefore it’s better for both parties that they part ways. I think Palmer has shown he can still chuck the ball around pretty good. Although he’s not $13M good. But he’ll land somewhere for $7-8M a year for 1-4 years. Places that have offensive systems that match his skills and need a QB? NY Jets, Jaguars (reunite with old Cincy OC Bob Bratkowski) & the Arizona Cardinals. Cleveland may be a good spot depending on the offense that gets installed in the off season. Same thing with KC & Phili if they have a regime change and go to a non-west coast offense. He’s being wasted in that system. He’s talent level is still that of a top 10 QB. He just hasn’t been in a system that suites his skills or had an Oline that can pass pro for some time. He has to have both to succeed.

  29. Maybe he can be traded to Jacksonville for a third or fourth round pick. I do not believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars will fire Gene Smith, but their QB situation is a mess.

    They have to be a run first football team in northern Florida, however, and he is better than Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert. I state this because Carson Palmer is too interception-prone to be a 35+ Attempt/game QB and He needs to be in a situation where “less is more”. He can be a better option for Justin Blackmon and Cecil shorts And he will be reunited with OC Bob Bratkowski.

    If this work to happen successfully Jacksonville will need to get an alternative running back to Maurice Jones Drew in case he gets hurt again.

  30. Carson Palmer is color blind. If you actually watch the Raider games you are aware that all of the passing plays are 14 yards and in. If one goes longer Carson freelanced.

    Some of the blame also has to fall on OC Greg Knapp. I did not like him the first time he was in Oakland as OC, and I am not happy that he is back. If you go for it on a 4th and inches and call an 8 yard pitch, you should be hanged.

    Believe it or not the Raiders have an awesome D-line with a weak secondary and an up and coming LB core. The honest issue with the Raiders D is that they face 1, 2, or 3 and out multiple times a quarter. The D gets to the bench, sits down, and watches Palmer turn the ball over.

    Carson Palmer is the NFL League MVP. No other player has helped more teams win.

  31. Palmer hasn’t been terrible but this team is rudderless. They are incapable of winning right now. Even when they’re the better team they find a way to screw up games. Let Palmer walk and chance it with another rookie. It’ll be a lot cheaper while they rebuild.

  32. Dude it’s time to play Pryor, and this coming from a Broncos fan. Give us at least some (italics) competition.

  33. This is perfect. I hope Carson gets what he deserves. He’s nothin but a pick six throwin quitter at this point. I’ll take Andy Dalton any day over that quitter.

  34. If Pryor plays well, maybe move Palmer on. But if Pryor doesn’t look so good, there’s no way you move on the best QB on the roster, even at $13 million. I think Palmer would look much better with better support from better players anyway.

  35. I think the Ravens have an even tougher decision to make on Joe Flacco; He’s a fee agent after the season. he wants “elite” money long term or they franchise him at a ridiculous sum.

  36. I like Palmer, but trade him to the Vikings or something, but don’t let him walk and get nothing back.

  37. I agree with the comment above trade him to the Jets Palmer is better than Mark and tebow they could use a veteran and as for Us (The Raiders) its time to move on

  38. You can’t pay Palmer 13 million. Palmer is responsible for at least 4 losses this year with bonehead throws in critical times in those games. Pryor has great legs, but he throws like Tim Tebow, and has no accuracy. I think Leinart is the more affordable and best QB on that team and he fits Knapps system much better than Palmer or Pryor. Leinart was in Knapps system for two years prior to coming to the Raiders, he deserves a shot not Pryor. I hope the Palmer days are over, what a disaster that trade was.

  39. Obviously, Palmer wasn’t the final piece to the puzzle the Oakland front office was hoping he would be, and who can blame him for taking the money? Thirteen million next year is silly for a QB who is way past his prime and doesn’t have a lot to work with. The Raiders can lose 12 games without him more cheaply than with him so give Pryor a shot so you know what you have. I don’t see him as an NFL QB, but who knows? Time for a floor to ceiling rebuild.

  40. Golden boy from So.Cal. will never win a big game in the NFL. Not tough enough and doesn’t have a winning spirit. His time in the AFC North proved his worth.

  41. As bad as Palmer is, the Vikings show a willingness to take on aging QB’s who are on the downside of their career (Favre, McNabb and to a lesser extent Sage Rosenfelds)

    Cut the guy, the Vikings are waiting.

  42. Boy i bet the raiders wish they had those 1st and 2nd round picks back. That’s what happens when you let a coach whose only concern is not to get fired this year, don’t worry about the future start trading away the future to save his job.

    How many draft picks did they trade away in last year’s draft?

    Good news, you still owe your second to Cinci this year for Palmer whether you pay him 13 mill or not. The gift that keeps on giving, Hue Jackson.

    That’s one thing I don’t understand about Raiders fans. Hue Jackson and Al Davis absolutely destroyed this team long term by trying to win at all costs the last 2 years. The laundry list of draft picks traded away for “win now” players who rarely have made any difference is staggering. Yet in their first year, lacking any high draft picks do to the previous regime, they get roasted for not turning over the roster more completely.

    Noone likes losing but it’s going to take probably another 2 years to overturn the stink that Al and Hue left on this team. Like i said they still owe a second next year for Palmer and he may not even be on the team. Cinci has been laughing all the way to the bank on that trade.

  43. If Greg Krapp was his OC, Tom Brady would put up career-worst numbers.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Palmer is Brady, etc..
    I’m just saying, while Palmer isn’t elite, he is good enough to win with. Greg Krapp, on the other hand, has taken an offense that routinely put up 25-30 pts last year and turned them into a team that’s lucky to score 10. He’s the worst! Whether it play selection or personnel, this is the worst I’ve seen (other than the “bed and breakfast” offense). Canning Greg Krapp and getting a WR or two who can actually catch a pass would really help.

  44. BTW- have any of you Pryor advocates ever actually watched him throw a pass?
    Best bet is to move him to WR. He would surely drop less passes than what they have now

  45. I think mwindle1973 got it right. In my opinion, this is a playoff-caliber offensive roster with the wrong offensive scheme. DMac finally got going a couple years ago after several years of the lame zone-blocking scheme. Now we go backward with another try of an OC that failed the first time?

    I wish Dennis Allen had shown some leadership and fired the OC.

    The defense is devoid on talent, and we knew that going into the season. They also seem to lack leadership.

    I really believe a new offensive scheme and a talent infusion on the defense will go a long way.

  46. Palmers already stated before that he’s not playing for money anymore, but for the love of the game. He had 80 mil in the bank when he decided he was done in Cinci. He’s happy being close to his home town and hasn’t given any indication that he’s unhappy. Dennis Allen also recently said he’s not down on Carson at all, and that hes someone they will lead on moving forward. He’s made some mistakes but the whole team has, whenever you’re losing the way they have been any competitor is going to try and force things a little to help the team win when they’re desperate. His recievers constantly drop passes that hit their hands and the defense constantly puts them in bad field position. That doesn’t absolve him of all his errors, but I’d like to see what he can do with a few solid pieces around him and some consistency with the coaching staff. Also I think people are taking his (DAs) comments about Pryor way out of context. Just saying that they want to see what they have in him does not mean he’s going to be the starter. He’s still a ways away from being ready, if he will be at all. We might see him in some Tebow like wildcat packages here soon, but I wouldn’t expect to see him move up the depth chart. If he’s lucky he’ll move up to the number 2 slot maybe next year. Just my take.

  47. First off, the trade that brought Palmer to Oakland was a desperation move by an egomaniac (Jackson) and cost us dearly for the short-term. But it’s a sunk cost so we have to make do.

    Given his age and current abilities, Palmer is NOT going to be the QB that leads the Raiders back to relevance (playoff contention) because it’s going to take at least a few more years before we get the type of roster we can do that with. For the interim rebuilding years, Palmer is as good as we can do but I say that we should keep him ONLY if he’s willing to take a pay cut. $13 mil. is outrageous for his current level so if he’s not willing to renegotiate then trade/cut him and acquire a game-manager type QB who’s not especially good but also doesn’t embarrass us.

    And anyone who seriously thinks Al Davis’ last mistake – Pryor – is gonna be an NFL caliber QB for the Raiders out to have his/her head examined. I hope that Allen plays him in the remaining 2012 games to put such delusions to rest.

  48. I love all the “experts” in here. There is a reason you are all making comments HERE and not for a living…KEEP you day jobs. ANYONE who thinks Palmer is the main reason the Raiders are bad, are clueless…BUT, he is not blameless. Anyone who thinks that all of the injuries and lack of legit talent did not play into the horrible season the Raiders had is ALSO clueless. And ANYONE, thinking the track record the Bengals management has with draft picks, think that they have taken advantage of the desperate trade the Raiders made to get Palmer…is equally clueless.

    Now, to address the Pryor at QB question. We have NO CLUE what there is in Pryor because he has never played. You just don’t know..and to ass-ume that he will not be a QB is this league, is just that…assuming. The Raiders have NOTHING to lose by playing him. Nothing…. The season is over, time to see what some of these kids have and let them audition for possible trade suitors for next year if they do not work out. The coaching staff and Palmer are confident in their position on the team to know they have to take a look at this kid.

    The “experts” can now return to the regularly scheduled ranting/hating and ill informed comments.

  49. Hey Felix,

    Can we “assume” that is your “expert” opinion? LOL.

    Oh I almost forgot…remember to “keep your day job.”

  50. Palmers base salary is 13 million, his cap number is 17 million next year….there alone you have 17 million reasons why he might not be back next year. However Carson could always restructure to get into an equitable value for both of something like 10m to 12m per season.

  51. Vick, Romo, Rivers, and Palmer are all due right around 17 million next year……Safe to think all 4 will be debated. (brady is safe at 21 million?)

  52. Carson isn’t the problem. Look at what he has to work with! No running game and no real standout receiving corps.

    Eli Manning has 3429 passing yds, 20 TD’s, 13 int with a 86.4 pass rating compared with Palmer who has 3805 passing yds, 22 td’s, 14 int’s with a 85.3 pass rating.

    With a running game to compliment the receiving corps, Palmer could be even better. Not great, just better. I have a hard time blaming everything on one person. The ZBS isn’t working for whatever reason, yet I hope this will change and Carson will come back next season.

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