Steelers release Hoyer for some secondary depth


In a clear sign they think quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is fine, the Steelers released backup quarterback Brian Hoyer Saturday.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they promoted cornerback Josh Victorian from their practice squad when making the move.

They still have Charlie Batch in reserve, although Byron Leftwich didn’t practice Thursday or Friday as he recovers from his own rib injury.

12 responses to “Steelers release Hoyer for some secondary depth

  1. Should have kept Hoyer and Deactivated Leftwich! If the Steelers really think that he’s a dependable #2 QB they are Delusional. Hell Batch is a better option and has 7-4 record to prove it..that being said they REALLY REALLY need a true #2 cause Ben will miss atleast 2 games per season.

  2. Thought all along they should have put Byron on the IR and saved a roster spot. Gone with Hoyer the rest of the season and gave him a head start towards making the roster next year. What, Byron not injured? If they can announce Bruce Arians’ surprise retirement then they could have tagged Leftwich with a season ending injury.

  3. Im a Steeler fan and I really cant understand why the Steelers hang on to Leftwich.

    Maybe Hoyer isnt good – I have no idea. But I know Leftwich isnt good.

  4. Bad decision. We need youth in the back up QB position and this would of been a good and cheap (free agent) signing to work on. What do they see in leftwich? We are not learning from our mistakes.

  5. They aren’t gonna drop Leftwich cause he’s a good friend of Ben. They’ve been friends since back when they played against each other in the MAC. Back when Leftwich was on the Jaguars they used to dine together the night before games.

  6. No one even knows if Hoyer was able to pick up the playbook.

    As far as we all know, he couldn’t work out the timing with the receivers.

    Before any of us say who should be cut and who should stay, maybe we should trust in the Steelers, who have done a pretty good job up until now.

    Benefit of the doubt people.

  7. I like Leftwich, and he’d be a great backup for our system … except in the last four years he hasn’t made it through a single game in one piece. Why waste a roster space on a guy who can’t play? If we were going to release or deactivate someone, it should have been Byron, not Hoyer.

  8. I’m starting to wonder if Leftwich has some embarrassing pictures of Tomlin. He had that memorable drive in college and was decent in Jax but has not been effective or durable for years. His windup/release is longer than Tebow’s.

  9. Leftwich probably saved their season with the come-from-behind win over the Chiefs in relief of Roethlisberger, and then nearly beat the Ravens with a set of busted ribs, a shoulder injury, a battered o-line, and receivers and backs missing due to injuries.

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