Thomas done talking about Hillis


It was refreshing, to say the least, to see an NFL player rip a former teammate without hiding behind the cloak of anonymity.  But now that Brown left tackle Joe Thomas has said what he said about Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis and Hillis has responded by calling Thomas a “crazy ex-girlfriend,” Thomas has nothing more to say.

I’ve answered my last Peyton Hillis question this week,” Thomas said Friday, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The exchange between Hillis and Thomas was entertaining to say the least, and our only regret is that both men won’t be on the field at the same time.

But maybe they will.  Asked whether he’ll play some defense on Sunday, Thomas said,  “No plans yet. . . . Don’t tell anyone.  It might be a secret.”

He’s joking, obviously.  We wish he weren’t.

13 responses to “Thomas done talking about Hillis

  1. Joe Thomas is a class act.

    I remember that he went fishing with his dad on draft day instead of being in New York. The Raiders took a train wreck Russell and left a franchise cornerstone like Thomas on the board.

  2. “Crazy ex-girlfriend”? This is the 1st time any Browns player has even mentioned Hillis since he left. Joe T said what everyone else was thinking and he did it in a classy way.

    Stay classy Joe.

  3. clownsfan….he mentioned it because he was asked. He didnt release a press statement or anything.

  4. Ohhhh … I missed that “crazy ex-girlfriend” bit. Gee, I can remember when Hillis seemed good-looking to me. Not anymore. Pretty is as pretty does. Can’t imagine why the Browns want that cancer back in the locker room when they have a guy like Richardson with five times the talent and ten times the heart.

    I believe in players being paid what they’re worth, but you don’t get a new contract by pretending to be sick and injured during the season and screwing all your teammates just when the team was just starting to gel. Joe Thomas earned his salary on the field! He earned respect, too–something Hillis knows nothing about.

  5. “Joe T said what everyone else was thinking ”

    That are Browns fan. Because a lot of people I know that aren’t surely weren’t thinking that. Actually the thought process was that Pat Shumar doesn’t know what he’s doing, doesn’t know how to use Hillis, Holmgren needs to retire, and the Browns are a joke.

  6. @ orivar. You’re a joke. Shurmur didn’t know how to use Hillis FROM THE BENCH because he was busy faking a 3 week strep throat. Oh and by the way, Holmgren isn’t even affiliated with Cleveland anymore dummy!

  7. Re: “the Browns are a great team, with great fans. Class Organization too”

    This statement is a bit much, “great team”? Come on now… The fans do seem to be dedicated & the Browns have a lot of football tradition. I think it’s great for football if they’re winning.

    But let’s be honest here, they have stunk horribly for years. The front office also never has seemed dedicated to building a winning team during those years.

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