Browns blow out the Chiefs


Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles scored an 80-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage today in Cleveland, and everything was looking good for Kansas City. That didn’t last long.

The Browns then went on to dominate the rest of the game, walking away with an easy 30-7 win.

Cleveland got an efficient and effective day from rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden, who completed 17 of 30 passes for 217 yards. The Browns also got two touchdown runs from rookie running back Trent Richardson, who was bottled up most of the game but displayed some tough running in short-yardage and goal-line situations.

Charles was his usual amazing self, with 18 carries for 165 yards, but no football player can win a game all alone. And other than Charles, the Chiefs don’t have much.

In a game between two teams with no playoff hopes and two coaches who are in danger of getting fired, Browns coach Pat Shurmur got the kind of win that he’ll hope can help him keep his job. And Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel got the kind of loss that will lead him to the unemployment line.

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  1. Not a thing of beauty—too many FG’s not TD’s–but a win is a win. Hope Banner doesn’t blow up the team too much. NO LOMBARDI

  2. my browns will finish 7-9 or 6-10 either way better then expected gope we got a great easy schedule next year in 2013 I WILL see ya at the 2013 draft here in NYC GO browns Weeden is our QB just get T-Rich some RB help and Weeden some WRs help and fix that defense namely better DB’s for hayden and pass rushers and the skys the limit just Fire Shurmur he’s not HC material never was

  3. cleveland is in better shape than some believe ,wheeden is not bad shurmur should get another yr and some more weapons on both sides of the ball

  4. I am liking this nice deep D-line that Heckert has created. Winn, John “Pretty in Pink” Hughes, Sheard, Taylor and the only good Savage pick Rubin. Nice d-line, and the thing is we still don’t have a true pass rusher. Maybe in the draft we get one. Still waiting for T-Rich to rip a long one. I think we take out the skins next week. 5 in a row baybee! Go Browns!

  5. If Cleveland gets rid of Shurmur, it’ll be the top spot for any coach! They have a ton of young talent (25 or 26 guys with 2 years or less experience), and they have plenty of room in cap space. Heckert is building that team, pretty nice.

    I saw the highlights, and loved the sign that said “#40 Paycheck Hillis”! Classic!

  6. No playoff hopes?…

    Sorry, but Cleveland doesn’t have a very tough road compared to the Steelers, Bengals, Dolphins and Jets… With A TON of help, they have a shot.

    A good shot?… No.
    But – a shot!

  7. Only AFC North winner today. Travis Benjamin scored TD on the longest punt return in Browns history. Gordon & Little are looking more & more like legit receivers. Things are improving & Tom Heckert better be kept on at GM.

  8. I feel that my Browns are capable of scoring on every drive. Weeden is still throwing some bad throws (a few INTs dropped), but this team has speed on their side. RGIII could be out next week, Denver will be thinking playoffs not Browns and we can beat Pittsburgh. They have a real shot at 8-8.

  9. This team can still make it to 8-8, and that is somewhat of a victory by itself (about the best I hoped for coming into this year), but 8-8 and a ton of help can still get the Browns to the playoffs. I don’t really see all of the help happening, but it rolled that way for the Jets in the past, so WHY NOT?

    Where are all those folks that picked the Browns at the very bottom of the “power rankings” and predicted a winless year?

    I’m not a big Schumer fan, but I am even less of a fan of constant turnover in HC, GM, etc. As I recall, the 1st few years for the stillers under Chuck Noll weren’t real pretty, but look what happened after that.

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