Colts come back to beat Titans 27-23


No one believed in the Colts.

Now they’re 9-4, and showing a knack for winning games when it looks like they should lose.

Andrew Luck didn’t have his best day, with two cosmetic interceptions (one which should have been overturned, one a Hail Mary at the end of the half. He was 16-of-34 for 196 yards and a touchdown, but made several key throws late to keep the clock moving, and to put them in position for two fourth-quarter field goals by Adam Vinatieri.

The Titans fell to 4-9 with the loss, and they have only themselves to blame.

They did silly things throughout the game, but Jake Locker going for a sneak on first down (not realizing they had just converted the play before) might have been the capper.

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  1. Game should’ve been a way different. Colts beat the Titans AND the refs in this game. Aside from the obvious sack they missed on the pick six…there were several penatlies they called or didn’t call all game long. Holding on Fokou cause he pressed Stevens too hard he tripped. Pass interference on Bethea when he didn’t even make contact and was playing the ball anyways. Numerous holding calls missed. First downs granted without measures…some close…some obviously short…like the qb sneak they called on “1st down.” Johnson was stopped a whole yard short on that play. Was the right call by the titans who knew they were short. Horribly officiated game. Props to the Colts for beating 2 opponents today.

  2. Perhaps it shows just how much they sucked for luck last year . Hard to believe their record was so bad

  3. I’m amazed at how many haters there are out there. I never trash a player unless it concerns arrests, drugs, alcohol, etc.

    Luck does need to make better decisions and quit throwing picks.I think he puts too much pressure on himself because his o-line and defense are terrible. But give the dude some credit–if it weren’t for him and Wayne the Colts would be having another #1 pick.

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