Cowboys come back, beat Bengals

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After a terrible Saturday on which they learned that one of their teammates was dead and another was in jail charged with his death, the Cowboys managed to win a tough, hard-fought football game in Cincinnati Sunday.

In a game overshadowed by the death of Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown and the intoxication manslaughter charges faced by Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent, Dallas banded together to win 20-19.

Although the Bengals led most of the way, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo hit Dez Bryant on a 27-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to bring the Cowboys to within a 19-17 deficit, and then the Cowboys got the ball back and drove into field goal range for a Dan Bailey 40-yard game-winner as time expired. The final was Cowboys 20, Bengals 19.

The win is a big one for the Cowboys, who improve to 7-6 and stay within striking distance of both the NFC East title and the final NFC wild card berth. And the loss is a big one for the Bengals, who had a golden opportunity to move a game ahead of the Steelers in the AFC wild card race, but instead fall to 7-6 and stay tied with the Steelers.

But mostly this win will be remembered like the Chiefs’ win a week ago: One in which a team managed to put aside a tragic incident for a few hours, and win a football game.

15 responses to “Cowboys come back, beat Bengals

  1. Great win for Dallas. People often assume this team has no character but they showed some today. I don’t know if they make the playoffs but this is the type of game that playoff teams win.

  2. This is a great game for the Cowboys to win considering the emotional rollercoaster they must have been on during this trip. That being said – for those that had the game on tv, they got pretty lucky with the wide open dropped third downs, dropped touchdowns, and dropped interceptions the Bengals had today. None of that matters, though. They won – and they should enjoy it.

  3. Romo threw 2-3 passes that could have been INTs. The Cowboys won in spite of Romo, not because of him.

  4. For those that say guys dropped INTs see Eli Manning. Romo was harassed all day with even a 3 man fronts. So I guess it wasn’t clutch when he threw that laser beam for the TD too?

  5. This was one of the oddest games I have ever watched. Officiating was poor. Bengals dropped passes and Int’s But all the credit to the Cowboys for pulling it out in the end

  6. Geno who? Really? Well it’s GENO ATKINS….get used to it you’ll be hearing about him for the next 6-8 years!
    And as for you Toronto, your so right about Dalton, man do I wish we had Pick-6-Palmer back. It looks like your Chokeland Raiders really have a Franchise QB in him. LOL!!!

  7. been a bengals fan my whole life and always will be we needed that win to get a wild card spot. Dang but everyone was picking cinci. why? hello usually when something like a death happens I think the other team is playing for that player and wins, and it usually happens that way a lot. um kc got killed this week by CLEVELAND. Last week they wanted to win really bad even if their player that died killed his girlfriend. oh my, but I think it was more for the coaches. I had a bad feeling about this. Same thing happens if a team speaks smack before a game the other team usually wins.

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