Eagles pull out victory on final play


The Eagles had gone eight games without winning entering Sunday’s date with the Buccaneers and they waited until just about all 60 minutes of game number nine had gone by before snapping that lengthy losing streak.

Nick Foles hit Jason Avant for 22 yards to the one-yard line on fourth down with 16 seconds to play and then spiked the ball with two seconds left to play. Foles then hit a sliding Jeremy Maclin on the final play of the game, it stood up on review and the required but meaningless extra point made it a 23-21 Eagles win. There were a lot of happy faces on the Eagles sideline when Maclin caught that pass, something that looked odd after seeing all the downcast faces for the last two months.

Foles was the biggest reason for their happiness. He completed 11 passes over the team’s two fourth-quarter touchdown drives, halting a Buccaneers offensive turnaround that resulted in 21 points after being held without a score in the first half. Foles converted a pair of fourth downs and a pair of third downs on the way to those final 13 points and wound up 32-of-51 for 381 yards and two touchdowns to go with the rushing score he had in the first half.

It was an excellent performance across the board for Foles. The same can’t be said of Josh Freeman. He was terrible in the first half and the failure to get on the board there loomed large in the final quarter as the Eagles went on long drives that wound up with touchdowns. The Buccaneers elected to run Doug Martin on third down and punt the ball back to the Eagles with just under three minutes to play and a defense that just got run over by Foles, a decision that didn’t cost them the game but certainly didn’t help them win it.

The loss is a tough one for the Buccaneers’ playoff chances. We’ll see how things shake out over the rest of the day, but blowing an 11-point fourth quarter lead to a team on an eight-game losing streak tends to be the sort of thing that means no trip to the postseason.

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  1. Well if the refs hadn’t missed the many holding calls against mike Bennett this is a different ball game. But hey at the end of the day the o needs to play well all game not just the last 20 min. Can’t wait till next year our first 3 picks need to be corners.

  2. As much as I wanted to lose to get the better draft pick, it sure feels good to get a win after 2+ months of losing. That win is sure to help Foles’ confidence moving forward, and that could be important than dropping a spot or two in the draft in the overall scheme of things.

  3. The eagles have so many holes having the 3rd pick or the 6th pick wont make a difference. Most of these players are going to be on the team next year. Anybody that wants the players to give up for draft picks is a moron especially in a draft without much high rated QB’s.

  4. The Bucs can stop stop reading how good they are and are playoff bound after 3 straight losses and get back to work.

    They deserved to lose today.

  5. glad to see foles play well under a lot of pressure, d lineman and actual game circumstance. i am scared to enter next year with foles at the helm, but today makes me contemplate that idea. the phillies just signed two guys within the past 3 days and they are dominating philadelphia sports news, but finally foles has given football fans in the delaware valley something to be excited for

  6. Good to see Foles improving week to week. Gotta give the kid credit, he had poise down the stretch.

  7. Schiano must have been pissed he couldn’t blow up anyone’s victory formation. There’s always next week coach.

  8. Foles is the best QB that the Iggles have on their roster. A win is a win. And I agree, it won’t matter where the Iggles draft, they have a lot of holes.

  9. Foles is a real deal for sure. If he can throw for 381 years behind this crappy Offensive Line, I am sure he can survive easily with better (hopefully) offensive line next year. One more thing to add is Eagles game plans during the last few games was very conservative and little bit last week and this week, they start designing plays where Foles can throw and buoy – he looked good.

  10. We forget the game that vick put up 414 yards or the game he had a gainst the redskins, all of foles plays where dinks and donks. Vick is the man and he will be back next year and beat the hell out the eagles, foles has one good game against the bucs worst pass defense in the league and he is the real deal what happen against the skins, or dallas or carolina. So shut up with all that real deal talk.

  11. Foles has been doing this 5 weeks & already reads a blitz & audibles his receivers better than Vick ever has. “Vick is the man” is hilarious, he’s had chances with 2 teams & is a career 2-3 in the playoffs including 0-1 with the birds. He’s gotten 2 coaches fired & there’s a third casualty in the wings. Vick is one of the most over-hyped, underachieving players of our generation. And that’s before we get into his character issues, good riddance Mike!

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