Hargrove believes Tagliabue was fair in the bounty hearings

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Free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove, appearing with agent Phil Williams, was interviewed on Sunday by James Brown of The NFL Today on CBS.

Much of what Hargrove said during the rubber-ball-in-a-small-room conversation was old news, for folks who have been following the case.  The freshest nugget came from Hargrove’s assessment of the appeal hearings conducted by former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Hargrove said he believes Tagliabue was fair, based on the things Hargrove heard while participating in the proceedings by phone.

Of course, Hargrove may not feel that way once Tagliabue issues his ruling.

Much of the conversation became bogged down over the difference in semantics arising from paying players for injuries versus rewarding players for clean, legal hits that knock players out of games.

On the stale and largely settled question of whether Hargrove is the person who said “give me my money” on the tape from the sidelines of the 2009 NFC title game, Hargrove said that, when he was first interviewed by NFL security in March 2010, investigator Joe Hummel said that the league knows it wasn’t Hargrove.

Now, everyone else knows that Hummel said the league knew at the time.

4 responses to “Hargrove believes Tagliabue was fair in the bounty hearings

  1. Hargrove ended Johnny Knox career on a dirty play, essentially breaking him, and should be banned from the league. I have no problem with players getting bonuses for FF, Int, Sacks, but for having another player leave the game due to injury? Guess it doesn’t matter since Lynch exposed that D as soft, and got his contract despite him having a bounty on his head.

  2. Also, you have to wonder why, given this new information on Hummel, why Hummel suddenly resigned his post in the middle of the investigation.

    The clock is ticking on your reign of tyranny, Roger Goodell.

  3. “Hargrove ended Johnny Knox career on a dirty play”
    Really? You think a player going to recover a fumble is a dirty play? From everything I have read and seen you are the only one who claims it was a dirty play!
    I hope Anthony Hargrove is resigned to a team and he gets to continue his career. Of any one of these players, I think Anthony Hargrove has been used and abused the worse by the NFL!

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