It isn’t pretty, but it is two wins in a row for the Jets


The Jets have this down to a science.

Spot one of the few teams in the league with as little offensive might as you a lead in the first half while scoring no points, then thunder back in the second half to win the game. Or something close to thunder, anyway. There’s not really a perfect word for much of what the 2012 Jets do on offense, but whatever you want to call it worked well enough for them to win 17-10 against the Jags on Sunday.

The Jets didn’t replace Mark Sanchez in body after his first half travails this time, but they did replace him in spirit. He wasn’t there to throw the ball unless absolutely necessary and handed it to Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell often enough for them to combine for 153 yards on 39 carries. Both backs scored touchdowns and Powell got his score by carrying on every single play of a seven-play drive before punching it in from four yards out.

Sanchez finished the day 12-of-19 for 111 yards and did hit one key pass in the final minutes. He converted a third down with a 37-yard pass to Jeff Cumberland, forcing the Jags to burn some timeouts they could have used on a final drive that ended when Chad Henne was intercepted by Ellis Lankster. The Jets kept Henne from completing 50 percent of his passes and sacked him three times to go with the two interceptions that helped send the Jags to their 11th loss of the season.

Sanchez was better than that, although he did have one turnover, and he’ll likely be in the starting lineup again next week against Tennessee. By deactivating Greg McElroy and not playing Tim Tebow a snap, the Jets made it clear that Sanchez is their guy until further notice.

15 responses to “It isn’t pretty, but it is two wins in a row for the Jets

  1. you can’t hide your quarterback forever, but it worked this week against a horrible team like the jaguars. sadly, it will probably work next week against the also-terrible titans.

  2. I don’t get it is it the money? is that the reason they keep sending this guy out there? against a TERRIBLE jag team he got 111 yards and yes I know he played better then those numbers but still it’s crap when you think about it as a whole…let Tebow get a run at it he can run and pass a bit and make the jets more flexible especialy with the backs they already have…but because they won today and will probally beat a pretty bad titans team next week this joker will still be passing the ball…what a waste of trading for tim Tebow serously…

  3. OK – so Rex Ryan – ever the intuitive motivator (remember how he “guaranteed” Sanchez would win Super Bowls two years in a row right out of college? That man’s a motivational genius) benches Sanchez last week to send a message.

    Sanchez in turn responds with an all-pro worthy 12-19 for 111 yards.

    Watch out NFL – the Jets are on fire!

  4. They aren’t as bad as everyone thinks they are. They just aren’t as good as New York needs them to be.

  5. There’s no reason at this point for Tebow to be the #2 guy. McElroy was the best qb in preseason and was the best qb last week. Tebow just stinks and should be #3. There’s really no way to pull Sanchez unless McElroy is active.

  6. After all these weeks, the only conclusion anyone can arrive at is these slugs who respond to anything Jets have been losers all their lives. In NY at least you learn never to kick anyone who’s down.
    Jets lose, they’re a laughing stock, they win, it’s more criticism.
    Yes Rex made up their own schedule.
    What a bunch of friggin hicks.

  7. Wow, all you Jets haters are so hilarious. As a diehard Jets fan I hate what my team has become, but I will support them no matter what. I would never make fun of other fans when their team is terrible, even though the Jets still are better than a bunch of teams and have a legit shot for the playoffs. Every time another team has a bad game or makes a bad decision Jets fans have the right to make them never forget it. Losers.

  8. The Titans aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible either. They are just bad. But I still see them beating the Jets and crushing whatever laughable sliver of hope they had left for this season.

  9. Sanchez constantly frustrates me, too, but most of the team around him is medicre at best, and he currently has NO receivers; he is not a great QB but even the great ones would lose confidence and falter under the circumstances.

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