Larry Fitzgerald’s father says “pathetic” Cardinals have quit


The father of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald has seen enough.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr., a sportswriter who occasionally opines about his son’s athletic endeavors, took to Twitter on Sunday and ripped the Cardinals as they went through a dismal 58-0 loss to the Seahawks.

“Pathetic performance by Arizona Cardinals,” Fitzgerald wrote. “Cardinals loss 9 straight can’t do anything right.”

Fitzgerald also referred to the blowout loss as, “Humbling embarrassing frustrating angering disappointing painful.What happens when u quit!”

The elder Fitzgerald also referenced Larry Jr.’s high school experience, when Larry Sr. transferred his son to a different school because Larry Jr.’s school wasn’t competitive on the field.

Larry doesn’t have the option of transferring now. He’s stuck in Arizona.

107 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald’s father says “pathetic” Cardinals have quit

  1. The Marino of recievers. One of the best to ever do it, never any talent to back him up. It’s a shame Larry cant throw it to himself. He should have left when he had the chance.

  2. It’s Larry’s fault that he’s stuck with this losing team, he chose money over a real chance to win games.

  3. With all due respect, he signed last off season knowing full well the QB situation. No one to blame but himself…and he’s not publicly doing it but his dad is and clearly still trying to control his career.

  4. This is not that much different than Marcus Vick speaking the way he did about Michael except Larry Sr. is a lot more respectable as a gentleman and did more for his family.

    It is not offensive for us speculating that the father is parroting what the son feels, But how can Larry Jr. be happy with the Cardinals’ season?

    Time to do the next best thing, fire Whisenhunt.

  5. Anyone else feel like they could be a better QB than any of the Cardinal’s QBs?

    I mean come on, you can’t score 1 pt? With one of the best WRs in the NFL. Beyond pathetic

  6. Even Fitzgereld can make Sanchez look good. Wait never mind, no one can. I hope Fitz gets traded this offseason to a team thats a contender with a good QB which is not the Pats. He deserves a ring

  7. Get Fitzgereld out of there! Save his career..they could get something in return for him and keep rebuilding! I hate seeing talent so good wasted on a team so bad

  8. So many people with ignorant comments in here.

    Larry had plenty of talent around him at times.

    The problem NOW comes down to QB and OL. He’s had other receivers and rb’s. There’s great talent on defense.

    But then again, when few people remember the cardinals were in the superbowl a few years back and now think we sucked that year they can make asinine comments now.

    There’s alot of talent on the Cardinals, the problem is no OT’s and no QB. That can turn a 12-4 team into a 4-12 team pronto.

  9. As a lifelong Cardinal fan (42 plus years), I love Fitz. But, his father (and his brother, Marcus) need to simply shut up and stop whining on Twitter every week.

  10. billbrasky72 says:
    Dec 9, 2012 9:45 PM
    He can “transfer” back to MN. We’ll take him.

    Yeah go to another team that has an awful QB, good idea.

  11. On a team with an above average defense and only 2 minutes and 37 seconds away (errr, 4 seasons removed) from being a Super Bowl champion.

    All they need is an offensive line and a decent decision maker behind center and they can bring this back to where they need it to be.

    Hopefully he’s a Cardinal for life.

  12. There’s nothing uglier than when a team quits. Right about the time Patrick Petersen fumbled the punt and it wound up in Malcolm Smith’s hands for a TD, the Cardinals quit trying, and the result was the second-worst shutout in the NFL since 1940.

    Heads will roll for this, and justifiably so.

  13. Why isn’t anyone talking about the horrible job Russ Grimm has done with the offensive line? The line gets worse every year since he got the job.

    Whisenhunt needs to fire Russ and hire Juan Castillo NOW!!!!

  14. The point of football is to score points. If a team can’t stop another then they lose. And if that offends you then stop watching football.

  15. Can somebody, anybody explain to me why Vince Young is sitting home while these clowns continue to set back QB play 100 years?

  16. I agree with so many of you guys. Which is basically Larry did chose to resign, With Cardinals he does need to be commended. A bit because he was being loyal however I’m not a cardinals fan. But I would find it hard to believe if I was a cardinals fan that I would be upset if say Larry said hey let’s do a 3 year extension with an opt out after second year. That way he could show he wanted to be a cardinal but encase the team showed no progression to get better. Than his whole career wouldn’t be over. But instead he chose to have a full max 7 year deal with all the trimmings. So I say he chose to be externly loyal to cards and also chose to be big and rich. So I say he made his bed so he can lay in it now. Plus guys don’t be so quick to say Larry can force a trade cause well no he can’t. The new agreement makes it harder than ever. Fact is he has a contract, So Larry defiantly can demand it. But he doesn’t have any power to make it happen. Cause If he chooses to not play he gets fined which can become huge amount if he is out long enough, Plus not to mention what it can do to his image. But even If he does that still doesn’t mean cards have to trade him. Than think of like what might a team be willing to give up for a very high priced WR who Is amazing but if lets say Denver wants him well that means between him and Payton. What each make towards salary cap this year would be almost 41 mil on the 120 cap for 2 players the thing is it works for certain teams for instance niners pay a huge amount for there LB core. But that’s how there built. So I just don’t see how Larry gets out unless cards are willing to trade him. Than he is willing to restructure his contract.

  17. It couldn’t be that the Seahawks straight thumped them or anything. They “beat themselves”‘ right? Haha. Hysterical. They simply got trounced by a far better team.

  18. wtfru2 says:
    Dec 9, 2012 10:34 PM
    Trade him to the Vikings! Can you imagine him and Adrian Peterson on the same team?

    And Harvin. With all those weapons, even Ponder might look like an NFL caliber QB.

  19. Right. Arizona lost 58-0 because they quit. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Seahawks with a superior defense, a great running back, and an excellent young quarterback handed the Cardinals their collective butts.

    Keep it up, East Coast writers. Ignore the Seahawks. Ignore them all the way to the Super Bowl. And make sure you peg them as unlikely underdogs when they get there. And please, PLEASE, bet your entire life savings on them to lose. It will be so much fun to watch you all parading around in barrels.

  20. He chose to take a new long term contract in AZ, where after having already made many millions, it wasn’t enough to go somewhere else and maybe make marginally less. He had to be greedy and make every last penny.

    Welcome to what being a professional really means at most jobs. You may be great at what you do, but you have no control over what the management and bosses do, and its often going to make your life miserable.

    Be very very very thankful you’re getting paid what you are to tolerate the crap at your job instead of making something on the order of $2o-30 an hour or less like most Americans.

    Greed, meet Karma.

  21. This loss to cap off a 9 game losing streak was for everyone that was convinced the 4-0 Cardinals were anything but a 4-week consecutive fluke. They were the worst 4-0 team in NFL history with wins strung together from the most outlandish of all circumstances and this 0-58 drubbing is a much more accurate illustration of the 2012 Cardinals.

  22. He stays and people bash him. The same people who would of called him a sell out/quitter if he would of signed the same contract with a SB contender. FYI: How did this team start 4-0?

  23. Aren’t sportswriters supposed to be objective and not show bias?

    Anyway, the Cardinals would be dumb not to trade Fitzgerald now. Even if Fitz doesn’t demand a trade, trade him while you can still get a first round pick plus others and start the rebuilding process. Trading Fitz clears cap space giving the team a lot more flexibility.

    That said, the Dolphins are one of the teams that can make this move. They have a ton of cap space and they have a handful of picks in the first three rounds so losing the first rounder won’t hurt too much. If the Dolphins were to get Fitzgerald, they would become playoff contenders. Getting an explosive receiver who can separate is their biggest need.

  24. Here is the best of both worlds for both teams:

    Trade Fitz to the Saints for Chase Daniel and Mark Ingram

  25. Hawk fan at the game today .

    One of the best receivers in history caught one pass for 2 yards …

    Look , our secondary is good , but we ain’t THAT good ! That’s just horrible play calling and equally pathetic quarterback play by Az.

    Someone should be fired .

  26. @pedagoguish

    Great to know Minneapolis is on the east coast.

    To everyone speculating trade, it’s not happening. Larry chose the cash, and the massive guaranteed money gives the Cardinals zero incentive to deal him anytime soon.

  27. Can we please please not refer to Lynch as a great RB? The guy is in his 7th year and averages 4.1 per carry. This season, his best ever, is 4.6. A very good season but nothing “great”. Adrian Peterson is great. Lynch is good.

  28. Pathetic Cardinals? Come play for the even more pathetic Raiders Larry…we’d love to have you!

  29. Improvement is only a draft away. Look at the rookies lighting it up this year. QB’s are coming out of college much more NFL ready than ever before. There is hope, just not for this year.

  30. This game was bad enough to make Arizona fans look back fondly on the Derek Anderson era in Arizona. While they didn’t win much with Derek they got the occasional touchdown and a few first downs in a game.

    This was a super bowl contender under Kurt Warner. Given the huge difference before he retired and after. Start carving the statue. Kurt belongs in the Hall of Fame on the first opportunity to induct him.

  31. I don’t feel sorry for Fitz. He used all the leverage he had to squeeze every penny he could out of that team. He could have easily played out his contract & walked away. He’s the one who lobbied for Kolb (great move there). This ain’t high school; he’s a grown man who opted for cash over the realistic possibility to be on an annual contender. I’d like to see Larry be a man & not try to force his way out of the desert, seeing as he did ask for this.

  32. The Cardinals have contacted Usain Bolt to run their Wildcat offense. Barry Switzer will help them install the wishbone and utilize Bolt on 90% of the plays. The other 10% is what Fitz’s dad wants. What a freakin train wreck!!!!!!!!

  33. I love it when those in the national media refer to Larrys dad as a legitimate sportswriter. He writes for one of those local neighborhood shopper papers back in Minn. look it up, but not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    That said, for all the Viking fans who want Larry to come home, may I reference Herschel Walker. Feel free to google that one too .

  34. When they were 4-0 I said they’ll be like last year’s Buffalo Bills and got nothing but thumbs down. Right now they’re wishing they could beat the Bills.

  35. Can you blame the Cardinals? All they have is defense. They couldn’t figure out between Skelton and Kolb due to Skelton jumping out on top as Kolb would always get injured somewhere. So the QB you want is only really playing because the other guy gets a thumb injury here, a foot injury there, etc.

    What happens? That guy starts and struggles. The other guy? He comes in and and wins

    The problem? As said..the only thing the Cards have is defense.

    What does that mean? It means no O-Line and multiple ribs detached from your sternum is what it means. MULTIPLE RIBS DETACHED FROM YOUR STERNUM.

    The result? Season over cause that guy isn’t coming back any time soon and the others can’t play at all.

  36. if I were famous twitter would make me cringe. Parents and friends speaking on my behalf with brilliant analysis. From a sports writer. Wow! Arizona sucks. Really? Dont u think they know that.
    I would hate to walk in that locker room. Its like mom showing up with you in class. Twitter lets your mom show up in class without leaving the house.

  37. Man… can you imagine him on the Pats or Denver?


    As a Seahawks fan, if I can’t have him on my team, I don’t want him in the division… and as a Larry Fitzgerald fan, I’d really love to see him with a great QB tossing it to him. Warner’s tenure was too short.

    Having Brady or Manning throwing to him would be something incredible. Whether you’re a fan of Broncs/Pats or not, if you’re a fan of football, it would be amazing to see.

  38. @patsfiend: No way the Pats would pay that kind of money. It WOULD be interesting to see how anyone would defend against Welker, Gronk AND Fitz , (and Hernandez, and Edleman, and…sheesh!) though. Hell, Ridley would probably run for 300 yards per game in that situation!

  39. Why would Fizt jump threw hoops to get out of a contract to go play for a losing team that’s years away from being a champion , if the Cardinals respect him at all they won’t trade him to a loser either …..

  40. LIONS FAN HERE ! i know my team has not been doing well at all but we would give arizona KVB,Titus Young,corey Williams,petagrew, and draft picks for Larry Can u picture Cj and Larry on the same team amd Stafford throwing it to them hey a guy can dream lol

  41. Funny. No talk of the Seahawks running up the score. I guess the Patriots are the only team that can do that.

  42. Karma? No this is classic Arizona. The cardinals are possibly the WORST team in the nfl. I figured with their OLine that even the mediocre QBs that they have aren’t able do do squat!!! These guys will be terrible until they get some olineman and a qb.

  43. What is a fair trade for Fitzgerald?
    Arizona just drafted Floyd this year so they have a second WR.

    Would a 1st and 2nd from St. Louis be enough?
    If so, you’ve got two teams that should have the deal done by 10 minutes after the season is over.

    At ~30 for a WR, he’s probably not going to bring 2 first round picks.

  44. The good thing about the league is his fortunes can turn around in a hurry. I mean even this team started on a 4-game winning streak. We’re only a few years removed from when he was a possesion and desperation pass away from being a Super Bowl that alot more than Barry Sanders, undoubtedly one of the top players on NFL history

  45. The way that game snowballed against them, who can really blame them? As for Fitz re-signing with Az, the start of the season, including a victory over the Seahawks gave every reason to think the Cards had indeed turned a corner. 49’ers swift turnaround under Harbaugh shows what can be made of high draft picks, underachieving talent, and excellent coaching. Hope Fitz doesn’t listen to Dad on this one, the core is there for success. Granted, in the NFC West with the 49’ers, Seahawks, and Rams already making progress, it will be tough for at least a few years.

  46. For anyone who says that the bad O-line play is Russ Grimm’s fault — look at what he’s had to work with. The Cards have not drafted an offensive lineman before the 4th round since 2007. This year they are starting two rookie tackles (4th round & 7th round picks). They’ve been trying to get by with late-round picks and waiver pickups (and stiffs like Alan Faneca).

    The QB situation is just as bad. In the last 10 years they have drafted only two QBs before the 4th round: Matt Leinart and Josh McCown.

  47. He must of been under the impression that Kurt Warner was comin out of retirement when he signed that new contract. Either that or under the influence….

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