Lots of love for Nick Foles in the Eagles locker room

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When you haven’t won a game since the last weekend of September, it’s understandable to get a bit carried away about being ahead on the scoreboard when time runs out.

It’s even more understandable when you get there thanks to the play of your rookie quarterback on the final two drives. Nick Foles was 11-for-17 for 135 yards and two touchdowns on those drives, including the pass to Jeremy Maclin as time expired to secure the 23-21 win for the Eagles. Foles finished with 381 yards and no interceptions, making him the third rookie in history to throw for 380 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions in a game.

After the game, there was a lot of gushing in the Eagles locker room. Coach Andy Reid said that Foles had the idea for the play that the Eagles ran for the winning touchdown and Jason Avant, who had seven catches for 133 yards, said that a 22-yard completion on fourth down to set up the winner came from a Foles improvisation as opposed to the playbook. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg complimented Foles’ guts and Maclin, who also had more than 100 receiving yards, kept the compliments flowing.

“I think he can be special. His intangibles are off the chart,” Maclin said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One of the other rookie quarterbacks to put up those gaudy numbers was Billy Joe Tolliver (Andrew Luck is the third), so it is probably best to hold off on proclamations about Foles being special for the moment. It’s been a promising start, though, and Foles was fantastic on Sunday so you can’t blame the Eagles for perhaps getting a little ahead of themselves after finally killing the ability to point out that the Phillies had won a game more recently.

31 responses to “Lots of love for Nick Foles in the Eagles locker room

  1. Foles must be the real deal, Eagles fans aren’t known for overreacting to short-term success of their players.

  2. Several of my friends slam the pro game because they claim the players are just in it for the money and don’t care if they win or lose. No one watching the Eagles at the end of this game could believe pro players don’t care if they win or lose. Congrats to Philly!

  3. How fitting Reid did not call the last play. Poor 4th qtr play calling has been a thorn in the Eagles side for the better part of the last decade.

  4. You better hope Cousins is as good as you say, he may be your starter the rest of the year if RG3 has a torn ACL

  5. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 9, 2012 6:39 PM
    Mediocrity, thy name is Philadelphia Eagles. Kirk Cousins is way better than Foles—————————————————————————————for your sake i hope your right .you are going to see a lot of Cousins over the next few years. R.G.3 plays a little to recklus for his health.

  6. Today proves that firing Reid is folly. Andy showed that he is a pure coaching genius by that win, abandoning the running game for once and letting Foles sling it. Andy knows when to adjust to a passing-only game like no other coach in the league. And, lets not forget his record over the last few hours is a thousand percentage points better than Mike Tomlin’s.

  7. I know that Andy Reid will be gone at the end of the season but it is nice to see the Eagles give a great effort. I am writing this as I watch Arizona completely quit on their coach and teammates.

  8. Need to see more. But with a new run-first coach that brings a solid defensive coordinator with him? Yeah, the kid might work.

  9. Nick Foles game ratings

    11/11 85,3
    11/18 40.5
    11/26 89.2
    12/2 96.6
    12/9 98.6

    Notice a pattern?

    It’s not just this week why the Eagles are high on Napoleon Dynamite!

  10. Let’s see how he finishes the year but i am very encouraged by what i’ve seen so far. All the people who were slamming eagles fans for wanting to see what Nick Foles is capable of after the debacle that is Vick this year don’t seem to be around any more.

    Foles is showing that he deserves first crack at the starting job next year. I hope they give him that chance.

  11. 10 years from now we’ll all look back and chuckle and say “remember when everyone thought that Luck and RG3 were better than Nick Foles?”

  12. Vick is still the man, he had know o line the whole year, don’t get your hopes up cause foles had one decent game. Vick is still better than most of the QB in the league

  13. Keep Andy who is great at developing young QBs and bring in a really good defensive coordinator and this team could be great with some help on the O-line and secondary.

  14. Foles has gotten better every week. He’s mobile enough, tall enough to see the field, keeps his eyes downfield even under pressure, and has a very strong arm. Still needs a better team around him but looks promising.

  15. One win and all of a sudden people want Andy Reid back? Reid is being credited in here for abandoning the run when that’s ALL he did when Vick was QB and it never worked?

    I know winning solves everything, but are people really flip-flopping that quickly? Lets wait and see how things go for the rest of the season before “Keep Andy Reid” signs go up.

  16. You guys realize he did this against the leagues WORST pass defense. Wipe the drool off your chin, the Bucs pass d is horrific. I’m a Bucs fan and Foles is just the latest mediocre QB to carve our secondary. It was more us than Foles! Sorry to bring u back to earth.

  17. @logicalvoicesays

    Nick Foles has a much, much better arm than Kirk Cousins. It’s not even close.

    His calmness in the pocket and intangibles overall are definitely impressive for a rookie starting his 4th game.

    I don’t think anyone can claim that Kirk Cousins is better than Nick Foles right now.

  18. Kirk Cousins had a couple snaps calm down! @ irishbuc, u may have one of the worst pass defenses but that today was a lot of new players and a few of the veteran stars showing they have heart and played a pretty great game. Your not bringing any Eagle fan down to earth because they earned that win today!

  19. It has been a really long season for us Eagles season ticket holders but the young man Nick Foles did play well for us today and I was very impressed with the last play knowing that was what Foles wanted to go with-it should be a real confidence booster for the kid and I will be pulling for him big time ! !

  20. foles aside, you people are forgetting reid brought in vick, made juanita his dc and somehow agreed to bring in that wide 9 moron washburn or whatever his name is. and there’s plenty more… 1 step forward and 10 steps back.

  21. What a bandwagon/frontrunning city. Let’s also remember that this is the worst passing def in the league. the td run was in slow motion. maybe the slowest 10 yard run in the hx of the nfl. his mobility is a question mark and he telegraphed a couple of passes that should have been picked on the last drive. that has not improved at all over the course of his run. he still does not look off defenders very well. The plays called at the end of the game were one read passes. the guys were either going to be open or they weren’t and against tb they are always open. kudos to the kid for calling the plays and knowing that they would be opened, but he has a long way to go. He looks like a guy who could win 8 to 9 games a year. he puts you in that .500 purgatory. and you better throw for 381 on 1 attempts against the worst secondary in the league.

  22. the guy plays one decent game now he is a hero, and was garbage against carolina and the skins, now he is the savior. That touchdown run my grandma could have out ran him. Eagles fan are dumb as hell, So foles is yall ticket to the Superbowl he is know marino i tell you. I hope when vick get traded he come back and beat the eagles ass.

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