MRI shows no serious damage to Griffin’s knee

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Well, that was fast.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III already has had an MRI on a right knee that he injured during Sunday’s win over the Ravens.  Per multiple reports, a Redskins spokesman has said that the MRI showed no significant damage, and specifically no torn ACL.

The injury is being characterized as a sprain, which can mean a wide range of injuries to one or more ligaments.

Stay tuned for more details on the specific ligaments that were affected.

57 responses to “MRI shows no serious damage to Griffin’s knee

  1. He’s got to learn to slide. No need for him to take that hit. Gutsy of him to come back in. If he stays healthy he will be a great one.

  2. Just love how the media blows this guy up like he’s the 2nd coming of Jesus! The man is 6-6! No he’s not 7-6 Cousins won the game today, lets just settle down and let the season play out. Meannwhile you hear nothing about Andrew Luck who is 9-4 with an inferior team!! Luck will be the better QB when it’s all said and done.

  3. f00sballfan says: Dec 9, 2012 7:45 PM

    That giant whirring sound you just heard was the sound of thousands of RG3 “owners” in fantasy football exhaling in relief…


    Or everyone in the DC/VA/MD area

  4. A knee sprain is good for the long term but for the short term I just don’t see him playing or if he does I don’t see him playing effectively next week against Cleveland.

    I doubt he gets many reps this week in practice and if that’s the case, I would rest him and let Cousins start. I know it sounds crazy but I think that Washington would have a better chance of beating Cleveland with a healthy Cousins that gets most if not all of the reps in practice this week, than a less than 100% RGIII that gets limited if any reps in practice.

  5. good stuff! I want to see the redskins at 100% down the home stretch.


    Skins have been no where near 100% since the preseason. Considering the injuries the Skins have had to deal with this year, I would be proud of them winning 7 games as a total for the year. HTTR and look out Cleveland

  6. While I was watching the game on tv heard some Baltimore fans cheer after RG3 got hurt….stay classy Baltimore… o wait forgot its Baltimore

  7. Luck vs the Titans:

    16/34 196 Yards 1TD/2 INT’s

    Doesn’t seem like Luck won the game for the Colts today either.

    Get over yourself please. Luck and Griffin have the potential to be special. Why not leave it at that?

    And I’d love to see what the Skins record would be with the Colts schedule. Would be 9-4 at least.

  8. sd1024 says:Dec 9, 2012 8:04 PM

    You wanna take off and run 15 times a games rather than work on being a real QB, you incur the risk.

    Another uneducated moron. Guess who is 3rd in the NFL in QB rating and has 18 TDs to 4 INTs on the year?

  9. It’s not a question of RG3 learning to slide … or any other magic tricks.

    They’re running an option, 1-read offense … and the QB takes lots of hits in that scheme. It’s how they’re playing that puts him at risk. Shanahan is placing him in harms way. 13 games … one concussion and one knee injury.

  10. Sit him vs the Browns, he is too important in the long run, it’s was a nice run buts lets all be realistic, our defense is too poor. Get heathly, and come back with Orakpo, Carraker, and Meriweather and be prepared to dominate! HTTR!!!

  11. they better change his style of play, or he will be used to using crutches and drinking threw a straw

  12. jkr32 says:Dec 9, 2012 7:50 PM

    Luck is TERRIBLE this year. He’s last in the league in comp. % and rating and leads the league in turnovers. The Colts are 9-4 cause their SOS is .418, 2nd weakest in league. They’re winning IN SPITE OF Luck who keeps putting them in huge holes.

  13. sd1024 says:Dec 9, 2012 8:17 PM

    Just an FYI..when you have 4 interceptions through week 14…you dont throw much.

    4 INTs in 325 attempts. Yawn. Next idiot up, please.

  14. franchise QBs … the real guys who win superbowls and get to the playoffs reliably are never…. ever…. ever…. scramblers…

    RG3 has had 2 major scares this year so far… how many times is he going to dodge a 3-5 game time out or an IR?

  15. Skins fans kill me. If rg3 was on any other team , you grumps would call him a phony running a college offense who haa no less than 8 touchdowns where he basically heaved the ball into triple coverage and moss made a play for him. And he looks like a daschund. But since hes a skin…hes god. Thats why your the skins..your a punchline!

  16. Skins are #1 in rushing in the NFL. Denver is 15th and GB is 21st. I bet if Den and GB had a better running game Manning and Rodgers passing attempts would be lower.

    Alfred Morris is averaging 5 yards a run this year. With an average per run like that why throw the ball?

  17. ….balance.

    When the tape is studied in the offseason and bob griffin is forced to play qb, morris’ average will go down the toilet.

  18. A sprained knee has different degrees. A bad sprain (lots of swelling, several ligaments) can keep you out for weeks, particularly if you are a running mobile QB.

    I think it’s going to be a wait and see. The man has got to stop sacrificing his body!

  19. So Aaron Rodgers Elway and Steve young wernt “scramblers”??? They won SB trophies and don’t give me that Rodgers isn’t a scrambler he stopped last year. How the hell do you know his end zone dance if he doesn’t run?

  20. all this talk about RG3 having more talent around him than Luck has around him is absurd. The Colts made the playoffs for 9 straight years before last year and averaged 10+ wins a year during those years. Their gameplan last year with no #18 was Collins, Painter, Orlovsky. Are any of these QB’s still in the league? Their plan B didnt work out last year. Couple that with them tanking some games to get Luck and you end with a 2 win season. You cant win 100 games in 9 years with a bad team. The Colts have a soft schedule this year but Luck has exceeded expectations for sure but not as much as RG3 has. RG3 did enough for the skins to win the games against the Rams and the first Giants game. Look up his numbers from those games. If the defense wasn’t so soft, RG3 would be 9-4 just like Luck.

    RG3 and Luck are going to around for a long time and they are both going to great. Let there careers decide who’s better. As a fan of the game…just sit back and enjoy!

  21. I’m a GIANTS fan, but I hope RG3 is OK. He’s a great kid, and obviously a tremendous QB. That Leg injury looked real bad.

    If he only misses 1 or 2 games and does not need surgery, it has to be counted as a blessing.

  22. rickc402 says: Dec 9, 2012 8:08 PM

    Sit him vs the Browns, he is too important in the long run, it’s was a nice run buts lets all be realistic, our defense is too poor. Get heathly, and come back with Orakpo, Carraker, and Meriweather and be prepared to dominate! HTTR!!!

    The Browns are going to beat the Redskins whether he plays or not. He certainly won’t be running much even if he plays.

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