Peterson continues push toward 2,000 yards

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The Vikings may not make it to the playoffs, but Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may make it to 2,000 yards rushing, in his first season after suffering a torn ACL.

With 154 yards rushing on 31 carries in a 21-14 win over the Bears, Peterson now has 1,600 rushing yards.

With three games to play, Peterson needs 400 yards to get to 2,000.  (Yes, I remain good at the math.)  That’s an average of 133.3 yards per game over the final three to make it to 2,000.  (And that’s some high end math right there.)

Six players in NFL history have rushed for 2,000 yards in a season:  O.J. Simpson in 1973 (2,003); Eric Dickerson in 1984 (2,105); Barry Sanders in 1997 (2,053); Terrell Davis in 1998 (2,008); Jamal Lewis in 2003 (2,066); and Chris Johnson in 2009 (2,006).

28 responses to “Peterson continues push toward 2,000 yards

  1. This dude is the best RB in the league, I believe he’ll have a great a great game against st louis, the texans will be tough, against a banged up Green bay team he might have another great game.

  2. I really wish the love fest for Jay Cutler would end. How many times does he have to fold up in big games before the constant butt kissing stops? Don’t question Cutler’s toughness. Cutler has the best arm in the league. All the guy does is pout and throw interceptions. This game was more of the same. Enough.

  3. Best RB in the league, bar none. I can’t think of a season as impressive as his outside of Sayers’ 1969 season where he lead the league in rushing after basically tearing every ligament in his knee. Rooting for you to get that 2000 yard season AD

  4. Terrell Davis achieved 2000 yards despite sitting out 8 quarters due to big leads in games. he was a beast it was a shame his career was cut short due to injury. Peterson is a beast too I hope he does it!

  5. I’m typically a hater of anyone outside the Nation, but this guy is amazing. We would welcome him into our family.

  6. If Ponder was even competent at throwing the ball then AP would have a better chance. 91 yds passing, rushing every throw, looking timid even with nobody in his face. UGLY! Playing on fast surfaces the next three games will help him.

  7. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really hope the folks in Minnesota appreciate just how incredible this guy is.”

    Believe me, we do. We also appreciate the bitter irony of having the best RB in the league and arguably the worst starting QB in the league holding us back.

  8. Even though his life after football has been an absolute dumpster fire, for OJ to rush for 2000 in only 14 games is the most impressive performance by a running back ever. The rest of the guys did it in 16 games.

  9. Simpson broke 2,000 in a 14-game season in 1973, and in the four decades since only five players have managed that feat in a 16-game season. It’s one of the most extraordinary accomplishments of the game–and for Peterson to be on pace for 2,000 coming off a torn ACL is unreal. Rooting for him all the way!

  10. And Cutler hating aside, Peterson runs like a wild animal. I’d never know he destroyed his knee 12 months ago. He almost seems faster now. Insane athlete.

  11. notaslappy says: Dec 9, 2012 6:02 PM

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really hope the folks in Minnesota appreciate just how incredible this guy is.


    Us fans do. We also realize what an abomination Ponder is at QB. Which, overall, is kind of sad given the effort AD is putting out this year.

  12. surprising there is no mention of most ruhing yards in a season… did I miss something but the way he is dominating forget 2000 yards… he’ll get the record

  13. By the end of the year he will have more 100 yard rushing games than Ponder will have 100 yard passing games. Imagine how good he would be with even a small threat of a passing game so teams didn’t focus nine guys on him. Incredible.

  14. All you Cutler haters make me want to laugh. How many drops did the Bears make today when he threw it right to them. Bears problems are not Cutlers. Also, if Bears do not make playoffs, bye bye Lovie.

  15. During the final 14 games of the 1997 season Barry Sanders rushed for exactly 2000 yards on 310 carries (6.5 yd./carry). O.J. Simpson’s 14-game mark of 2003 yards came on 332 carries (6.0 yd./carry). So Sanders did it with 22 less carries.

  16. Can you imagine if A.P. was on the Cowboys team of the early 90s? He would have shattered Emmitt Smith’s record in a heartbeat.

    Let’s not forget A.P. has been doing this for most of his NFL career as 8-9 men have been in the box because the Vikings haven’t had a real QB, except for that one season Brett Favre lit it up.

  17. I don’t expect him to reach 2,000 yards. Instead I expect the passing game is going to wake up and make some plays. That will take the ball out of Peterson’s hands.

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