RG3 will have MRI tonight


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will have an MRI tonight to determine the significance of the leg injury he suffered late in today’s win over the Ravens.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that there are mixed views within the Redskins organization about just how worried they should be based on their preliminary assessments of Griffin’s leg. But they won’t know anything for sure until they conduct an MRI, and so they’re going to do that as soon as possible.

The good news is that Griffin said after the game that it didn’t feel like he suffered a torn ACL. Griffin, who tore his ACL in college at Baylor, said he remembers that feeling, and what he felt today wasn’t as bad.

Still, the way Griffin’s leg buckled on the hit that caused today’s injury was ugly, and folks in Washington will be nervous until the MRI results are available.

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  1. I’m a titans fan but I loved RG3. A fees hung change to the stereotypical NFL QB and I’m rooting for him but did anyone else see him crying on the sidelines after he came out of the locker room? That made me think it was something much worse than a sprain.

  2. God bless RG3 and his health…not because it leads to wins but because he’s a good guy.
    Don’t rush the young man back. Big picture please.

  3. He is having a great season. This would be a shot to the redskins. Who do they have to take his place?

  4. I hope he’s fine but in the NFL if you keep running around like he does it’s just a matter of time before injuries occur.

    RG3 is so much fun to watch, it would be a crime if his season was cut short. The Skins have a real shot of winning the NFC East.

  5. I wish the best for him…but this is why running QB’s dont work long term in the NFL. Unlime Vick, Cam, Young, etc RG3 has the talent to throw it and not have to run so much.

  6. Hope he can get back healthy but don’t risk anything. I support (almost) all Skins fans and I liked to see more RGIII this season.

  7. I definitely didn’t see him crying, but I don’t think its that bad. If something was torn he wouldn’t have been walking on the sidelines. I’ve torn an acl and your not just going to be walking around after that. It was a nasty hit, but he will be ok. And during his press conference after the game, he was his same joking, laughing self. I don’t see him missing a game. But Cousins looked pretty good considering he didnt even get to warm up. RG3 is a warrior, and in the middle of a playoff run, he’s not going to sit out unless they make him sit out. Get well RG3…

  8. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 9, 2012 6:59 PM

    RG3-Surrection. He will overcame this injury and lead the Redskins to the Superbowl as the NFC representative. So it has been written, so it will be done.


    You’d better hope so cause his career will be over in three years or less. Seems to be very injury prone so far.

  9. Hope he’s all right because it would be a crying shame if they lost him now. But I have to echo what others are saying about his playstyle. Great to watch, but dangerous. He’s a real quarterback, not just a runner who throws. He can extend plays with his legs, but he’s got the arm, so he doesn’t need to run a lot of options. He took a big shot from our safety on a designed run when they played the Steelers in week 8. I thought then he might not make it through the season if they kept exposing him like that. Didn’t see what happened today, but hope he can carry on. RGIII is smart, he’s a great leader–he’s really the whole package.

  10. He should consider himself lucky. When it happened it looked like he snapped his femur. That was a brutal hit and that’s what you’re going to get with guys who play like he does. He’s already taken some vicious hits this year and you just can’t continue to do that in the NFL. He has a very short shelf life unless he learns to stay in the pocket. I don’t want to hear how they are going to bring “The Pistol” to the NFL. Maybe so, but if you do you are going to get your franchise QB’s killed. He’ll be walking like Joe Namath in two years.

  11. “Vick 2.0”???? Are you serious? The only comparisions you make between Vick and RGIII is that they both have strong arms and they both run fast. That is where the comparisions end. They are at different ends of the spectrum when you compare character, football IQ, and leadership.

  12. Ironically enough…

    James Andrews was on the sideline for this game, he was one of the first to look at, that tells me all I need to know.


    Tells me that the most respected surgeon in the league happened to be on the field and looked at an injured player.

  13. Love this guy, he’s exciting to watch. But, this is why the Colts were wise with who they chose. These ultra-athletic QBs are exciting, but risk injury so often.
    Hopefully this is nothing too serious, like I said, I enjoy watching him.

  14. RG3 season – done. Playoffs – gone. ROY – lost. College dink & dunk offense – dumped. 4.3speed – history.

  15. It reminded me of the MaGahee injury in the national championship game but not as ugly.

    If I was betting, I would say he tore something. Your knee isn’t suppose to bend that way

  16. wouldnt rush him back worst case senario is showcase cousins since the draft is weak and let the jets cards and whoever else needs a qb duke it out with picks

  17. @S.Nevada

    Dr. James Andrews is the Skins team doctor. Why wouldn’t he be on the sidelines and why wouldn’t he inspect an injured player?

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