Sam Bradford drives the Rams to a comeback victory in Buffalo

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Sam Bradford struggled through much of the game in Buffalo on Sunday. But when it mattered most, the Rams’ offense found a way to get the job done.

St. Louis marched down the field on a 14-play, 84-yard drive that culminated with a 13-yard touchdown pass from Bradford to Brandon Gibson with less than a minute to play, and the Rams beat the Bills 15-12. The Rams were added by the Bills dropping several Bradford passes that could have been intercepted — it was that kind of sloppy game for Buffalo.

In addition to losing the game, the Bills lost running back Fred Jackson, who was carted off late in the game with a right leg injury. Although there was no official word on Jackson’s status, it didn’t look good.

And in general, this game didn’t look good. Neither of these teams is heading toward the playoffs, but at least the Rams are continuing to play hard for 60 minutes, every Sunday. That paid off on this Sunday in Buffalo.

11 responses to “Sam Bradford drives the Rams to a comeback victory in Buffalo

  1. So once again the Chanster refuses to utilize his most dangerous offensive weapon in Spiller. Did CJ sleep with his wife or something? Cause no coach can be that out of it to not realize Spiller can spark that offense.

  2. I was watching the Red Zone channel and the commentator made a comment about how the game has zero playoff implications, similar to your comment about how neither team is heading towards the playoffs.

    But in the Rams case, that simply isn’t true. Their next 3 games are against the Vikings, the Bucs, and the Seahawks. I think the odds that the Rams win out are very, very remote. They might go 0-3 in the next 3 games. But if they do win out, then those are all teams competing with them for wild card spots. In other words, if the Rams finished 9-6-1, based on the teams they would need to beat to do that, they would probably make the playoffs.

    So while the chances are low, crazier things have surely happened.

  3. Fire Gailey jesus christ. So you lost a nail biter to ST.LOUIS….CJ Spiller had 7 touches, hes your best dam offensive player. A man like Ryan Fitzpatrick shouldnt be throwing the ball over 30 times a game.

  4. I’m a Rams fan and that was a great win. But why was Spiller not utilized more? And for the record..Ron Pitts and Mike Martz are the worst announce team in football

  5. Does this mean that Buffalo won’t be in the playoffs again, this year? What’s that make it? 14 Seasons now! Fire the GM and Coach, please!

  6. this game falls completely all on chan. He has the conservative bone head plays similar to that of Dick Jauron. i had hope for him this season. no more.

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