Sherman’s hearing could be pushed back from December 14


On Sunday, Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner will serve the first of a four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.  And there’s a now chance Browner will be back before fellow starter Richard Sherman’s suspension commences.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Sherman’s hearing, which has been set for December 14, could be delayed.

Sherman, per Schefter, has hired his own lawyer to work with NFLPA counsel in an effort to fight the suspension.  The full-court press from the three-piece suits will likely delay the process.

The delay could cost Sherman some extra money.  With a base salary of $465,000, Sherman would lose $27,352 per week for any games missed during the 2012 regular season.  Sherman will lose only $20,000 if he misses a wild-card game — and only $22,000 if he misses the division round.  But if Sherman’s suspension extends to 2013, when Sherman will each be earning $555,000 in base pay, the suspension will cost $32,647 per week.

The overriding problem for Sherman is that the current procedures for PED appeals make it very hard for any player to win.  Although proof of irregularities in the testing process could exonerate Sherman, there’s no way (we’re told) to force the league to share any information that the league chooses not to share.  As one source said in connection with Browner’s decision to bail on his appeal, these cases aren’t lost at the hearing stage but at the bargaining table.  The message for the NFLPA?  If/when the HGH testing issue is ever resolved, the union should insist on changes to the appeal mechanism that will ensure a fair shake for players whose urine samples result in a false positive or that are otherwise tainted by defects in the collection process.

7 responses to “Sherman’s hearing could be pushed back from December 14

  1. All I know is, if I actually had done what they are accusing, I would be doing the best thing for the team. I would take my suspension while I could still be available for the playoffs. I believe that Sherman us truly innocent and he will try his best to defend his reputation and in the process, show the league, they can’t just bully players. Good luck Sherman! GO SEAHAWKS!

  2. Maybe he is trying to delay the appeals process so he can be available for the post season and isn’t worried about the relatively small amount of extra money it would cost him.

  3. I thought the samples were ‘split’ and the other sample is used to confirm a positive test. The chances of an actual false positive are very slim. In most urinalysis procedures the person is handed an empty bottle, they fill it, it is capped, sealed in the person’s presence, signed/initialed, etc. If there was some form of contamination with the bottles it would likely include the whole lot rather than one person’s. If the contamination supposedly happens during the testing process itself (twice) then that implies some form of conspiracy against this specific player. The process seems fine, the player just doesn’t like the result.

  4. I have a feeling that Sherman isn’t as concerned about the game checks next year as he is about the possibility that the ‘hawks could run the tables this year.

    And before anyone calls me crazy for thinking the ‘hawks might just do it, nobody thought the Steelers could do it six years ago, and nobody thought the Giants could do it AND beat the Patriots…twice.

  5. If you forget all the plots and conspiracies about timing, it boils down to this: If Sherman is innocent, he is doing exactly the right thing. If he is guilty, he’s being dumb and hurting the team. And Sherman’s the only one who knows the truth.

  6. Hoping that Tagliabue will hear appeal and even though he will find that Sherman is guilty that the suspension will be vacated. It worked for Vilma…….

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