Steelers can’t run, Chargers up 13-3 at half


Whether Ben Roethlisberger’s back or not, the Steelers aren’t the Steelers if they can’t line up and get a yard.

They’ve failed to convert three short-yardage runs today, and without Roethlisberger making plays, they trail 13-3 at halftime to the lame duck Chargers.

San Diego’s not playing particularly well either, but the Steelers are a mess right now.


They have five first downs, and three of them came in the final minute of the half, when they drove for a field goal.

With 25 yards rushing on 11 attempts, the Steelers look inept when they’re not dropping back. Roethlisberger’s actually their leading rusher, with 13 yards on a pair of runs.

Philip Rivers’ 39-yard touchdown pass to Danario Alexander is basically the only highlight of the day for either team.