Steelers can’t run, Chargers up 13-3 at half


Whether Ben Roethlisberger’s back or not, the Steelers aren’t the Steelers if they can’t line up and get a yard.

They’ve failed to convert three short-yardage runs today, and without Roethlisberger making plays, they trail 13-3 at halftime to the lame duck Chargers.

San Diego’s not playing particularly well either, but the Steelers are a mess right now.


They have five first downs, and three of them came in the final minute of the half, when they drove for a field goal.

With 25 yards rushing on 11 attempts, the Steelers look inept when they’re not dropping back. Roethlisberger’s actually their leading rusher, with 13 yards on a pair of runs.

Philip Rivers’ 39-yard touchdown pass to Danario Alexander is basically the only highlight of the day for either team.

5 responses to “Steelers can’t run, Chargers up 13-3 at half

  1. Good job Steelers. Steeler fans must not expect much. Soon to be 7-6, great season. The trolls will be hiding under bridges this week.

  2. What a pathetic effort at home. The Chargers are the better team today that’s for sure. With play like that, they deserve to be in the playoffs not us. I gave them a break vs Cleveland but this is pathetic. No excuses.

  3. Steelers building sky scrapers of steel? Looks like your foundation is crumbling. This pathetic season couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team. What a joke.

  4. No excuses now, this is a bad football team with zero heart. Probably would have faired better with Batch, at least he plays with heart. The chargers made the steelers look silly and ended their 14 year drought In Pittsburgh. Steelers playoff hopes, if they had any are gone. Even if the ravens lose as well as cinci the steelers don’t belong in the playoffs. Anyone heard of that guy luck? They belong in the playoffs.

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