Texans rocking the old school letter jackets

If you see what looks like a really big high school football team in an airport or hotel lobby today, it might be the Houston Texans.

Texans nose tackle Shaun Cody had a brainstorm, and the team decided to order up a bunch of letterman jackets. They’re wearing them on their road trip to New England, complete with khakis and white shirts and ties.

“I used to say before the season it feels like we’re on a college team,” Texans outside linebacker Connor Barwin said, via Tania Ganguli of the Houston Chronicle. “Everybody gets along, we have so much fun. And this jacket, you feel like you’re on a high school team where it’s all about winning, it’s all about being around a group of guys.

“This jacket is just another symbol of that. There’s no names on it. You just have your number, your position group and the Texans logo.”

Barwin said the Texans plan to add patches to the jackets for division titles, and other achievements, hoping to add a Super Bowl logo later this year.

“Kind of build a tradition the longer you’re here the more patches you get on your jacket,” he said.

Is it corny? Yes.

Is it the kind of thing that brings a team closer together? Sure, why not.

It’s at least safer than Jack Del Rio’s ax in the locker room.

Photo credit: Connor Barwin’s Twitter account.