Tim Tebow active, Greg McElroy inactive for Jets

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Given the way things have played out over the last week for the Jets, there’s no surprise that their choices at quarterback are front and center this Sunday.

The way they’ve moved to the forefront is a bit of a surprise. Greg McElroy, who replaced Mark Sanchez last Sunday and led a drive for the only touchdown in the Jets’ 7-6 triumph over the Cardinals in one of the worst offensive football games you could ever hope to see, is inactive for the game in Jacksonville. Tim Tebow, who was not active last week because of broken ribs, is on the 46-man roster to serve as Sanchez’s backup.

It’s been quite a week for McElroy. Last Sunday was his regular season debut in the NFL and he played well enough, i.e. better than Sanchez, that he was in the mix for the starting job at the start of the week. Even after going with Sanchez, Rex Ryan talked about keeping all three quarterbacks active this Sunday with the implication being that McElroy would again serve as the backup/relief pitcher after coming through with the win against Arizona.

The Jets haven’t shown any interest in playing Tebow as an actual quarterback this season and resisted several prime opportunities to replace Sanchez with Tebow earlier in the season. It would likely thrill some of those turning out to see Sunday’s game in Tebow’s home city of Jacksonville if the Jets did make that call.

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  1. Ridiculous… Should have McElroy and Tebow as the two active quarterbacks and Sanchez inactive… He’ll be on the bench soon enough…

  2. Wow, I see that the Jets management is as scared of the Tebowmaniacs as the Broncos management was. Sad the Brady Quinn and Greg McElroy get screwed when they are clearly better players and more deserving of an opportunity.

    Just a reminder that you better not cross Tebow or you will PAY.

  3. This team has been the biggest joke in the league since Holmes was kicked out of the huddle in the last game of the seaon last year. As a Jets fan, I know that each week it will somehow get worse and worse and the team will somehow find a way to look more and more ridiculous. Mission accomplished today guys. We have the least talent on the roster, the most disastrous front office, and the more bad press (which the front office has been happy to create) than anyone else in the league.

  4. Sanchez could go 0-10 with 6 INTs in the first half and he wouldn’t get pulled. There is no way Ryan willingly runs Tebow out there as a quarterback. None.

    Well, maybe if God smites Sanchez with a bolt of lightning on the 50 yard line.

  5. I hope Sanchez is completely ineffective and Tebow comes in and dominates…leading them to a come from behind win. Then I wanna see Rex stumble through his press conference and this whole regime to be exposed for the unorganized, ineffective joke that it is.

    That is what I want for Christmas Santa.

  6. arb927 says:Dec 9, 2012 12:06 PM

    I think we all can agree if Tebow doesn’t get a start by the end of this season this was all for publicity smh
    I don’t think you have to wait until the end of the season to answer that question. NY needs to throw him out there for the rest of the season and hope he gets hot. If so, they might be able to trick an attention starved team like the Jaguars into giving up a late round pick for him. As a Dolphin fan I am just wondering what outcome the NYJ expected this year when they brought in Tony Sparano. You exactly what you paid for……A boring, predictable, and low scoring offense.

  7. I feel bad for McElroy, with how terrible sanchez and tebow are as qbs, he deserves the rest of the season to prove himself as viable.

    As a patriots fan I am thrilled with the jets continuing to make terrible choices for their football team.

  8. So Rex has a WR as his 3rd QB, a RB as the backup, and Mark Sanchez starting. Meanwhile the only real QB on the roster is inactive. What genius. Gotta love those Jets!

  9. As a Jets fan, I find the coach is just like his Dad, all talk and each year, the team gets worse and worse. Eric Mangini has been proven to be the better judge if talent, upon hindsight.

    Just sad.

  10. This move just shows you how messed up the Jets really are, you have two guys that can’t move the offense and they’re playing, and the guy (McElroy) that got them a win last week, is inactive. Go figure.

  11. Aside from Rex’s incompetence, this is also proof that this whole “player’s coach,” “reward your guys” thing is BS. The guy wins the game for your team and his reward is a set of street clothes. Makes sense.

  12. This is like the Seinfeld episode where George was trying to get fired from the Yankees. Rex is wanting people to walk around saying “Now that guy got CANNED!!!”

  13. Just like pulling Sanchez for Tebow, would have guaranteed no more Sanchez for the season, if you make McElroy active when Tebow is healthy and he jumps Tim and Mark, you alienate both of the other QBs on your roster. McElroy has only played in 1 NFL game in which he threw for 20+ yards, 1 TD; not very impressive, but got a win. Problem is you have a good chunk of $ on Mark (esp.) and Tim (if they can’t trade) for next season, they will alienate over $11mil in guaranteed $ for next season, not a smart business decision.

  14. I hope Sanchez looks like crap and Tebow comes in and looks great. In the off season the Jets trade Tebow to the Jags(the only team that MIGHT want him) for a 3rd round draft choice.

    PS Rex, Woody said he wanted McElroy to start. If you haven’t noticed he SIGNS YOU PAYCHECK you big DUMMY.

  15. karl422…this is the only reason that this makes sense.

    The Jets need to dump Tebow as he is too expensive to just be a clip board holder. The Jags suck even worse than the Jets. Tebow is a hero down here. If Tebow comes in and looks good, the Jets will be able to trade him for something, not a 3rd rounder. More like a 5th as everyone knows that the Jets have no intention of playing him if they keep him or keeping him period. The jersey sales have waned.

  16. on any other team in the history of the NFL, Sanchez would be benched for McElroy and Tebow would be playing at FB….

    it is full up crazy to play Sanchez and activate Tebow… McElroy should get his shot…. this season is garbage time for them now… try him out…

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