Too late, but Chargers flex muscle in win over Steelers


If the reports are accurate, and there’s no reason to believe they aren’t, Norv Turner is still fired.

But his Chargers gave him something to enjoy Sunday, snapping a four-game losing streak with a decisive 34-24 road win over the Steelers.

Philip Rivers threw for three touchdowns, and didn’t turn it over, and the Chargers defense looked sharp. They kept the Steelers from ever running effectively, and many of the passing yards you’ll see in the box score came when the game was well decided.

In his first game back, Ben Roethlisberger was 23-of-43 for 285 yards, with three touchdowns and an interception.

There was a decided “what-the-heck” quality to the day, as the Chargers used a fake punt deep in their own end, and scored a touchdown on a weird backward pass by the Steelers. On that play, which was recovered by Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer in the end zone, the Chargers seemed so convinced it was going to be overturned they sent their defense onto the field.

But it wasn’t, such was the day for the Steelers, who fell to 7-6, and looked like a team no one would be scared of down the stretch.

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  1. Chargers Blew a late lead vs the Saints and a penalty cost them a pick 6…. Blew a 24 point lead at the half vs the Broncos…. Chargers lost 7-6 to the Browns on a dropped TD pass…Gave up a 4th and 29 conversion which a stop would have won the game. it’s fitting the Chargers finally pull out a win when it’s too late.

  2. Why would Mike Tomlin elect to kick extra points on the last 2 touchdowns and not go for the 2 point conversions? It’s a moot point since the Steelers didn’t get the onside kick, but they could’ve made it a one score game with a minute to go.

  3. Gotta think what could this Charger team have been. A correct spot against Baltimore and one of those three second half collapses to go their way and theyre right in playoff contention. A halfway healthy offensive line and this might be a playoff team

  4. The teams that we should crush, we play flat…Steelers kill me every year….if we played the Eagles it would be a save Andy Reid moment.

  5. I’m glad the Steelers lost. Even if Ben was not convicted of his crime, he’s still a dirt ball. Good men are not even accused of such a thing, much less convicted. I hope the Steeler lose the rest of their games.

  6. I think Turner will hang on as head coach until the end of the season.

    Then the Chargers will flirt with hiring a new head coach in January – but ultimately will decide to stick with Turner.

    Then, in February, after the top Head Coach candidates are gone, they’ll fire Turner and have few options at Head Coach, ultimately choosing to bring in Marty Shottenheimer.

    Improbable, I know, but call it a gut feeling.

  7. Congrats and hats off to the Chargers, they beat us in our own house when they had nothing to play for. Hopefully Tomlin will step up and kick some a$$ at practice this week, especially Todd Haley who seemed to want to completely neglect the running game and insisted on passing even though the O-line leaked like sieve. Bad coaching, bad play by Roethelisberger.

  8. When steelers play inferior teams, they lose. That is a fact. They’re a .500 team and dont have a shot at the playoffs.

  9. Not saying the Steelers shouldve won that game. That was NOT a backwards pass. That is the second forward pass this season by Ben that was called a fumble. The replay officials continue to back the incompetence on the field.

  10. Steelers a hard team to watch every Sunday. Lose to teams below 500 and beat teams over 500. Smell like a slight coaching problem!!!!

  11. Thank goodness Bengals lost. Steelers still control their destiny. Agree, Tomlin should have gone for two points, even when Chargers had the 27 points.

  12. Refs need to stop simply allowing plays to continue so that they are reviewable. This and the Giants game (“fumble”) show that refs are intentionally allowing play to continue like Simms said which is not how replay should be used. It should be used to determine if the call was correct. I understand if they called it incomplete then it would not be reviewable but allowing the play to continue makes overturning the call that much more difficult. I have no proof the NFL is telling refs to swallow their whistles then go back and review what happened but this is leading to the call on the field standing because replay cannot show irrefutable video evidence. The refs need to call what they see and then go back and review it or if they can’t than just move on.

    Especially in the larger scheme of things, if the play is called incomplete Charger fans would not have much to complain about. Small play that would not directly affect the outcome of the game and Steeler fans would obviously be happier. But calling that play a lateral and a TD for the Chargers basically ended any comeback chance for the Steelers and ended the game. It is way too big of a call to simply allow the play to proceed then if you cannot find convincing evidence to confirm or deny, allow the play to stand because you were told by the NFL to swallow the whistle the play is complete. I hope people understand what I am saying because this is affecting games and how replay is being used.

  13. Congrats to the Chargers. This is precisely why we Steelers fans shouldn’t have been counting our chickens before they hatched. Everything went our way today with the Ravens and Bengals losing in knuckle-biters. But we let an eight-loss team run up 34 points on us in our own house. Love my Steelers … but that’s frustrating.

  14. No excuses now, this is a bad football team with zero heart. Probably would have faired better with Batch, at least he plays with heart. The chargers made the steelers look silly and ended their 14 year drought In Pittsburgh. Steelers playoff hopes, if they had any are gone. Even if the ravens lose as well as cinci the steelers don’t belong in the playoffs. Anyone heard of that guy luck? They belong in the playoffs.

  15. Pathetic outing by the offense. Fortunately the defense held them to a few field goals to keep it from being a complete blowout early. The whole team looked like they took the day off since Ben was back. Good thing Bengals & Ravens stumbled as well. This cannot happen again., but I fear it will since that’s been the way they’ve handled their business this year.

  16. this is the story of the chargers

    regardless who is the coach, they usually blow games like today’s

    but it was cool to see them play 4 quarters

    the fake punt was ballsy and needed , because pitt had got the momentum back with the quick td drive

    i wish my chargers would one day put it all together and win a superbowl, but at least they play exciting football more often then not

    at least we’re not the browns

  17. joetoronto says:
    Dec 9, 2012 5:43 PM
    When you get a W and still lose, it means you’ve been Norved.
    Lol. This coming from a Raider fan.

  18. Bolts did exactly what I thought they would. I picked them to win three straight, they lost all three, should have won all three. I picked them to lose today, they win. Typical Norv Bolts.

  19. Steelers lost to the CHARGERS?

    At HOME???????????

    Anyone seen “steelernationfartsinyourface” or “7thlombardiisinthebag” today?

    Same guy anyway, isn’t it? Clearly he has nothing to say today πŸ˜‰

  20. Putrid outing by the offense. Every time Redzone switched to this game the Steelers had 3rd and long inside their own 20. They obviously thought since Ben was back they could just show up and roll an inferior team. Would have thought they had learned that lesson against Oakland, Tenn. and Cleveland (and KC). But no, instead they screwed the pooch and missed a golden opportunity to put some heat on the Ravens and separate from Cincy.

    The defense really missed Taylor (never thought I’d say that, but there it is). Still think they’ll make the playoffs, but a wildcard game in Denver doesn’t leave me feeling real good.

  21. Browns are the hottest team in the AFC North, sad but true. The steelers are awful, fact! Dallas is going to destroy them, Fact! You yinzers want to stone tomlin when the steelers lose and call him the best coach in football when he wins, its comical!

  22. hoetoronto says:Dec 9, 2012 8:27 PM

    joetoronto says:
    Dec 9, 2012 5:43 PM
    When you get a W and still lose, it means you’ve been Norved.
    LOL Seriously dude, its getting pathetic!

  23. Tomlin’s and LeBeau’s best days are behind them, this is absolutely inexcusable. Do they deserve a ticket to playoffs ? About as much as the pathetic Ravens do.

  24. Roethlisberger is the type of “elite” quarterback who specializes in 13-9 wins against crap teams.

    Against any halfway decent team he plays so crappy that despite having the NFL’s #1 defense the Steelers fall behind by like 20-3 or so and the game is over way before Roethlisberger scores some garbage points in garbage time.

    Roethlisberger is never going to win any shootouts.

    Especially when he gift wraps 14 points to the other team.

  25. citizenstrange:
    Excellent post!!
    Spot on!!!
    ESPN ran a graphic before the game that said that the Steelers average 23 points per game with Roethlisberger. Think about that. The fact that the TEAM has won 80 percent of those games that Roethlisberger has started speaks volumes about a defense that’s been required to hold the other guys to 20 or fewer points nearly every week since 2004.
    In today’s high-scoring NFL, that’s pretty incredible.

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