Vikings up 14, Peterson rolling again

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The Bears have lost three out of four games.

They’re on their way to losing four of five.

Minnesota leads Chicago early, 14-0.  Both touchdowns have been scored by running back Adrian Peterson, who has 74 yards on eight carries.

Peterson opened the game with a 51-yard run on the first play from scrimmage.  After the first touchdown, Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson picked off Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and returned it to the Chicago six.

19 responses to “Vikings up 14, Peterson rolling again

  1. Remember when…….

    People used to say and he himself said.. CJ2K was a better RB than AP?

    Remember when….

    People used to think Lynch was a better back than AP?

    Remember when….

    AP had surgery to repair his ACL and MCL?

    Just remember this… there’s 50,000+ people in the dome that know 28 is going to get the ball… And those people include the 53 on the opposing sidelines!

    The only thing that stops him… Bill Musgrave!

  2. Bears don’t have an offense outside Marshall, and a beat up defense, but Vikings better hope AP doesn’t hurt himself again trying to do to much

  3. Urlacher may be having his worst season. But, it’s pretty clear he’s missed. AP is playing the best I’ve ever seen against us. That’s including his first game.

  4. Put a fork in da Bears. Old defense and a horrible offensive line, led by first round bust Gabe Carimi. lol

  5. Ponder will find a way to lose it. Worst QB in the league hands down. What a waste of another huge day by Peterson. Wake up Frazier!!!! Bench Ponder now for the good of the team!

  6. Watching some of Muskrat’s play calls, and Ponders amazing athletic ability, and second to none talent at the QB position is really starting to get laughable.

    inside the 2 minute warning, DON’T PASS! This is where Muskrat deserves his walking papers. Peterson is the homerun hitter. Give him the ball! I don’t care if 31 other teams would pass! We don’t! It’s not like we have Aaron Rogers, or Tom Brady! We have Christian freaking Ponder! So quit trying to be cute Muskrat! Run the ball! Ponder just throws up these under thrown, short, wobbly, lofted, off the back foot, across his body, underslung, garbage balls!

    Vikings… If you really want to win, RUN! Don’t leave so much time for Marshall… You guys forget, that every WR that goes against us has career games! So run the ball!

  7. I agree with Jerry, the bears could have scored to tie the game up on that turnover. Never trust christian ponder, run the ball with AP he’s the best in the business. Even if you don’t score at least you would have ran the clock out not thrown a turnover that could have given points to the bears.

  8. Wildcat with Peterson. Avoid all thosy pesky risks associated with the forward pass.

    Heck, let Peterson pass it, too. Something tells me he could be pretty good at that as well.

  9. This loss by the Bears erases any doubt about them being a one-and-done playoff team, and replaces them with fresh doubts about their ability to make the playoffs.

  10. Vikes win!! yet all talk is about how Ponder played? Hey if it’s that easy, We should all be doing it!! Ha Ha!! I want to see Ponder with True number one WR!!

  11. Sunday 12/9/2012 about 4:30pm Central STD. time. At the post game wrap:

    Vikings beat Bears 24 to 19. Peterson rushes for 182 yards on 23 carries- Matt Forte held to 24 yards on 13 carries. Gould’s 4 field goals not enough. Lovie says, “I just never had the time to get Brian’s replacement ready. Who knew he was getting old?”

    I posted the above on the 5th. What was I missing? That the Bears would only score 14 and that both teams would really stink. Let’s hope Lovie gets stuck in the snow.

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