Vikings winning, despite Ponder


Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder seems like a really nice guy.  He’s a good talker, which makes him a media favorite.

But he’s just not a very good quarterback.  Yet.

He abandons the pocket too quickly.  When he does, he’s not very accurate.  Of course, he’s not very accurate before leaving the pocket, either.

In a crucial Week 14 game against the Bears, Ponder has completed six of nine passes for 54 yards and an interception.  Another ill-advised throw, which Ponder threw to no one in particular as he was being spun to the ground, came a few degrees away from being ruled a fumble that would have been returned for a Chicago touchdown.

At some point, the Vikings need to ask themselves whether they are interested in making it to the playoffs or developing a young quarterback.  If it’s the former, maybe it’s time to see what Joe Webb can do.

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  1. I’m wondering what they saw in this guy when they took him in the 1st round. Seems like a desperate pick since every team in the NFC north has a franchise QB.

    They were better off signing or trading for a decent backup QB to be their starter.

  2. Still he is just in his second year and I think we can all agree it could be much worse…look at mark Sanchez. Compared to that Ponders starting to look allot better isn’t he?

  3. If I had to pick one of them, I would still rather have Sanchez. Both are awful, but at least Sanchez doesnt have the arm strength of that kid in the Cam Newton commercial.

  4. He’s in his second year, yes. The problem is that he has no clue. If there was a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel I’d say stick with him. When he regresses each week it’s time to change.

  5. Chicago needs a coach with an offensive back round mabe Greg Roman the 49ers offensive coordinator. Emery should him and Pete Carmichael from the Saints. that way the offensive line dont get left out. Lovie has had his chances. and he can take all them over paid OLD MEN with him.. Urlacher.. peppers.. Tice.

  6. Throw in the 3rd stringer Bethel-Thompson . The kid has a cannon for a arm . Put Webb at receiver and let Ponder hold a clip board for the rest of the season /.

  7. He just doesn’t have that winning instinct you see in Rodgers and manning type quarterbacks. Even Rodgers had effective yards today in a pretty low pass yards game.

    He didn’t even throw for a hundred yards today. Most of his yards, I’d say 65%of all his season yards are garbage time yards.

  8. I wasn’t a fan of Ponder since the day they picked him. I felt he was a reach and a desperation pick. Im not a huge fan of Leslie Frazier either. I think hes like Singletary…a great position coach, but not really a great head coach. BUT…even with all that said, did anybody expect this team to even have a remote chance in hell of making the playoffs this year?? They have far exceeded MY expectations, but unfortunately, I think theyre just screwing up a shot a good draft pick. Weve won 7 games on the back of AP….despite Ponder. Give him a clipboard and trade for Alex Smith or send a plane back down to Hattiesburg, or whatever…just get a damn QB before its too late…again!!

  9. Go big — trade for Matt Flynn, sign Dwayne Bowe in free agency and have another strong draft. Then the Vikes will b e real in 2013.

  10. I agree with going for Flynn, or someone equivalent. In the best case scenario Ponder improves in the offseason and, like the 49ers or Seahawks, we have two very good QBs, and if nothing else we regain some value in a Ponder trade. But no matter who the QB, they need a couple of big targets – maybe we get one (Bowe?) through FA and another in the draft. Add those 3 players and we could be looking pretty good next season.

  11. I think it’s time to put Webb in, to give the Vikings a better chance at winning out and making the playoffs.

    Let’s face it, all Ponder is good for is handing-off to AP and making a few safe throws. Webb can do that too. Webb also has more athletic ability, and is a little better at hitting receivers down field.

    It’s a bit of a gamble- Webb isn’t going to be as familiar with running the offense, or reading defenses, but there is a point when you know that the passing game is not going to be a factor as long as Ponder is QB, and that you need to do something else to give it a chance.

    Webb isn’t the long-term answer at QB for the Vikings, but I think he could make the Vikings passing game more productive and be a net plus for the Vikings the rest of this year.

    After the year is over, declare the QB position open, and allow Ponder, Webb and MBT to compete for the job on an equal basis. Bring in new talent as best you can. I think MBT could be the long-term answer, based on his arm, but way too early to say for sure.

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