Whisenhunt-for-Horton swap could be coming


As the Cardinals close in on an epic defeat at Seattle, in which the team allowed a franchise record 38 points in the first half, it’s time to revisit a report that first surfaced last Monday.

According to Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 in Phoenix, the Cardinals were having “internal discussions” about defensive coordinator Ray Horton on Monday, after Arizona’s eighth straight loss.  The thinking was that the Cardinals were assessing whether coach Ken Whisenhunt should be fired after the season and replaced immediately with Horton, given the possibility that Horton will be in demand elsewhere as a head-coaching candidate.

Now that the Cardinals will have suffered a defeat of historic proportions, there’s a chance that the Whisenhunt-for-Horton swap could be coming before the season ends.

Though it likely wouldn’t make a significant impact on the team’s fortunes, it would give the organization three games to assess Horton before making a final decision about whether he should be the permanent head coach.

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  1. The only real question is why hasn’t it happened yet? It should have happened after last week’s game. Heck it should have happened at halftime today.

  2. Makes perfect sense…Horton’s defense gives up 300 yards rushing today and 50+ points…why not reward him!

  3. The headline should read Graves for Dennis Green swap. Only time in the last decade where true talent was added to the roster thanks to Denny.

  4. I’m really surprised Horton wasn’t fired when Seattle got to 58 points.

    And they want him to be the head coach?

    Why? So they can start giving up 60+ games since Horton will be able to influence both sides of the ball?

  5. connecting today’s game with Horton as a coach makes no sense. Which defense is going to look good when there is 8 turnovers on offense and specialteams? And how do you continue to motivate the defense when it is obvious the offense couldn’t score if they got 20 quarters to do so ?
    Hortons unit has been the only bright spot for Arizona this season and considering Whisenhunt is gone no matter what it, makes perfect sense to try him in terms of trying something new….
    – except he is defensive mind and what this team needs is an offensive mind (and some talent on offense….)

  6. I’m on Whisenhunts side here he’s a good coach when he has a QB capable of doing an average job. He took them to the Super Bowl and mostly under his reign have been decent although not great. The man who should be replaced is the man who picks the talent. They should have gone after smith last season after losing out on Peyton but didn’t. If Whisenhunt goes watch the cardinals have another ten 15 years of futility

  7. Also on Horton how can so many fans base a coach off of one game? That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. The Arizona defense has been on the whole the last two seasons pretty good. This is fans once again illustrating their complete ignorance.

  8. People saying the DC shouldn’t be promoted obviously have not seen many Cardinals games (can’t blame you).

    The Cards defense has been very good this year. They gave the offense about 12 turnovers in the past 3 weeks prior to this game….and the offense could do nothing with it.

    Today the defense had the “pleasure” of the offense giving the ball to Seattle EIGHT TIMES.

    Tell me what defense wouldn’t get walked on in those situations.

    Horton’s the only reason they’ve been competitive in the past 8 weeks.

  9. That game was an aberration and the offense kept giving up the ball. The Cards defense has not been the problem. They have no QB. It’s almost to the point of seeing whether or not the punter can throw. Whisenhunt has been horrible. He was propped up by Warner and has yet to figure out the QB situation. Kolb played OK but his injury history was known before the trade. I’m sure the GM has some blame as well. The HC deserves to go. Who replaces him right now is irrelevant.

  10. I agree Graves for D. Green! Graves as a GM has not done anything positive for the Cardinals! Find a quarterback! Draft one next year! Do not pick up somebody’s backup!

    I see the end of a great career ending in AZ for Fitzgerald.

  11. The GM responsible for trading for Kolb is the one that should be fired. That QB group is impossible to win with.

    Wisenhunt got control over personnel decisions when he signed his new contract. The GM is mainly a rubber stamp at this point.

  12. The failure of the Cardinals starts at the front office, putting the blame on the coach is another failure. Coaches keep coming in and out of AZ, but the front office has remained the same over that last decade. Now the rumor is the Cardinals are going to replace the one Coach who took them to the Super Bowl and took them to the playoffs multiple times.

    Mr. Bidwell, its time for your friend Rod Graves to go.

  13. Looks like most people here just looked at the score, not the game. Doesn’t surprise me to see dumb comments right off the bat.

    The defense mailed it due to several factors, one, the fine the defensive leader, DD, 200k; Next, the offensive is so bad that even when they get 5 plus turnovers, they still lose the game. See Atl game or Rams for examples.

    Seattle offensively didn’t win this game, the cards offensive gave them most of those points, once the Seahawks had 17 points, the game was already over. Cards defense played well for the turds the Cards offense put them in.

    Cards fans should be happy, this should push Whiz over the edge to be fired, but then again, it is the Cards, so they might extend him.

    Get rid of the whole offensive side of the ball, plus the joke of a GM Graves and HC.

  14. Anyone who says the defense gave up all those first half points is a fool who didn’t watch the game.

  15. Don’t bash Kevin Kolb. They were 4-0 with him before he got hurt. The O line has two rookie tackles and they lost their center two weeks ago. Make no mistake they suck bad right now and personnel changes will be made. Graves, Whiz, and any coach on the offensive side of the ball are gone. The offense had 8 freaking turnovers and the defense was in a hole and on the field all day. Morale is bad because the defense can’t keep picking up the offense 24/7. The Cards have no depth at QB and are paying the price. Once attendance plummets maybe the Bidwells will figure it out. Steeler West isn’t exactly working out because of the foolhardy personnel moves. Only 157 days to the NFL draft. We’re in the top 5 again. We need a OT before a QB.

  16. 58 points points…. 8 turnovers or no, they gave up FIFTY EIGHT POINTS, and the offense scored ZERO.

    Bad all the way around.

    Fire the best Arizona coach for someone NOT on this horrible team.

    You don’t fire Whisenhunt, then hire a member of the coaching staff as if the defense was a bright spot.

    FIFTY EIGHT POINTS! Were all the turnovers on the AZ 1 yard line? No, ok so they had chances to stop them from scoring.

  17. If the defense mailed it in, EVEN worse for Horton. He couldn’t get them fired up for a divisional opponent.

    Those turnovers didn’t happen in the 1st quarter. They gave up from the start.

    If anyone is fired, fire them all and hire Chip Kelly from Oregon. Don’t tell me how good Horton is when Seattle ran all over the defense. Assuming people only saw the score is foolish, as foolish and an NFL franchise giving up a HISTORICAL blow out.

  18. When your getting paid millions if dollars it shouldn’t be the coaches job to get you fired up. It’s your job go out there am get it done. Does your boss get you “fired up” for work everyday or do you just go do your job because you know you have to? Come on

  19. I wanted Ray Horton to be the HC in St. Louis over Jeff Fisher, the guy is a great defensive coordinator. Will he pan on as a HC? No clue. But he will definitely be getting a shot to prove himself soon enough, whether it be in Arizona or somewhere else. That defense has played solid for the last two seasons. As someone stated above, you cant expect a defense to play great every week (look at the Niners, Steelers, Seahawks, Bears, Texans, they’ve all had bad games), they’re humans and sometimes you just have bad days, but when you have a bad day defensively and have 8 turnovers on offense? c’mon man, you can’t blame Horton for that.

  20. Graves and Whiz out, Horton in, and look for another gm. I was with Whiz until he left Lindley in too long prior to this game. Once that happened, I’m off that bandwagon. Lose Lindley, lose Skelton, keep Kolb, and find another qb or two to compete for the job. Address some o line issues as well.

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