Bengals furious that Reggie Nelson was flagged for hit on Dez Bryant

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During the third quarter of Sunday’s Cowboys-Bengals game, Dallas faced a third-and-20 and Tony Romo launched a deep ball along the sideline to Dez Bryant. For a split-second Bryant had it, but then Bengals safety Reggie Nelson came in and lowered his shoulder into Bryant’s chest, dislodging the ball. The Bengals began to celebrate a big stop.

And then the Cowboys began to celebrate as a flag came out.

The referee announced a personal foul on Nelson for the hit (which you can see here), but it’s hard to see why: Nelson didn’t lead with his head, and he didn’t hit Bryant in the head. The Bengals looked furious on the field, and afterward both Nelson and coach Marvin Lewis said they had no idea what Nelson did wrong.

“That’s what [defensive coordinator Mike] Zimmer teaches us – to go low and not aim for anybody’s head,” Nelson told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I think I did a good job of taking that teaching.”

Lewis said he thinks Nelson’s hit was so clean that the NFL should provide it to players as an example of the right way for a defensive back to do his job.

“I thought it was a great target and probably one that will be on their teaching reel of how to do it,” Lewis said. “Reggie’s done a good job with those things. He was on their teaching reel last year, and I thought that one was picture perfect.”

One of the most frustrating aspects of the penalty is that the official who appeared to have the best view of the collision didn’t throw his flag. The flag came from another official farther away, and yet the official who was right on top of the play didn’t correct his colleague’s mistake.

The penalty ended up not being particularly costly to the Bengals, as the Cowboys threw back-to-back incompletions and then Nelson himself forced Dallas to punt by sacking Romo on third down. But just because it wasn’t costly doesn’t mean the Bengals aren’t right to complain. This was a bad call.

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  1. They should be furious that AJ Green dropped like 4 passes on 3rd down.
    And if you watched the game, the refs must have been legally blind to miss all the Bengals Oline holds. So it’s only cliche they get that helmet to helmet wrong.
    The ball can’t roll your way EVERY time.

  2. This is one of the calls that seems to get messed up the most by the refs. It seems like any time the refs hear a “crack” and someone gets laid out they throw the flag. I’d like to see these type of calls get reviewed next season.

  3. I’m not a fan of either team but even I was screaming when that flag came out. That was a perfect job by Nelson. The problems created by this rule is that players start to doubt themselves and get frustrated even when they do the RIGHT thing. Like Billick said, “I guess you have to just let guys catch the ball now,” and he was an OFFENSIVE coach.

    This stinks. Time for the Arena League Committee (ie the Comp Committee) to give something back to the defense. How about modifying the PI rule? It’s gotten so that about 90% of the time there’s a long pass, incomplete and a defensive player is anywhere near, it’s PI. Sickening.

  4. Well, the play and flag gave the Cowboys another set of downs, more time was chewed up, and that time perhaps could have allowed the Bengals a minute to attempt to tie/win the game after the Bailey FG, though the Cowboys kicked that game winner on 2nd down.

  5. Well, the play and flag gave the Cowboys another set of downs, more time was chewed up, and that time perhaps could have allowed the Bengals a minute to attempt to win the game after the Bailey FG, though the Cowboys kicked that game winner on 2nd down.

  6. The Cowboys began to celebrate ? The only one I saw do anything was Dez as he pointed to the flag as he probably was responding to the trash talk from the Bengals sideline.

    The hit was a clean one but with the concussion lawsuits the NFL is going OVERBOARD in protecting the players to a point they are killing the game.

  7. Cowboys had a similar bad call when the shoulder pad of a diving LB grazed the head of a falling receiver, which gave the Bengals a 1st down on an incomplete pass on 3rd down. I do not recall if it lead to points but I think they got a field goal out of it. The “defenseless player” calls are the worst calls in football trying tomake a violent game “appear” safe.

  8. The refs are flag happy. It’s a shame. Same thing happened with a hit on RG3 when he got pushed to the ground and then his helmet fell off. The league should have to pay Reggie Nelson $50,000 for a bad phantom call.

  9. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this is for ratings to decrease as a result of the rule changes that are turning football into two hand touch.

    When that happens, the league will be forced to evaluate what caused it and then they will see what they’ve done.

    Since this won’t happen…just learn to accept that the game is different now and will never be what it used to be.

  10. Well the refs blew their whistles early on Harris’s punt return. He landed on a stack of guys and got back up and kept running, but the refs blew it dead. He was never down and was most likely a TD if not for late whistle. I’d say the cowboys have more room to complain about the calls than the bengals do.

  11. If the poor replacement refs had made this call it would be all over the twitterverse. Because it is one of the overpaid, pension-clad, regular refs, nothing will happen. Down with unions!

  12. they call that but on the next drive hawkins gets thrown to the ground after going out of bounds and nothing. these hit flags need to be reviewed during the game because the refs are just reacting without really knowing

  13. As a long time Cowboys fan, I agree that the hit was legal. It looked so vicious, and so close to the sidelines, that the refs felt that it was worse than it was. Nelson’s hit was perfectly timed on a great throw and, almost, catch. The Cowboys got pretty lucky with all of the drops, but their opponents have got the same breaks throughout the entire year – Olgetree.

  14. This is why the game is turning into a joke. Nelson lays a textbook hit and gets flagged because even the Refs don’t know what hits are considered illegal at this point.

    Erring on the side of caution is tainting the game we love.

  15. Anyone remember that video Ray Anderson sent out? The refs obviously didn’t. If you hit a WR hard, it’s a flag. This is rediculous. Whenever I hear an old fart talk about they were tougher back in the day, I roll my eyes. But now I understand where they are coming from.

  16. cowboy19 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 9:51 AM
    Cowboys had a similar bad call when the shoulder pad of a diving LB grazed the head of a falling receiver, which gave the Bengals a 1st down on an incomplete pass on 3rd down. I do not recall if it lead to points but I think they got a field goal out of it. The “defenseless player” calls are the worst calls in football trying tomake a violent game “appear” safe.
    Completely different. Dude came in late and hit Marvin Jones in the helmet.

    Reggie gets about 5 of these textbook hits flagged on him every year. Refs need to figure it out. Just because you hear pads crack doesn’t mean it’s a dirty hit.

  17. Should that be a penalty? No. But it has been a flag for a few years now and I haven’t seen many hits like that which don’t get a flag anymore. Not sure why they are surprised. They had many many chances to put Dallas away, and they let them hang around. That’s how you lose. As a Dallas fan it was nice to be on the winning side of a game like that for a change.

  18. Absolute TEXT BOOK way to separate a receiver from the ball after the catch. Done totally within the new guidelines, no wonder players and fans alike are frustrated. Personally I still cannot get over that the ball may hit the ground during a catch. Name me another sport in which the ball can hit the ground and still be considered good!!!

    Way too much meddling with the rules.

  19. This game was so painful to watch, especially as the Steelers were getting blown out at the same time. The Bengals played the Cowboys tough for three quarters, despite the constant, uncharacteristic drops by AJ Green, and one costly drop by Hawkins which would have been an easy first down, and instead resulted in fourth down. I’ve never seen so many easy drops in a game.

    And then the fourth quarter, and they just folded. They had a golden opportunity to be the 6th seed, and instead they choked it away. But that’s just what the Bengals do and I can’t even be mad anymore.

    As for the call on Reggie Nelson, yeah it’s crap and yeah I think it was pretty costly. It was 3rd and 20. The Bengals would have got the ball with great field position if the Cowboys had had to punt there.

  20. It certainly looks legal, but I’ve watched it about 20 times and stopped the video right at the impact. Remember where the flag came from (behind the play). The shoulder pad seems to just come right under the chin, and when Bryant’s head went back and the defender’s hair looked like an explosion, possibly even blocking the view for an instant, you could see how a referee could be influenced. I’m sure the zebras have a ton of pressure on them from the League to err on the side of safety, but still sad to see “D” as we’ve always known it be watered down.

  21. cowboy19-

    these hits were nowhere near the same. the hit on Jones turned his head around and fell under the call of “hit to the head on a defense-less receiver”…Did you watch the replay when Jone’s head snapped backwards??

    The bengals shouldn’t be complaining about this call…they should be upset with themselves for dropping passes and possible interceptions all game long.

  22. Nothing says class and sportsmanship like crying over bad calls when you don’t do what it takes to win. I watched the game, there was holding by the Bengals offense nearly every play. Hitting a defenseless receiver (meaning he has not established himself in the field of play) is also penalized around the head and the shoulders. Some of you ladies need to expand your football knowledge beyond the expertise of blogs like this and watching ESPN.

  23. “Cowboys had a similar bad call when the shoulder pad of a diving LB grazed the head of a falling receiver”

    huh? not similar at all- one is a shoulder to chest, perfectly legal. The other is head/shoulder to head- exactly the thing they are trying to stop.

  24. Same thing happened in the Packer game. Calvin Johnson hauled a pass in over the middle and the Safety hit him shoulder to shoulder and the ref threw a flag. What is the safety supposed do there??

  25. Making players feel like personal foul flags are arbitrary and capricious is just as dangerous to players as not flagging the play at all. If a defender goes into a game thinking, “It doesn’t matter how I tackle a guy. I’ll get a flag regardless,” he loses all motivation to play safely. This obsession with dirty hits is making the NFL less safe, not more.

  26. The biggest problem I had with the call is the ref standing 10 yards from the play ruled it incomplete but a ref from 40 yards away threw the flag. Seems like the two should have discussed what they saw and came to a conclusion.

  27. As a Cowboys fan I thought this hit was fine and undeserving of a flag. The call on the diving LB earlier was close and though I didn’t like it I understood it. There were so many missed calls on the Bengals O-line that it was nearly criminal while it seemed they were pretty content to call them on the Dallas OL.

    You mean the 1 INT Romo threw as an almost hail mary as time expired at the end of the first half? because that was the only one he threw despite the Bengals D dropping a few that should have been.

  28. The above comment is correct, any time there’s a big hit or anything that looks like it hurt or looks awkward, the flag comes out. Same goes for hits on the QB. They should call ‘targeting’ instead and make the calls by the spirit of the rule.

  29. Dropping balls is what should make them furious. Oh by the way watch that same play and you’ll see Cincy jumped off sides. Nobody is complaining about that “non call”.

  30. zerole00 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 9:52 AM
    Clearly Romo disagreed with the call and consoled the Bengals via interceptions.

    Way to be a great sport, Romo.


    Pathetic, this is stupid and childish. But perhaps you should get your facts in line, because Romo didn’t throw an INT in the second half. Pathetic cowboy hater, don’t even make any sense.

  31. One of the cleanist hits I’ve ever seen, it was a textbook hit…Led with the shoulder and went in low…

    I have to agree with some of the commentors here that the Refs are flag happy because of orders from on “high”!

  32. This isn’t about the refs doing a poor job it is about the league saying that if a play is even close to being something that could be called because it was dangerous THROW THE FLAG!
    True, perhaps this particular play didn’t end up being critical, but these calls are making defensive backs reluctant to make any hits and is definitely effecting their tackling. The game of football is on the line here and I don’t think we’ll get it back unless the TV ratings take a nose dive.

  33. The ref who threw that flag is a weenie, and a sissy, and a hallway monitor, and a control freak, and a girl, and never played the game, and a total wuss, and an idiot, and out of his frikkin’ mind.

    Do us all a favor and retire at the end of the season, you complete noodle.

  34. The official who threw the flag was trailing the play. He could not see the point of contact between the receiver and tackler only the close proximity of the helmets (By the way, Nelson’s ample dreds helped to block a clear view of the hit). No fine should be levied, this pf should not be counted against the player’s disciplinary record, and officials should be made to explain calls at post game pressers.

  35. zerole00 says: Dec 10, 2012 9:52 AM

    Clearly Romo disagreed with the call and consoled the Bengals via interceptions.

    Way to be a great sport, Romo.


    Idiotic comment. Perhaps Romo was anticipating the bad call when he threw his only INT on a ‘good as a punt’ heave at the end of the first half? The man is a wonder with precognitive powers as well as QB skilz. 😉

    Bad calls (and non-calls) occurred against both teams (and pretty much against every team every week), sad that the Bengals are crying about this one.

  36. I agree, this stinks. Nelson did not launch himself at the receiver.

    Because the hit resulted in Bryant being upended in dramatic fashion, the ref who threw the flag assumed that “unnecessary roughness” was involved.

    The refs should be made to attend a remedial physics class, emphasis on inertia.

  37. Ah yes, the familiar cry of “We was robbed”. Happens every week in about half the cities in the NFL.

    BTW, as with all my other posts, this one will probably get deleted as well.

  38. It’s a situation like this that a lot of fans/players were talking about when saying to leave football alone. It’s not that everybody wants to see concussions but now forcing the refs into basically a judgement call on bang-bang plays. It’s impossible. Every ref, I’m sure, is deathly afraid of missing a call on a head to head hit with the league putting such a referendum on it. It stinks. That was as perfect a hit as you can ask for.

  39. Dear Reggie,

    That was a penalty. You should have just let him catch the ball and gently push Bryant out of bounds. We don’t want Bryant to sue us in 15 years.


    Roger Goddell

  40. I don’t see anyone saying this call cost the Bengals the game. Not at all. Bengals lost it themselves. They didn’t put the Cowboys away when they could have/should have. They let the them hang in the game and they took advantage. ‘Nuff said.

    Oh and why is it necessary to show Jerry Jones on TV every time the Cowboys are playing? You don’t see them showing any other owner in the league during the games. I’m so sick and tired of seeing his face on TV.

  41. There now have been so many bogus hits to the head penalties called by overprotective referees that its time to have a rule that the coach can challenge a call if he feels no foul was committed yet flagged by overzealous refs,if a referee that clearly sees that no foul was committed as in this case and refuses to correct the mistake made by his partner then a coach should have every right to challenge it to get it right.instant replay dont lie.

  42. The NFL might as well switch to a flag football format. The penalties are simply getting ridiculous. I can understand a defensive player’s frustration as it seems that there is no clear definition of a “clean hit” anymore.

  43. Hey listen, if Goodell and the lawyers say the hit is illegal I dont even care anymore. Maybe because he didnt pull the flag out around the Dezs waist first before he touched him? I watch the SEC and the BIG 10 now instead. Real football.

  44. I don’t think Nelson could have hit him any cleaner. Bengals were controlling the game and this was one of the turnings points. NFL has to do something about clean impact hits getting flagged because good defense is good football too.

  45. I understand the lawsuit is going on and everything, but I wish they would throws flags only when it’s obvious helmet to helmet, and not throw them for anything that is questionable.

    Players will still get fined for bad hits, so if the refs on the field miss it and it gets no flag the player will still get punished.

    If not that then let the replay official in the booth be able to override the helmet to helmet flags quickly without slowing the game down.

  46. If I were a DB I would start padding my pads a little bit just to reduce the noise they make when they hit someone. Refs are sometimes calling penalties based on noise of a hit.

    I’d rather be a silent killer, anyway.

  47. If DBs get fined every time they hit a WR when the WR has willfully put themselves into an awkward position…

    Shouldn’t WRs get fined every time they make a catch when a DB COULD have laid them out but didn’t?

    The league started getting it wrong when it started putting the burden of responsibility of a WR’s protection on the DBs instead of the WRs.

  48. I was at the game and a Dallas fan. It was an outstanding hit. Ones you wish you had made back in the day when we played. Horrible call. Exactly how you want to separate the ball from receiver. I bet Bryant thought it was a good hit as well.

  49. What cracks me up is you have all of these Dallas fans saying they had a similar call on them. They showed the hit that the Dallas DB used on the Bengals player and it wasn’t even close. The Dallas DB launched his body with his head first and clearly pierced Marvin Jones when he was down. He was a defenseless receiver. The ball was away from the body when the player launched himself. Therefore, that’s a defenseless receiver. Reggie’s hit was absolutely perfect. Dez had control of the ball, brought it in, and Reggie blew his mid-section up. It did matter because that could’ve gave the Bengals more time to score after Dallas’ FG and it messed with field position and clock management.

  50. As a football fan, not of the cowboys or the bengals, I find the most frustrating part to be what is bound to happen this week. Someone in the league office will say the call was correct rather than man up and say it was a blown call.

    The call is bad, but I can understand a person making the mistake in the heat of the moment when I’m sure Roger reminds them every day to throw flags to protect players. It’s when they’ve had time to see it in slow motion, over and over again, yet won’t admit the mistake that drives me crazy. It’s a shame we rarely hear from the league when an official makes a bad call.

  51. The saddest part is the fact that Cowboy fan will now believe they still have a chance at making the play-offs. Which means when they don’t make it, the crying will be even louder.

    Oh the horror!!!

  52. The Cowboys beat you fair and square, bunch of whiners.

    Maybe if the ginger had a decent arm, you’d actually win an important game for the first time ever.


  53. I think these types of close hits should be reviewed. Too many times, blown calls like these are impacting the game. Look at how Bryant was celebrating after the hit because he knows he has that added protection from refs.

  54. I was front row for the hit, I thought it was a little strong, the sheer speed of the hit was astonishing, I wasn’t surprised a flag came out; 10 years ago, a flag doesn’t come out no doubt, we’re living in a different age of football. Someday a flag is going to be mistakenly thrown on a teammate of a teammate that accidentally makes a hit on his own player….

  55. The rule is not the problem. The enforcement is. As Nelson demonstrated, you can legally crush someone and dislodge the ball. The problem is that the officials have been told to “make the call if there’s any question.” Its the only rule that is enforced that way and its ridiculous. They essentially have been given the mandate to throw the flag on any hard hit, legal or not.

  56. Nelson is a better man than me. I didn’t get to see that play because I watched my Steelers no-show against the Chargers. When I saw the play this morning, I was incensed – – that was a beautiful hit, one that should be the example that the NFL gives for how a hit should be made. If that would have been me, there wouldn’t have been enough “bleep” tape to cover up the profanities that I would have used against Goodell and the refs. If I’m that angry about it, I can only imagine how Nelson and Bengal fans feel. Horrific!

  57. The Bengals should be furious that they dropped about a dozen balls in that game.

    The hit was clean, and should not have been called, but there were other plays that should have been called and were not. Bad officiating always seems to balance itself out. For example, on the play before that bad call, Romo was hit late, and thrown to the ground. Fox replayed it, the announcers were wondering why there was no flag. That bad non-call was balanced out by the bad call on the hit on Dez.

    Not saying it’s right, but that’s how it is. Only weak teams and weak players blame a loss on the officiating.

  58. You guys are being kinda harsh on a guy that has to make a call on a split-second in time without the benefit of the hindsight known as instant replay. The rule says you can’t hit a defenseless guy in the head or neck area with helmet, forearm or shoulder and I don’t think they’re gonna let you get away with it if you’re close enough to the head and neck area to have the guy’s head snap into your shoulder. With slo-mo hindsight I probably wouldn’t make that call. At game speed I probably would.

  59. Being a Steeler fan, I’m part of the contingent that wanted Cincy to lose that game — but to be fair, the Bengals did get hosed on that call.

    It was a good, strong, solid and legal hit — just like the one Ngata got flagged for in the game against the Redskins. They’re conflating a high impact hit – with illegal hit. A player can hit someone hard – and – still be legal.

  60. The refs called a “hit on a defenseless receiver.” Now, the timing is still up for debate, but it was a clean hit- just the timing of the hit allowed for the the “defenseless” card to be played. Do I like it? No, but there are times when the calls are missed and other times, like this, where the call is incorrect.

    The Bengals got a chance to make up for it, which they did by forcing the Cowboys to punt after the next 3 plays. Not every team gets a chance to do that. The numerous drops down the stretch, coupled with the fact that they had no time-outs at the end, is the reason they lost.

  61. The Cowboys punted three plays later. Didn’t have any bearing on the outcome.

    Were they as furious with the garbage call that went in their favor which GAVE them 3 points b/c it put them into FG range when they should’ve punted?

    Were they furious when the whistles eventually blew and Dwayne Harris missed out on a touchdown by saying he was ‘down’ was he was nowhere near down?

    Or were they furious when Lissemore got tackled in the middle of the field by the center only to give Rob Ryan a 15 yard penalty for pointing out how terrible they were?

    They should only be furious with themselves for all of their missed opportunties. That’s why they’re the Bengals

  62. I was at the game and yes the call was a bad one. Was it the difference in the game probably not. The only thing missing from this game was Marvin making a boneheaded challenge. Sure we had dropped passes and dropped ints but you can’t mismanage a game to where you lose all of your timeouts starting the fourth quarter in a nine point game. Also, you don’t have Green-Ellis standing on the sideline when he has been gashing the Cowboys D all day long. Mismanagement of the game by the Bengals coaching staff was, to me, the key reason for the loss.

  63. As an Eagles fan, I wish any of our safeties could make a clean textbook hit like that. Hell I would be glad if our safeties could hit anything period.

    That was a great clean hit.

  64. that was one of the worst calls ive seen this year when it comes to protecting receivers.

    that was a textbook pass break up put in the exact place goodell wants to see. in the chest, not the head or legs.

    absolutely awful call.

  65. The Cowboys ended up punting that drive, so the damage was minimal. As for the penalty, it’s clear that the refs are often fooled by the “whiplash” on some of the clean hits. If they see the head fly back and there is a crack of the shoulder pads they’ll throw the flag.

  66. Oh? You mean the same way Ernie Sims was flagged? Should the Cowboys be furious the refs whistled Dwayne Harris down when he was clearly up and running towards the endzone on a punt return? Suck it up. Quit whining.

  67. I don’t think anybody’s saying it cost the Bengals the game but it does start to affect a players game when they get flagged for a legal hit. And although the Cowboys got no points out of that series, the Bengals did have to burn a timeout right after that play more so to settle down the team after the bad call. Hey Marvins pretty bad with managing timeouts but he doesn’t need any help from the officials.

    Whine, complain, no. Just stating facts as Cowboys fans whine about the illegal hit to the “helmet” and phantom holding calls that really could get called on every play. Allow them to play and I’m in total agreement that with so many close calls like this, these type of plays need to be reviewable or can be challenged.

  68. Lets see if the NFL still fines him. In the past they still have fined people for what seemed to be clean hits.

  69. Get used to calls like this because they’re not going away. “Hard hit” and “illegal hit” are now one and the same. It’s going to wreck the game, but the NFL is more scared of the concussion lawsuits than anything else.

    It wasn’t as bad as the call on the hit to Bryant, but GB got flagged for a blow to the head on Calvin Johnson last night for a normal tackle where Johnson dipped his head into the tackler.

    Just wait until playoff games or the Super Bowl end up getting decided by a call like that, because it will happen.

  70. They ought to be mad. That was potentially a game-swinging, drive-saving call, and the flag came in late. That was a legit hit. Shoulder to shoulder, and it wasn’t late, and it wasn’t malicious. Bryant is a crybaby (which all receivers and QB’s will be… since they know there is a chance to get a big flag out of it) and the ref should have kept the flag in his pocket.

    I hate what they are doing to football. Might as well as get rid of tackling altogether and use flags.

    (from an impartial Pats fan who happened to be watching that game)

  71. Hey so what happened to an unsportsmanlike call on Bryant for dancing over the flag and pointing? That should be a flag if we are trying to pick apart the rule book.

  72. runfaster21 says:
    “I’ve never seen so many easy drops in a game.”

    Obviously you don’t watch a lot of Cowboys games.

  73. as the should be furious.. that was a TERRIBLE call.. thats why everyone says bring out the skirts bec of BS calls like this..

    plus the possibility of no kickoffs no more .RIP to the nfl in 5-10 years.

  74. The Head of Officiating should acknowledge it was a non-foul and a textbook play. The replacement officials were vilified for their calls, and time lost to replays etc. The “Official” Officials are seemingly worse….they botch calls and use the replay for verification and still don’t get it right. They are the Pro’s, right?

  75. Not a fan of either team, but this call was complete and utter BS! Textbook hit!

    The NFL has become a joke! From the front office to the clowns in stripes. They’ve getting worse and worse each year and need to be disciplined somehow, some way, and need to be held accountable for their actions. Otherwise all you’ve got is the WWF. They might as well hire Vince McMahon.

  76. Forget this play… the one that changed the game was the Marvin Jones TD that was called back because of being an ineligible reciever. The Dallas player clearly pushes him out of the back of the endzone, he comes back in, catches the TD, and the refs blow the call. Score is 23-10 if they get the call right at that time.

  77. Quit whining Bengals fans. The Cowboys are one of the most penalized teams in the league. That ONE call in the 3rd quarter did not cost you the game. YOU GOT BEAT by a Cowboys team who is missing 6 starters on defense and has an offensive line that has so many injuries they have a guard playing center!! You couldn’t stop them in crunch time. Get over it!!! You lost.

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