Brandon Jacobs to file grievance against 49ers


The 49ers have suspended running back Brandon Jacobs three games without pay.  And even though he’s not happy to be playing for the 49ers, he’s even more not happy to be not playing for the 49ers, especially since he will now be getting not paid by the 49ers.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Jacobs will be filing a grievance aimed at securing his reinstatement, receiving his pay, or getting released by the 49ers.

With Jacobs earning a base salary of $950,000 in 2012, he’ll lose more than $167,000, if the suspension is upheld.

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  1. That guy just can’t keep his mouth shut now can he? Problems with the G-men and problems with the 49ers… Are we seeing a pattern here or is it just me? Whatta tool…..

  2. Brandon has been whining since the day he stepped on the field with the Giants and has continued his entire career. He’s going learn the hard way tha whiners, cancers, and divas suddenly find themselves out of work, broke, with no one returning their calls. Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Tiki, and Plaxico should all give lessons to the rookies and current players to Keep.your.mouth.shut!

  3. “Why not release the man, instead of humiliating him further ?”


    The Giants are short on running backs. They may face the 49ers in the post-season, and Jacobs (despite not playing) knows the offensive playbook. The 49ers simply do not want him anywhere near the Giants.

    Probably sending a message also. Just sayin’

  4. Diehard niners fan here but I don’t agree with em at all one this one. Never had any business getting him if we weren’t planning on playing him. Could’ve gave that money to somebody else. Then to suspend him and not cut em is just putting salt in the wound. Smh!

  5. Why release him? That’s not how you play the want to act up to get released to go to a potential rival or team the face in the playoffs? Smart move by management

  6. The Giants are short on running backs. They may face the 49ers in the post-season, and Jacobs (despite not playing) knows the offensive playbook. The 49ers simply do not want him anywhere near the Giants.


    If he’s THAT dangerous they should play him. Point is, if he’s no asset to the team, why worry with him? That’s demeaning.

  7. Whether you like the guy or not, you suspend him for stating his first amendment right by stating an opinion about himself. Pay him and just send him home. The Yorks will not miss the money

  8. Don’t think it’s about playing ability, but play book, scheme, and personnel knowledge involving the Niners.

  9. I do not understand how much power teams have in this instance. Will somebody please explain it to me? If the only offense is complaining about playing time, can a player not only be suspended, but be docked all of his remaining salary as well? It seems to me that quite a few players complain about playing time and suspensions are not applied. Is it possible that Jacobs did something quite a bit more serious that would make a no-pay vacation appropriate? Seems to me there would be NO wide receivers in the league if complaining led to suspensions. Anyhow, someone please explain it please.

  10. robataille says: Dec 10, 2012 8:05 PM

    Why not release the man, instead of humiliating him further ?

    Because they are fearful that he will go to Green Bay or some team that needs info on them to beat them. The Giants have proven they can beat them regardless, but they don’t want him going back to the Giants, either. He ought to file the grievance and they should have released him outright without this nonsense.

  11. Jim H. didnt cut him because then Brandon would be allowed to sign with anytime this season. now if he is supsended for the last 3 games , when he is available in the postseason he wont be able to sign with a NFC team. league rules. I think that was pretty smart by J.H. Jacobs does deserve everything thats currently happening to him.

  12. So every player who doesn’t play should complain through Instagram or twitter?!?! Smart move by the Niners. It’s not the talent that might be dangerous, it’s knowing the playbook that could be dangerous if he goes to another team.

  13. Not a fan of Jacobs. But he’s right. Pretty sure you can’t suspend someone without pay for what Jacobs said.

  14. raider23mike says: Dec 10, 2012 8:03 PM

    2013 – Welcome to the Raiders!!

    McFadden needs to be traded to Packers, Lions or Dallas.


    Al Davis isn’t around any longer Big Reggie don’t like trouble makers like this the Raiders will pass. 🙂

  15. Why does everyone pretend to know everything that has gone on….twitter might not be the only offense, not everything that someone does gets out to the public and not everything gets out to the public right away….who knows if he’s only talked on twitter furthermore his actions can be construed as conduct detrimental to the team…..remember it is a TEAM and anything that disrupts the locker room or is a shot at the coaching staff and or front office can be construed as such…..he signed a contract with such language in the contract, he’s been a malcontent in the past so the benefit of the doubt does not apply with him to me….should he get more playing time? Maybe! But what if he was being out performed in practice by some of the loads of backs the niners have? He’s not better than gore or hunter so how many carries can he really expect….now that hunter is hurt that doesn’t give him more carries cuz hunter is a scat back like James…

  16. QB change, top rookies just seeing the field and now this ignorance with Jacobs. Harbaugh is on a roll this year!

  17. You do not get suspended for stating your opinion. You get suspended for violating your contract. We just need to wait until all the juicy details are released, and now that Jacobs is fighting his suspension, I am sure all the nice details will come out. Should be fun.

  18. I’m not a Jacobs fan either but I find Jim Harbaugh to be a very arrogant guy. I don’t think you can just suspend a guy without pay because he’s a loudmouth and because he’s unhappy he’s not playing. I think he has a case here.

  19. I love it. Not a 49er fan, but perhaps I will reconsider. Jacobs is a farce, a comic book character. In fact, his act is so comical not even my 3-ring circus NY Jets want anything to do with him.

    I think its safe to say that the pricetag for having a BIG MOUTH in 2012 = $167,000. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger jerk than Jacobs.

  20. If he’s THAT dangerous they should play him. Point is, if he’s no asset to the team, why worry with him? That’s demeaning.

    And his hissy fit isn’t?? No shut up stay down

  21. guess hes about to join the unemployment roster with chad johnson, titus young, terrel owens and vince young

  22. The weasel Hairbough strikes again. The players need to mutiny on his sorry a$$. Throw Smith under the bus. Suspend Jacobs. No one is safe with this erratic psycho in charge.

  23. Not too sure why the RB heavy 9ers picked him up in the first place after seeing his stint in NY. The guy has always been a troublemaker, but that being said I am sure he is still a serviceable goaline back so no need to waive him and potentially allow him to hurt you down the road.

  24. lets face it, this dude has been a cancer and whiner everywhere. He tried to call out NY on the way out for not paying him. to say this is a first amendment deal is ridiculous. he has the right to speak and the right to be held accountable for what is said. If you call your boss out to the, yiu get smacked in the mouth.

    Coughlin is an even greater coach for putting up with all those divas.

  25. Harbaugh can take the heat…I guess that comes from being a terrible QB and being a lousy Head coach..Those are all Singletary’s players….Brandon is frustrated because he knows what it’s like to play with Champions not pretenders…

  26. This is like when you file a grievance with your union and your company punishes you if they find out. Since when is a player not allowed to complain about his lack of playing time? I’ve never heard of a player being suspended over that. At least he doesn’t want to just sit there and get paid to do nothing. This can’t be within league/nflpa bylaws.

  27. $950,000 for 6 months work….and right now he doesn’t have to work or risk injury. WTF. Be a good team player and someone else will step up next year with a similar contract. We are supposed to feel for this malcontent?

  28. Good for him, the 49ers are the one that created this problem. Harbaugh is fighting hard to be the most overrated coach in the league and he has a lousy attitude in general. Hopefully Jacobs wins.

  29. I think you guys are kidding yourselves if you think he was suspended for comments made on Instagram or Twitter. We don’t know what he was doing behind closed doors and we probably never will. For the most part, the 49ers run a tight lipped organization.

  30. Jacobs is the best goal line/short yard back in the league,Harbough is a hard headed moron to betray his QB,because of injury,hand his job to a unproven kid,and now suspends Jacobs without pay,it is the way he treats his players that will devide the locker room,and as a team they will have a rough go,come playoff time,the team could be one and done and too late to bring Smith back.The coach is his own worst enemy.

  31. Wow. I admit when I am wrong and I was loud wrong on the other Jacobs post. I had no clue that teams could just arbitrarily rip salary from someone like that.

    Seems like a slippery slope. Who determines when “conduct detrimental” allows you to take salary from someone that everyone knows you wish you hadn’t signed in the first place?

    Sounds like a team trying to save a little bank on a player they know now that they never should have signed.

  32. Dude deserves way WAY better than what he’s getting!!! As a Giants fan he’s burned my nuggets on more than one occasion but he ABSOLUTELY deserves better, shame on you 49ers, shame on you.

  33. “And even though he’s not happy to be playing for the 49ers, he’s even more not happy to be not playing for the 49ers”

    I could barely read that sentence. Learn how to write

  34. All he had to do was be quiet. Shame this has happened. When he signed, I only imagined him getting garbage time, whether in blowout games or end of season meaningless games. I probably would have pounded him and or Dixon up the middle sporadically each game, but then again, why take carries away from Gore and Hunter? 3 headed monster next year with LeMichael showing value and Gore a year older?

  35. Why bring the man in if you weren’t intending on using him? It’s not like you were the team that drafted him.

    You signed an EIGHT year veteran who has a career of 1083 (so it says) carries and give him five. ..Five. Granted he’s been injured but you give him FIVE! The eight year veteran of a thousand+ carries who only has five is also known for speaking openly and honestly about how he feels.

    If the 49ers weren’t going to use him, then don’t sign him. Trying to do a little meta gaming has done nothing but get you media attention by a very angry player.

  36. Considering giants won super bowl last year. Maybe Harbaugh partially dined Jacobs to get info on Giants offense in case they meet in playoffs. Not gonna release him now. Especially since he might actually be motivated to try and screw the Niners with his vast knowledge of offense

  37. aaroncurryisbust says: Dec 10, 2012 8:21 PM

    I don’t blame him. Punishing him for expressing his desire to play and contribute?


    Oh, is that what we are calling “complaining” now? Good to know.

    In truth, you are contributing NOTHING to your team’s success by popping off about playing time when your team is winning. Jacobs is a me-first guy, who not only puts his own accomplishments before his team’s, but is arrogant enough to advertise it.

    Its good that he’ll collect no more money from the Niners (or any other team) this season. Real good.

  38. Yes you can get fined, suspended, fired, and withheld pay if you break the company/team rules that you agreed to follow. In Nevada you can get fired for doing nothing wrong but just because the boss decided to sense Nevada is a right to work state. Freedom of speech only protects you from criminal charges unless what you said has been determined slander/liable or something like yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire and people get hurt.

  39. “When you run your mouth, be prepared for consequences. This isn’t New York.”

    Hmmmm. Remind me, which team signed him this season for more money than any other team was offering? When the team that drafted him, and won two Super Bowls with him, lowballs him, most people would take that as a hint.

  40. In the real world, when you disparage your employer in public, you can expect consequences.

    If he wanted the money so bad, then he probably should have realized he wasn’t good enough to be on this team in the first place and sat back collecting the free paycheck. The rest of us who have to work for a living put up with WAY worse than you ever will, Brandon.

  41. Why shouldn’t you be able to suspend him for running his mouth? If I ran my mouth via social media about my employer or boss, I’d be lucky to get off with a three week suspension.

  42. Hahaha…big talker gets his due. He had it coming the way he tried to diss Rex every chance he could get.

    This guys has two rings in spite of his weak contributions.

  43. I’m thinking the 49ers will show up to the hearing with ample evidence that Jacobs has been a problem all season long.

  44. The fact that the 49ers even got moss and Jacobs is beyond me. Kendal hunter has been a pretty reliable backup and I’ve been waiting to see lamichael James. You would think if they got Jacobs then they wanted him and if they wanted him then they’d play him when he was healthy but apparently not

  45. 49ers are a classless organization… with a coach who disrespects the opposing coach during the handshake… to not paying a man his last NFL paychecks. How low can you go?

  46. My only gripe is that Jacobs has been a huge waste of a roster spot for most of the year. The front office let two key special teams players walk this offseason and even though the ST units have been really solid after a rough start to the year, they still aren’t what they were last year.

    I have no sympathy for Jacobs, though. Maybe if he had kept his mouth shut, I’d understand his frustration, but he signed his contract knowing that the team had two very good RB’s in front of him.

    And yes – the Niners are well within their right here. Jacobs signed the contract. If somehow Jacobs wins his grievance, then it’s based on how “fair” the arbitrator believed the situation was, not about protecting contract rights

  47. They not releasing him cause then they have to pay him and he’ll just sign with another team. Terrell 2.0. Good for the team. $167k comment. Prob nothing to him but at least they did what’s right. No ones bigger then the team.

  48. Get Real and think for a minute folks. He had to have done more than just complain, otherwise a team could just save tons of cash by suspending their low end players every season. Obviously that doesn’t happen so either Jacobs did more than just complain or Harbaugh is being a massive dbag and this will be overturned. More details will surface.

    If it was strictly about not letting him go to another team they would’ve paid him. Suspension w/out pay is a punishment for something. You can’t take away contract money because a player complains about playing time.

  49. There’s likely more to Brandon’s suspension than just his complaining about the lack of snaps. Fact is, we really don’t know what happened and the Niners aren’t talking.

    One thing is certain, he won’t be a Niner next season. Perhaps the followup article should be speculating what teams might want Brandon next season, if any.

  50. I’d bet he gets all his money. He seems to have done nothing but be Brandon Jacobs and the Niners should have known what they were getting when they signed him.

  51. I can’t assume to say that the 49ers knew what they were getting when they signed Jacobs, but they must have had some idea because they did. But with all the back and forth, there is plenty of blame to go around on this one. He certainly is within his rights to file grievance against his employers on something he feels strongly. At the same token, the 9ers as an organization and as a team, can certainly do what they deem would be an appropriate action towards a member of the group that is not contributing anything positive towards their ultimate goal, and that is to make the playoffs, and essentially, win a championship.

    But all of this rationale, of course, is swept under all the ego.

  52. The Niners organization has done a good job building their roster…plenty of quality guys are riding the pines or not suiting up for games. Many backups would be starting for other teams. Harbaugh’s MO is that everybody has to compete for their job and the best man wins. BJ knew this coming in and his ego won’t allow him to come to the realization he is the least talented RB on the roster (evidenced by LMJ getting about the same number of carries and putting up 45 yards in total offense plus special team play to BJ’s paltry 7 yards), so he publicly rips the team and coach, disrupts the locker room, and is a “detriment” to the team, thus the suspension. Get over yourself Mr. Jacobs.

  53. Because he didn’t play doesn’t mean the 49ers didn’t have any desire to play him. He was Gore insurance, and Gore stayed healthy. Sucks to be you Jacobs.

  54. The Big Picture: The coach decides who plays where and when. You are a player on a TEAM who does what the coach tells you to do. You complain about not playing in the social media and in doing so you criticize your coach’s decisions about who plays. That’s why you get disciplined. You don’t criticize the coach and get away with it. Otherwise everyone on the team starts to criticize everyone else in public and there is no TEAM.

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