C.J. Spiller admits to frustration over lack of touches


Bills running back C.J. Spiller has become the starting running back.  But he had only eight touches on Sunday.  And he’s not thrilled with that, even though he’s trying hard to say all the right things.

“Of course I want to touch the ball more, but there’s no need for me to sit around and mope and groan and do all that stuff.  That’s high school.  That’s childish,” Spiller said, via the Buffalo News.  “That’s not what I’m all about.  Is the frustration there?  Yeah, deep down inside your gut as a competitor, yeah it’s there, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so I’m not going to sit around and pout.”

But he can still talk about it.

“I really can’t control how many times I touch the ball, guys,” Spiller said.  “I keep saying it over and over, but I don’t know what else y’all want me to say.  The only thing I can do, when my number’s called, is do the best I can.  Even when it’s not, just try to do the best I can.”

He’s still doing well.  But he could be doing better.  And it’s hard for him to want to.

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  1. He should be frustrated. He has an inept head coach who constantly makes horrible play calls who would rather put the ball in Fitzpatrick’s hands and throw a bunch of interceptions rather than give it to the best player on the team who gives us the best chance to win. Time to get rid of Gailey.

  2. This reads to me the same way that thing last week about players still being mad at Cam Newton from last year’s Pro Bowl did: reporters grinding on players with the same questions over and over hoping they’ll eventually give something quotable.

    Why do we even ask players questions? They either give a canned response or they give an honest one, and usually when they give the latter they get lambasted for it.

  3. In all due respect, the Bills would be better off if he raised hell and threatened to sit out if he didn’t get 20 carries. Someone has to take a stand.

  4. CJ “The Thriller” Spiller is not only a great player, but a great teammate too. Of course he is frustrated over the lack of touches, so are we, the fans. The whole thing lies on Chan Gailey and his absent belief in Spiller’s durability. I wish he would just open his eyes and see what everyone else sees, a tough ass speed demon with superior vision, that loves to play the game.

    Open those eyes Gailey!

  5. This last loss was the last straw for me as a Gailey hopeful. Sorry Chan has to go … his NON-use of CJ Spiller is a contest like this is prime testament as to why a change at HC is absolutely necessary.

  6. My uncle is a lifetime Bills fan and watches every week. We watched the Jags/Bills game together and it was my first full-game look at C.J.

    He said that even though this season is another disappointing one, that it had been a “joy” to watch C.J. Spiller run.

    Committee RBs, folks. Fred Jackson doesn’t stink.

  7. forget JJ Watt, DPOY goes to Chan Gailey for being the only person able to single-handedly stop CJ Spiller this season

  8. There’s got to be a coveted coach who would normally never go to Buffalo that can look at this roster and say, ‘yea I want to coach that team’.

  9. Look on the bright side, by saving him all the wear a tear on his body by limiting his carries, in a few years someone is going to get a top tier RB with low mileage and they should be forced to give the Bills a draft pick for not wearing him down for the good team that he goes to

  10. I think Buffalo needs some player to comeout and just rip Gailey to shreds. He’ll be lucky to be an OC for a division 3 school after the Bills fire him next year mid-season. Gailey hasn’t figured out getting your best player the ball will increase chances of winning. Though in his defense he has won so little he wouldn’t know that.

  11. Chan Gailey is like President Truman in 1945 only this time he’s too scared to use his greatest weapon.

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