Caldwell will get to match wits with Peyton

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In his first game as the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, the teacher will be squaring off against his former pupil.

Former Colts coach Jim Caldwell is now responsible for the Baltimore offense, just in time for former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to ride into town with his Broncos.

Though not nearly as compelling as a Dungy-versus-Manning clash would be, given that they won a Super Bowl together and Dungy’s specialty was defense, Caldwell going against Manning is the closest approximation to it.

Indeed, Caldwell was Manning’s position coach from 2002 through 2007, and then his head coach for four years after that.  Though Caldwell surely would have had a role in helping defensive coordinator Dean Pees make sure the defense doesn’t crap their pants against Peyton (especially since the Ravens typically don’t match up well with Manning), the ascension of Caldwell adds another layer of intrigue to an inherently exciting game.

And the stakes are fairly high.  The Broncos are 10-3, and the Ravens are 9-4.  The winner will have the edge against the other in the inevitable game of AFC playoff pecking order.

23 responses to “Caldwell will get to match wits with Peyton

  1. Caldwell is the ravens OC. Wouldnt he be “matching wits” with the broncos DC and/or Von Miller to use your coach vs best player scenario?

  2. Caldwell has never been an offensive play caller during his 12 NFL seasons or in college, when he was coaching the Colts he tanked games because he could not take the pressure of a perfect season, when making decisions he preferred to not be criticized than win a game, and when on the sideline his brain would appear to lock up when forced to make a decision.

    Advantage Manning.

  3. Now Peyton gets to find our how much info his student was able to retain. If the Ravens win I think Caldwell will give Peyton credit in the press for being the best coach he ever worked with.

  4. If the Patriots lose tonight and the Ravens somehow pull a rabbit out of their collective hat Sunday, they’d be back in the driver’s seat for the #2 seed in the AFC playoffs.

    That’s how much of a log jam the AFC is right now.

  5. zerole00 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 2:13 PM
    Wow this is like Caldwill bringing a knife to a gun fight.

    More like bringing a sharp stick to a ballistic missile fight.

  6. Jim Caldwell looks perpetually confounded as to what planet he’s on, let alone how to direct an office. I’m not sure I even saw him blink during his entire time in Indy. Somehow I don’t think Peyton’s whimpering with fear over Caldwell’s promotion.

  7. I was wondering where you guys kept finding these funny shots of Caldwell looking blank and clueless…then I did a google image search for him and realized… 🙂

  8. Normally, firing a coordinator late in the year on a playoff-bound team smacks of desperation. In this case, I think it was probably a good move as Cam proved to be incompetent, and the players may rally around Caldwell.

    Then again, I don’t see the Ravens winning another game this year, with Ray Rice unleashing the Curse of the Terrible Towel…this team is doomed.

  9. Caldwell has a better neck.


    That’s because its carrying a much lighter load.

  10. So somehow Caldwell is “dim witted”??? Lol Yeah O.K. Peyton is so good that he didnt need competent coaching???? Lol Caldwell is so stoopid thats why Peyton wanted him to be the successor to DUNGY, RIGHT? And because Caldwell is Stoopid is why Harbaugh wanted him to come to the Ravens and mentor Flacco in the same fashion he did Peyton??? Yeah it all makes sense!!!!! And lastly because Caldwell is so inept, stupid and useless that the Ravens felt comfortable firing Cam Cameron witj 3 games left before the playoffs!!!

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