Cardinals president says coach Ken Whisenhunt will finish the season


Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt’s job is safe. For three more weeks.

According to team president Michael Bidwill, the son of owner Bill Bidwill, Whisenhunt will coach the Cardinals’ final three games of 2012, and a decision about his future will be made after that.

“I know there is a lot of emotion around yesterday but I don’t intend to make any decision based on emotion. I have been evaluating things all along and expect to continue to do that, and want to have a complete set of facts as I evaluate what went wrong,” he said.

Bidwill acknowledged that sitting through Sunday’s 58-0 loss to the Seahawks was a painful experience.

“We are living and dying with each of these losses and it’s extremely hard to watch,” Bidwill said.

Three weeks is likely all that Whisenhunt has left. The Cardinals started 4-0 and are now 4-9, and Whisenhunt has been completely incapable of getting his team’s quarterback situation straightened out. Bidwill may want to see a complete set of facts before he evaluates what went wrong, but he already has enough facts to know that this team is in need of a major change.

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  1. He’s a good coach trade for a good QB give him one more year and see what he can do. It’s silly to fire him when this is something out of his hands especially since he has proven he can win in Arizona a very rare feat.

  2. Sure, blame the coach. He took the team to a Super Bowl with a slightly-above-average QB in Warner. Does the Cards’ owner remember that?

    Vince Lombardi himself couldn’t win with the QB play the Cardinals have had this year.

  3. Fire Rod Graves and give Whisenhunt a quarterback that’s at least Arena league worthy and see what he can do, I still think the guy is a good coach.

    If the Cardinals fire him I hope the Eagles hire him to replace Andy Reid.

  4. Injuries have killed them as much as anything this year. . .Both starting Tackles out for the entire year (replaced by rookies), starting Center done for the year, starting QB out for most of the year, both Tailbacks out for most of the year. . .Bill Belichick would have his hands full with that kind of depletion on the offensive side of the ball.

  5. lol slightly above avg qb in warner? ever see his numbers in the super bowl , lmao slightly avg! you maam which i assume you are a female after making that statement need to watch the nfl a little more in a males presence maybe they can help you learn

  6. as a Vikings fan, I would gladly take him coaching my team.

    Heck, do you guys want some picks for Larry, 1st and a 3rd?

    We’ll take coach W. off your hands, give you a crap ton of picks for Jr…. and then trade for and or get, A.Smith / Flacco / Vick / Flynn in the off-season…


    Now back to reality, none of that will happen.

    -A sad forever stuck Vikings fan 😥

  7. It may be too late for Whisenhunt. Everyone quit on him in Seattle and it would be hard to get the players back on the same page as this coach. Whisenhunt is a good coach but he needs a new situation as much as the Cardinals will benefit from a new coach.

  8. Wiesenhunt is not the problem, the GM is. Graves hasn’t given this team a player in years. He is a reactionary and not an evaluator get someone that know football and Wieshunt would succeed.

  9. Listen to me, fire Russ Grimm and hire Juan Castillo to fix the O-line problems. If the O-line gets fixed kolb will stay healthy. Also, consider hiring a offensive coordinator such as norv turner.

  10. Give Ken one more year and see how it goes. Get some Oline men that can produce, whether you draft them are find them in another league and everything should be fine.

    Keep Kolb too. He may be just what you need.

  11. I don’t think that you can blame Ron Graves without blaming the coach as well. Besides, if you fire Ron Graves a new GM will bring in his own coach anyway. I think the problem happened long before coach Ken arrived. When the Cards missed on Matt L

  12. For those of you calling for Whiz to stay and the GM to go, you need to know this: When Whiz signed his extension, he was given complete control of the roster and his coaching staff. So, if you want to blame the players that were given to him, then blame Whiz, because he picked them all.

  13. football025 | Dec 10, 2012, 5:24 PM MST
    Russ Grimm is one of the best line coaches in the NFL

    Absolutely not!!!

    He is one of the greatest to play the game, but not at coaching. The proof is in the pudding and the atrocious line play the last three years.

  14. Why is everyone blaming Graves? I mean yeah he deserves plenty but Whiz wanted Kolb. He has final roster say as well. He fell into Kurt Warner after choosing Leinart over him. Let’s face it Coach has screwed his QB situation… NOBODY else

  15. Norv Turner is an excellent offensive coordinator….coaching is a whole different animal!

    Looking over the league, the best offensive linemen play forthe Houston Texans, bar none!

    Most of the o-linemen around the NFL are sloppy and don’t have great feet, which is why, they get beaten and the QB get the benefit of those “look-OUT” blocks!

    KW is not the problem in Arizona!

  16. I don’t know that Whisenhunt can be blamed entirely for this debacle. The team is lacking…pretty much everywhere. They need a new offensive coordinator, a new o-line coordinator, arguably a new defensive coordinator, an improved quarterback situation (at least league-average would be nice), an improved running game (the trio of Beanie Wells/LSH/William Powell intimidates no one), one or two legitimate tight ends, and quality players on the offensive line, as well as on their linebacker corps.

    GM is there to pick the talent, the coach is there to groom that talent.

  17. Whisenhunt is just the latest example of how clueless coaches are on personnel or roster building.

    For those blaming Graves for this roster, that’s kind of absurd. Everyone knows Graves is just a cap guy like Loomis in New Orleans or Tannenbaum in New York. If anything, it’s just the latest example of why coaches should rarely ever get personnel control. I would even say never get personnel control.

    Look at the best teams, there is a good GM with a good scouting department making those calls (Pitt, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, NY Giants, GB, and so on), not a coach. Bellichick hasn’t even lit the world on fire, and Brady has covered up alot of his miscues in the draft and free agency.

    I doubt if you can bring him back because the team seems to have quit on him and he’ll more than likely end the season on a 12 game losing streak, but he did himself in by choosing to wield all that power instead of finding a good personnel man to work with him and share the glory.

  18. Coach Whisenhunt is the best coach the Cards have ever had. Jr. knows zero about football and runs the business under the direction of Yoda Graves. The organization is dysfunctional and will continue to be until it’s run by somebody with a passing knowledge of the game who is also a business man. The team has a lot of talent, Coach Whisenhunt has done the best he could with no budget to replace injured players and is now the fall guy. He deserves better as do our players. This team is what it is…a hobby for it’s owner.

  19. This is why I don’t believe Larry Fitzgerald is a great WR. When you are a great player, especially a great skilled position player, you are supposed to make those around you better. Regardless of who is the QB, Fitz hasn’t done that. When he has the ball thrown to him, he’s one of the best in the game. However, any receiver can be great when the ball is consistently, accurately thrown to him. They spent a lot of money on a player that needs an equally good player to throw him the ball to make him great.

  20. Amazing that these coaches are great when they have a hall of fame QB, but are nothing once no longer there. Sure Belichick will be filing his retirement papers once Brady walks away.

  21. The Cardinals must get a Quarterback, an offensive line and a tight end. The Cardinals through the college and pro scouting have failed to acquire talent to compete. The team offensively has become a joke like the Rams did in the latter Martz era until Fisher came. The Rams have for a decade had one of the worst offensive lines in all of professional football. To compete a team needs a quality Quarterback, but to have one live up to his potential – he must have protection from a quality offensive line. There isn’t a Quarterback in the NFL who could be successful on the Arizona Cardinals. They need help at offensive tackle, guard and center. They also need tight ends. Bill Bellichik nor Bill Walsh could win this ‘offensive’ offensive roster of lineman, quarterbacks and tight ends. The team has talent at running back and receiver, but they can not be utilized to their full potential till these areas are addressed. beyond getting actual talent, they also need depth.

    So what now? Whisenhunt is the best coach in Cardinals history. he should be given a second chance. Regardless, 2013 is about acquiring Quarterbacks (yes, plural, meaning they need to get three) and offensive lineman (plural again). The entire draft needs to go to the offense. If not, then those making decisions need to be given a pink slip. It’s bad enough that the Cardinals have an offensive line worse than the Bears.

  22. Im not saying whiz is not a good coach he avarage at best … the reason the Arizona Cardinals went to the super bowl was not because of whiz it was the offensive system they had with warner and haley those two guys clicked .. whiz had very and i do mean very lil to do with offense on that super bowl run…

  23. if the cards get rid of ken they are the most foolish team around he has for what i believe is the best coach that thecards have had since they came to az are probs are simple trade if you can beanie, the quarterbacks, and the o line. also we need to tweak the defense some too

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