Cards claim Brian Hoyer off waivers

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On the same day Cardinals ownership backed coach Ken Whisenhunt (for the rest of the season, anyway), the Cardinals went to the waiver wire for an option.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Cards claimed Brian Hoyer off waivers from the Steelers. Hoyer was released Saturday when Ben Roethlisberger healed and he was deemed surplus to requirements.

On any other team, at any other time, Hoyer would be a line of agate type.

There’s a cynical-if-not-reasonable argument to be made he’s the Cardinals best quarterback at the moment, with Kevin Kolb hurt and John Skelton and Ryan Lindley in a turnover race.

30 responses to “Cards claim Brian Hoyer off waivers

  1. He’s gotta be better than Skelton/Lindley, but Bartel would’ve been a much better option. I feel sorry for Cardinals fans. Organization cannot evaluate quarterbacks.

  2. so after getting blowin out by 58 points there big change is putting in a waiver claim (LOL) for hoyer (LOLOL).. instead of signing vince young or garrard..or vinny testeverde!?? ha i didnt believe ken should of been fired until this article

  3. As a Pats fan I am 100% certain he is a better quarterback than Lindley and Skelton combined. Before we drafted Mallet, Hoyer was the only QB on the roster behind Brady for 2 years.

  4. I dunno…..205 passing yards in 2 games, and 9 INT’s in the last 3 games.

    Why put him in and kill the chemistry that’s happening………….

  5. How bad does Vince Young have to be to not only not get picked up by Arizona but to also see Brian Hoyer get picked up instead? If not for Jay Cutler occasionally looking like a quality QB, that QB class would be the worst ever.

  6. Give Hoyer a shot Whisenhunt, in limited reps for the Patriots he looked pretty good at times.

    There is no way he’s worse than the Lindley, Skelton duo of disaster.

  7. They cut their would be starter a week before the 2010 season and promote Derek Anderson.

    They trade for Kevin Kolb and then they don’t even fit the offense to his strengths. He never fit their offense.

    They spent draft picks on two project QBs (Sketlon and Lindley), who were actually quite similar as prospects anyway. That’s what made the Lindley pick so funny

    In the beginning of 2011 they wisely keep Rich Bartel as the second string quarterback ahead of Skelton, but then they oddly have Skelton leap frog him over the bye week.

    Then they draft Skelton 2.0 and never give Bartel a real shot, despite him clearly being the best quarterback on the team.

  8. Hey, the guy was the backup in New England! Seems to be a better choice than the tossed qb salad they’ve been trying to serve lately. Impossible for Hoyer to be worse than what they have.

  9. I’d give him a shot. The guy has never had a chance to prove himself thanks to that Brady fella. Best case scenario, you’ve got a new starter, and worse case scenario…well, we saw that yesterday.

  10. That’s pretty bad….Hoyer’s most impressive accomplishment was that he was recently doing something that was sort of close to playing real football.

  11. Hoyer has poor arm strength and he performed poorly in preseason.

    That said, he is accurate and capable of managing an offense. More importantly, he will protect the ball.

    As long as he starts, the Cards surely won’t turn it over 8 times again. With their defense, that gives them a chance to at least be competitive.

  12. What does David Garrard, Vince Young and Donovan McNabb have in common? Then ask yourself what state are the Cardinals in. They you have your answer to how Hoyer could be the answer. Nobody wants to see that, but there you have it.

  13. As a hawks fan lets get real. Fact is the cards are only a QB away just like we were. to dump wiz is a mistake. Keep Kolb and find a QB that can compete against him and you guys will be back in it next year. Gut the coaching staff like we did with holmgren and you could be down for a while and waste Fits. Wiz is a good coach this game got out of hand but it is just one loss and one win. i bet they play good rest of the way for prides sake. you guys could draft Barkley

  14. Two winning organizations chose Hoyer , Steelers and Pats saw something in him as a viable backup and the Bills who haven’t won in 10 years gave Young a shot and let him go so he couldn’t even make a bad team and Arizona is supposed to chose him because he was almost like RGIII on a terrible day ???? Really ? I think the heat is getting to people I’m AZ …..


  16. At this point in the season, no reason to sign a FA big name QB. I like this move. Then re-evaluate after the season. This year is toast, so why jump in on a bigger name QB?

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