Chan Gailey prematurely eliminates Bills from the playoff race


It’s going to take quite a few fortuitous bounces for the Bills to make the playoffs this season, but they remain mathematically alive even though Sunday’s loss knocked them to 5-8 on the season.

Coach Chan Gailey might not be aware of that. During a radio interview on WGR on Monday morning, Gailey was asked about how far the team is from reaching its goals. He said that the team’s goal is to win a championship and explained why they won’t be doing that.

“The playoffs are out of the picture for us now,” Gailey said.

The team’s Twitter account sent out Gailey’s read on the situation, but they’re all jumping the gun.

If the Bills win out and get loads of help from around the AFC, they can still secure the sixth seed with an 8-8 record. It’s as long a shot as exists, but it was just 2009 when Jets coach Rex Ryan reacted to a 10-7 loss to the Falcons by saying the Jets were out of the playoff race. They weren’t, they got the help they needed to make the playoffs (the Colts punted on a chance to go for an undefeated season by playing Curtis Painter the next week) and wound up in the AFC Championship Game.

Gailey will likely be proven right, but it’s always best to wait until you’re sure of death before you start filling in the grave.

8 responses to “Chan Gailey prematurely eliminates Bills from the playoff race

  1. You expect Chan Gailey to know what’s going on? This is the guy that gave CJ Spiller 8 touches yesterday and benched him after the one series they scored a TD, in which Spiller set up. Gailey is as clueless as they come. Worst coach in the NFL. This is a playoff roster with a competent head coach.

  2. Well, Rex Ryan prematurely said the same thing his first year coaching the Jets and it worked for him. Not that I believe it will work this time.

  3. I hate to say this, because Gailey has only had a little bit of time with a decent team, but Its time to go. Gailey has figured out the perfect formula to lose games in the last few minutes of regulation, Enough is enough. His terrible play calling and faith in certain players over others is killing this team. #FireChan

  4. Hey Chan, just release Rian Lindell, and maybe sign an offensive lineman instead, we dont need a kicker, you never let him kick, we dont score anymore TD’s to kick extra points, so ya, waste of a roster spot there for ya Chan. Just like you have no faith in your players (especially CJ), how in the world do you expect them to play hard and believe in you, moron!!!

  5. So yesterday you say both teams are out, then write a puff piece for the 5-8 Bills today telling us they have a chance.

    Meanwhile the Rams are one win against the Vikings Sunday from being what? Second in the NFC wild card race? Ok then. How about another Jets story.

  6. I like Chan and wanted to see him succeed, but this team still has a few holes to plug (QB & HC). It’s time for the top brass to grow a pair. Draft a QB (not a 7th rounder), grab a bright & young coach out of the collage ranks, and bring some respect to this city and deserving fan base.

  7. For that alone, he should be fired. Nevermind them constantly pushing out that turnover machine QB and restraining Spiller, plus fielding that abominable defense they have.

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