Colon could be lost for yet another season


Not only did the Steelers lose in shameful fashion yesterday, they also apparently lost another offensive lineman.

According to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the expectation is that left guard Willie Colon is lost for the season with a left knee injury.

He had missed the previous two games before returning yesterday, but he couldn’t finish. When Colon left yesterday’s game, he was replaced by Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey, with Doug Legursky coming in to play center.

“It’s terrible for him, man,” Pouncey said. “For him to be dealing with that for the last couple of years, and now we don’t know how this thing is going to turn out, . . . I feel terrible for him.”

If he goes on IR, it would be the third straight year he failed to complete. He tore his triceps in the 2011 opener, and an offseason Achilles tear in 2010 ended his season before it began.

Keeping a stable line in front of any of their quarterbacks has been tough, and without Colon, trying to fix a run game or keep Ben Roethlisberger healthy keeps getting tougher.

15 responses to “Colon could be lost for yet another season

  1. Browns are the hottest team in the AFC North, sad but true. The steelers are awful, fact! Dallas is going to destroy them, Fact! You yinzers want to stone tomlin when the steelers lose and call him the best coach in football when he wins, its comical!

  2. As a Steeler fan this is bad news. Willie was quietly having a solid year. He is they driving force behind the Steelers recent success running the football. Once he went down the Steelers production in running game dropped greatly. Kinda sad considering it only took 3-4 years for him to learn how to block.

  3. I’m tired of hearing how many injuries the Steelers have. Every team has a lot of injuries…last night a comment was made that some of the Chargers offense had just come on this week and didn’t even know other guys names and yet they beat up on the Steelers–worse than the score reflects. The Steelers just aren’t that good a team!! LOL–Brett Kiesel says losing to bad teams is getting old. I suppose the Redskins, Ravens, Bengals and Giants think the same thing about losing to the Steelers!! HERE WE GO COWBOYS…HERE WE GO!!

  4. Ehh, at least the false start and holding penalties will go down now. That and it gives an opportunity for DeCastro to work his way into the lineup again.

  5. No. I don’t believe it. When Colon actually made it through the opening game and all the way to mid-season, I thought he might have overcome his injury jinx. So sad for such a young player. (ravenator … since when is 29 over-the-hill in the NFL?)

    It’s also sad to read that my team lost “in shameful fashion” and be able to offer no honest rebuttal.

  6. Losing Colon, while extremely unfortunate, is just another bump in the road like every other team. This also means the coaches and players both have to do a better job of preparing than they did against the Chargers.

  7. Our old as dirt 3rd string Q.v. made ravens look like chumps. Guess i’d rather be old as dirt than dirty and old. See ed reed picture for proof.

  8. How much does ravenator pay you guys to ensure his every ignorant comment is posted but that no one is ever allowed to talk back to him?

  9. This is just the latest installment of “The Consequences of the Steelers Rushing Back Players Too Soon.”

    We always do this, and never learn from it. Ever.

    Last year, we rushed Ben, Pouncey and Wood back. The predictable consequences followed. They played well below par, hobbling around — and then aggravated their unhealed injuries.

    It continues this year, as we rushed Polamalu, Antonio, Woodley and Colon onto the field. And in each of these instances, the predictable results ensued.

    To re-cap: if a player is started before they are sufficiently healed, that player is highly susceptible to re-injury, and loss of additional time. And by rushing him back too soon, his own level of play will be compromised. Players are expected to play hurt — but one needs to exercise some common sense when they’re injured. There is a distinction.

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