Despite two straight losses, Ravens aren’t worried


After a 9-2 start punctuated by a 4th-and-29 play for the ages, the Ravens have lost at home to nearly-40-year-old Charlie Batch and the Steelers and then on the road to barely-20-year-old Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins and the Redskins, dropping Baltimore to 9-4.

But they say they’re not in trouble.

No, man,” safety Ed Reed said after Sunday’s overtime loss at FedEx Field, via the team’s official website.  “We ain’t in trouble.  Next question.”

Receiver Anquan Boldin was a bit more talkative on the point.  “We’ll be alright,” Boldin said.  “I don’t know if people want me to be pissed off, but I mean we’re still a playoff-contending team, we’re still going to win the AFC North.  What else can I say ? We let one get away today.  We go back to work tomorrow, fix the things that we can fix and then move on.”

It’s easier to say that because the Bengals and Steelers also lost, allowing the Ravens to hold a two-game edge in the AFC North despite losing.  But running back Ray Rice isn’t thinking of it that way.

“I’m not going to sit back and watch our playoff fate based on other teams,” Rice said.  “I can’t give two craps about what another team does.  I’m focused on the Baltimore Ravens, and obviously a little help here and there helps, but that’s not something I pride on. . . .  We pride ourselves on beating people and going into the playoffs strong. We’ve got to get ourselves back.”

Though the string of bad luck likely won’t necessarily keep the Ravens from getting to the playoffs, it will make it harder to secure a first-round bye.  Which means they’re in line for a wild-card home game (likely against the Colts, Steelers, or Bengals — or possibly the Jets), and then a division-round trip to face a team like the Texans, Pats, or Broncos in their own building.

That said, with a stretch run that includes games against the Broncos, Giants, and Bengals, the Ravens still need to snap out of it, or in theory they could slide into a wild-card spot, or worse.

So while they’re not yet in trouble, they soon could be.

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  1. Cam needs to go, gotta give Flacco a shot leading this team with a new offensive voice. And Dean is not a Raven D Cord, he needs to go aswell.
    And if the Ravens don’t make the playoffs, maybe you look at Harbs and ask is he the HC that can lead this team to a title or has he taken this team as far as he can get them as the HC?

  2. This team has never been a serious post-season threat. Flacco is terrible at clutch moments, and it’s obvious the rest of the team has no confidence in him either. Combined with a washed up D and nothing but poor player attitudes you’re just not going to get far.

  3. I’m worried and I’m sure most other Ravens fans are as well. Our offense is terrible in almost all games after HT, it’s not necessarily all on Flacco because nobody ever seems to be open which means he either has to try and hit Smith on a 50 yard streak or throw dump offs to Rice underneath. He doesn’t seem to be able to sense pressure from behind at all, the last two games he’s been sacked and lost fumbles to a sack from behind – you’d never ever see this happen to Brady, Manning, Brees etc.

    The defense is dreadful. Whilst its true we’ve had a lot of injuries – every team also has a lot of injuries but I’ve never seen a Ravens defense anywhere near as bad as this. Without Suggs there is zero pass, the LB’s are almost always in the wrong place when trying to tackle and I don’t think any of them can drop into coverage.

    We lost for a lot of reasons yesterday but the most obvious one is that after getting the ball in OT, we do nothing On offense (again) meaning that Koch is pressured into punting as far as he can – out kicks the coverage and we give up a huge return setting up the FG. It’s not impossible that we finish the year 0-5; can’t see us beating Denver or the Giants at the moment and Cincy is a 50/50

  4. Definately agree with “brianjoates” Couldn’t have said it better! Should have fires Cam instead of Zorn;if Harbs doesn’t agree he should be fired also…are you listening Biscotti?

  5. It’s hard to imagine this team going very far in the playoffs at this stage. The defense has been decimated by injuries, the offense is surprisingly healthy but still ineffective under pressure, and perhaps most importantly, coaching is severely flawed both in its playcalling and in game management.

    Take a look right before halftime when the Ravens had gotten the ball with just under a minute left and two timeouts remaining. Cam calls a blast to go to halftime, the camera pans to Harbs running over to Cam asking him what the hell he’s doing and telling him he wants to keep driving… meanwhile tick tick tick. Then in the second half Ravens at their own 40 ish, set up a fake fake punt designed to draw the skins offsides. At this location taking a delay of game and giving Koch five more yards to angle a kick out of bounds would be the call. Nope. Harbs panics and calls a timeout. Another fail. Cut to RGIIIs injury. Cousins comes in. Instead of calling some eccentric Pagano-esque blitz scheme to rattle the kid, Pees tells everyone to drop back into soft zones hoping Cousins would screw it up.

    It’s not just the players folks. The coaches have been stuck in the mud these last few weeks as well.

  6. They had better worry.

    It doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish. Remember that Chiefs team in ’03 that started 9-0, limped into the playoffs, and were never heard from again? If you were a casual fan, I didn’t think so.

    If it hadn’t been for fortunate wins against the Patriots and the Chargers, this team is staring a 7-6 record in the face.

  7. To many fans (of all teams) rush to look for simple scapegoat. Lots of injuries and many backups have not been able to step up. It’s not the D coordinator, it’s Reed free lancing and LBs who can’t cover; limits to what a DC can do. The OC is fair game because he has a long history, although yesterday he did better, Harbs can’t keep protecting him.

    Have to laugh at Steeler fans riding Flacco. He’s not top tier but he didn’t get crushed by the Chargers (at home), Titans and Raiders like Big Ben did, either. And before you throw in the towel against the Giants, Ravens should have beaten Skins but for costly fumble whereas Giants trailed late. Denver will be tough, but this team is far from out of it. Final game versus Cincy could be for AFCN title if Cincy manages to beat Pittsburgh.

  8. They’re not worried? Don’t they look at they’re own game films & see how soft their defense has gotten?

  9. I dont know if anyone realized the Ravens lost their best lineman yesterday in OT. It has nothing to do with losing the game but thats another huge blow.

    Give the defense all the crap you want, because no one is stepping up, but you have 2 guys who were just signed starting at CB and down to your 3rd/4th string linebackers. Sure Ray has lost a step but he will be much needed when he comes back. Same goes for Ellerbe if he can come back. He was playing great, great football until his injury.

  10. Steeler fans talking after losing to the titans, raiders, and chargers, with ben, 8 turnovers vs the browns, ya, that’s impressive. Clearly someone does not know how to count. Please note, 4 is less than 6 and 9 is more than 7. Thank you.

  11. We were playing Josh Bynes in the middle of our defense by the 4th quarter after McClain went out. “Who is that?” you might ask. He’s an undrafted FA from this past season. Our defense has been shredded by injuries.

    Next week we’ll get Ray back, Ellerbe should be back as well. We’ll patch the defense back together and make a good stand against Peyton Manning.

    I have confidence that we can hit stride in the last couple weeks heading into the playoffs.

  12. As a steelers fan it pains me to say this but the steelers and ravens have no shot at winning a SB this year. I would bet the kids college fund on the Broncos or Patriots coming out of the AFC. I just don’t see either of those teams losing at home.

  13. Steelers may miss the playoffs this year and Ravens will definitely lose in their first playoff game. Ray coming back from injury will make no difference, he is washed up.

  14. Ravens need to worry…..

    6 games this year Flacco under 200 yards passing, he is a 60% passer and 18 TDs w/ a 87.1 passer rating.

    10 games Ray Rice under 100 yards rushing(4 under 50)

    3 times a receiver has gone over 90 yards in a game this year.( Boldin 1, Smith2)

    That’s not gonna cut it in the playoffs.

    And for everyone claiming the Defense is not doing it’s job…….only allowed 25 Tds all year and a +12 turnover ratio is pretty good.

    The Offense is horrible, keep Rice and Smith and restart…………………………………………………………….

  15. I’m not into predicting the future in the NFL. Last year Packers, 15-1, couldn’t win a playoff game. Giants, 7-7, after 14 games, WINS the SB.
    The truth is, no one knows, who will be in SB. Ravens can be there.

  16. I don’t care for Cam Cameron and have always thought the team made a mistake–and did a disservice to Flacco–by choosing Cam over Jim Zorn. They’ve got a tough road to finish the season, and I won’t speculate on what might happen in the playoffs. But with the way my Steelers played last weekend and the two-game advantage the Ravens have built, I can’t imagine that Baltimore won’t win the division.

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