Dwayne Bowe out this week, maybe the year

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Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said Monday that wide receiver Dwayne Bowe wouldn’t play this week with a rib injury, and might be done for the season, according to the Associated Press.

Bowe left yesterday’s loss to the Browns in the first quarter and didn’t return.

It could mean we’ve seen the last of Bowe in KC, as he’s finishing up his $9.5 million franchise tag deal.

Bowe insisted last month he’d like to stay, denying a report he wanted out “very badly.”

We’ll see this offseason if other offers come in to tempt him off that position.

8 responses to “Dwayne Bowe out this week, maybe the year

  1. That’s tough, doubt KC will pony up #1 WR dollars to keep someone who clearly hasn’t performed like a #1 WR. I don’t know what his numbers are but I doubt he cracks the top 15 this year. Yet he wants to get paid like a top 5.

  2. Just being objective here, but when healthy and Bowe actually has a QB that can get him the ball-he can be quite good. Were I the Texans or Lions, I’d be looking at this guy. Bowe would take a lot of pressure off of Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson. I do agree that he needs to temper his salary expectations whether he stays in KC or goes elsewhere…

  3. I love the comments in this site. Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t had a decent game in 2 months, but that’s because his QBs suck. Bowe has also struggled this year (although he’s still ahead of Larry statistically), playing with incompetent QBs, but in Bowe’s case, it’s all his own fault. If you put Bowe in AZ, would he be any worse than Fitzgerald?

  4. come to St.Louis Bowe – we got a defense, a running game, and some good young receivers..

    just need that #1, and it’s not that far of a move

  5. “dprouse says:
    Dec 10, 2012 4:04 PM
    On behalf of every fantasy owner you let down this year, Dwayne, thanks for nothing.”

    If you took Bowe who has shown potentials but knew who was throwing to him, then you only got yourself to blame.

  6. Stay on board Dwayne, finish what you started in KC! You know they’re only a QB away from competing with any team in the league…

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