Falcons made it easier for their own doubters

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The Falcons know better than everyone they underperformed yesterday.

And they know that the doubters who were in the shadows as as they started the season 11-1 will be out in full force after they lost in embarrassing fashion to the Panthers.

I can hear everybody right now,” Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez said, via Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “They’re getting off the bandwagon. I can hear them jumping off.

“Looking at our history, people are going to go, ‘See, I told you.’”

It’s easy to look at yesterday’s game and conclude the Panthers had more invested emotionally than the Falcons, fueled by Panthers who felt disrespected by Matt Ryan’s “Get the [expletive] off our field,” goodbye in the first meeting.

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who declared last week his team was the better of the two, repeated the words after the fact, leading Falcons kicker Matt Bryant to reply: “Watch us in January.”

Of course, the Falcons have more problems than the slings and arrows of a 4-9 team. They need to fix their run game (which underperformed again), and generally show more fire. It starts with next week’s meeting with the Giants, who flushed them from the playoffs last year and really created the perception of the Falcons as front-runners.

Sleepwalking against the Panthers will only strengthen that perception.

“We all knew we were flat,” linebacker Sean Weatherspoon said. “It seemed like every time there was a play to be made, we were almost there. You can’t be almost in this league.

“We get a chance to go after some guys who controlled our destiny last year.”

And to silence their doubters, such that they ever can in the regular season.

4 responses to “Falcons made it easier for their own doubters

  1. It’s crazy that everytime the Falcons loose a game it’s the same story. All the other so called good teams have already lost 4-5 games. The falcons are 11-2…it’s just rediculous to think they can’t loose to a division rival on the road without the “i told you so” routine. Get a grip people…49ers loss to the rams twice (1 tie) Bears look like crap along with the Giants the the Packers. I guess the Falcons are the only team that can’t loose a game.

  2. It makes no real difference what your regular season record is if you screw up in the playoffs. The Falcons have been screwing up in the playoffs since forever and until that stops they will be suspect during the regular season.

    It’s always been that way it is that way now and it always will be that way, and that is as it should be.

  3. The only way they can beat the Giants is if the Giants turn the ball over multiple times and Michael Turner turns back the clock 4-5 years. I don’t see either happening.

  4. Atlanta is the most overrated team of the past decade. Matt Ryan’s noodle arm will not take this team past their first playoff game. Jones, White and Tony can only cover up his deficiencies as a QB against bad teams, and there are no bad teams in the playoffs.

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