Fred Jackson likely done for regular season


Coach Chan Gailey apparently isn’t aware of it, but the Bills still have a shot to make it to the playoffs.

It will take a pretty miraculous set of circumstances for them to actually advance to the postseason and it appears they’ll need to have all those things fall into place to get running back Fred Jackson back on the field this season. Jackson took a helmet to the knee during Sunday’s loss to the Rams and Gailey said during a morning interview with WGR that the injury “doesn’t look good.”

Gailey said that Jackson is out a minimum of two to three weeks as a result of the injury, a timeline that basically brings Jackson’s regular season to an end. Jackson has missed two games already this year with an injury to the same knee and missed a third game because of a concussion, contributing to a disappointing season across the board for Jackson.

Assuming the injury winds up following the prognosis laid out by Gailey and the Bills do the expected by missing the playoffs, that could be the last we see of Jackson in Buffalo. He’s due to make nearly $5 million next season in salary and bonuses, a lot for a guy who has been passed by C.J. Spiller in terms of ability if not playing time. One of the chief complaints of the Bills season has been Spiller’s usage, complaints that got some fuel as Spiller had eight touches to 14 for Jackson despite averaging more than four yards per touch more than Jackson managed.

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  1. ccjcsr says: Dec 10, 2012 9:55 AM

    Most Overrated offseason team next to the Eagles
    They were 19 in PFT preseason power rankings, they are the 20th ranked team in NFL standings.

  2. What would happen if Cam Cameron, given his reputation, was fired and Chan Gailey brought him on as offensive coordinator? Would CJ Spiller even see the field again? Would they throw it 45 times a game with Ryan Fitzpatrick? The possibilities are endless and amazing.

  3. You say regular season as if there’s going to be some post season play for them… He’s done, period this year.

  4. Chan still hasn’t realized Spiller is better than Fred. Gailey is on the short list for worst coaches in NFL history. “It was Freds turn,” is the most pathetic justification of an inferior player being in the game from any coach above little league.

  5. Maybe this will show Gailey he needs to finally move on from Jackson permanently in the offseason and give Spiller all of the carries like it should’ve been after Spiller got off to that league-leading start at the beginning of the season when Jackson was injured the first time

  6. What really, really bothers me is the fact that in 3-4 losses this season, Fitzpatrick has played well enough to win us the game. Tenessee, NewEngland (In FB), Indianapolis, and yesterday. So, who gets the blame for the losses? Chan Gailey, in all of them, thats who. Game mismanagement against the Colts. CJ getting minimal touches in the waneing minutes of the NE game, calling a pass play on 3rd down when leading against Tenn. with minutes left. Those of you who listened to the pot-game presser given by Gailey know that he needs to go. I have never, ever heard a coach say he was scared. It doesn’t matter what about, you not only lead your players but you lead your coaches and staff as the “Head Coach”. If he is scared, how do we know if the rest of the team isn’t scared? I’m not a Fitz backer, we need an upgrade, but there is no reason why this team should be 5-8, I’m willing to say they are 7-6 with any other head coach. His playcalling has been questionable since the ‘9ers game. How do you not get Mario Willimas his surgery after he first publicly complained? The guys been on a total tear, silencing his critics each week. How does CJ Spiller not get the ball?!? He need 93 yards for 1,000 on the season, he should have been able to get 150! On 7 carrries with a “Loaded box”, he was still averaging 5 yards a pop! And then you say he’s winded? The guy was the worhorse at Clemson, he still played Special teams! Thats why he was a top-10 pick! This is the toughest year out of all my years as a Bills fan. I don’t think it has ever been the coach that has cost this team in game like Gailey has. Preperation and team management have doomed the coaches prior, with just poor performance from the team as a whole. I have been on my high horse all week, saying the Bills should finish strong, they haven’t finished strong in many, many years. Now, I am waffling, changes need to be made, and the first person to go is Chan Gailey.

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