Greg Hardy turns Matt Ryan’s words back on the Falcons


During the week leading up to Sunday’s game against the Falcons, several members of the Panthers made it clear that they hadn’t forgotten Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan’s message to them after the Falcons pulled out a win in their first matchup of the season.

Ryan was caught on camera telling the Panthers to “get the f— off our field” after pulling out a 30-28 win. The Panthers got a 30-20 win on their home field on Sunday and didn’t forget what happened back in September during the first meeting.

Defensive end Greg Hardy sent the same message to the Falcons after the game, which he helped hype up during the week by saying that he thought the Panthers were a better team than the Falcons. Hardy did his best to back up that statement with a pair of sacks in Sunday’s game.

“You talk like that, you write that check. He cashed it,” defensive end Charles Johnson said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “That’s all you can do. You put it out there, you just back it up. And he did it.”

We’ll have to wait until next season to find out who will send the next profane eviction notice in this rivalry.

18 responses to “Greg Hardy turns Matt Ryan’s words back on the Falcons

  1. “We’ll have to wait until next season to find out who will send the next profane eviction notice in this rivalry.”

    That’s gold.

    All Black&Gold bias aside, Cam gets a defense and Carolina can win multiple championships in the near future and likely league MVPs for himself. This dude can be the best QB in the league over the next decade if he wants to be. Hopefully, this game will get his mind right and show that he should be a team leader, no matter win or loss.

    Well not hopeful for my team, but as a NFL fan. I honestly can’t wait to see how good he and RGIII can be and where they’ll have there teams in the next 5 years.

  2. Most of the analysts on tv seemed to have gotten a pretty big chuckle out of Greg’s comments and dismissed him as an angry disillusioned (and mathematically challenged) nobody. He wrote that check and cashed it on Sunday with the help of the rest of the team.

    To me, it was just like watching Babe Ruth pointing to the fence just before smacking the home run…
    Love it!

    Panthers still won’t get any respect (I guess they still haven’t really earned it yet..)

  3. Lotsa chatter from a losing team….perhaps COMING ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE PLAYOFFS would be preferable to ripping a team that had already EARNED a playoff berth and were clearly coasting….

  4. Falcons couldn’t stop it. They were trying. Did you see their faces on the sidelines? They were not coasting… the fact that this was a division rivalry and they have home field advantage to play for says otherwise… perhaps they were just resting up for the Giants and try to win home field playoffs in that game?
    The fact that they have the best record in the league just made it all the more delicious!

  5. Nice job by Carolina to talk trash and then actually back it up. An impressive win for having only 3 wins on the year, but yesterday they showed that wanting a game more than the other team is what it takes and they came out of there with a quality victory.

  6. jkaflagg says:
    Dec 10, 2012 11:59 AM
    Lotsa chatter from a losing team….perhaps COMING ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE PLAYOFFS would be preferable to ripping a team that had already EARNED a playoff berth and were clearly coasting….
    You obviously didn’t watch the game. The Falcons were trying to win. You can certainly question the play-calling (why would you only run 11 times when you have Michael Turner, who averages about 2,000 yards a game against the Panthers), but they weren’t just laying down. The Panthers also outplayed Atlanta in the first game; they only lost because a safety let a receiver get behind him on a Hail Mary pass.

    The Panthers have enough talent to be a playoff team. They just haven’t had any decent coaching in about 7 years.

  7. Falcons wont make it with Ryan unless he actually makes pkays now with probably the best set of WRs in a long while. That falcons defense wont win games just keep them in it. Greg Hardy is a smart player and hes doing good so far like the non 1st roubd ends like Dunlap.

  8. “Ryan was caught on camera telling the Panthers to “get the f— off our field”

    Sounds like Ryan was overcompensating for lack of postseason success. I guess Matty hasn’t realized that rings say more than words do and a 2 point regular season win doesn’t give you a blank check to be a d**k.

  9. Carolina? Is that you? I am having trouble hearing you down there in the cellar.

    That was a great win for your team and I am happy that you will now have something to talk about all off-season long.

    Good luck in the draft! Although, it is hard to mess that up when you are picking in the top 3.

  10. I laughed when i read Hardy’s comment. He did back it up along with his team mates in an impressive win. It shows that Atlanta doesnt have what it takes, not that i am surprised.

  11. So great to read Falcons fans trying to trash talk after being embarrassed like that. It’s much quieter now, then after an embarrassing loss in the first round of the playoffs, it will finally be silent.

  12. These NFC South division games are always tough and you can pretty much throw out the records of the teams coming in. Carolina earned that win and deserve respect. I remember one time a few years ago (during the Vick years) when Carolina beat us with basically no quarterback (Weinke!).

    Unfortunately my Falcons don’t seem to get any respect despite the great record year after year, but I’m hopeful that this postseason we’ll earn it and shut up these haters. It’s funny but I remember exactly the same things being said about Peyton Manning and the Colts until that one playoff run that ended up with rings…

  13. Uh – hello. The only check Matt Ryan is cashing is a playoff check.
    You can take a Panther playoff check to the bank all you hear is a bouncing noise.

  14. Lol nice fourth win panthers. I think it was pretty evident atl didn’t take you seriously the first half. The second half atl pretty much dominated you. Other than 2 long plays you werent doing anything on offense. Atl just didn’t come to play till it was too late. Ryan did have 300+ passing in the second half. And all but have the first seed locked up. Good win for you tho. But you’re messing up were you are picking in the draft

  15. grendelg – the only games we beat you during the Vick years, Jake Delhomme was our QB. Wienke was our QB in 2001. You swept us that year, although both games were close. The reason people discount you is that Ryan hasn’t won any playoff games. Peyton at least won a few playoff games prior to ’06; he just usually lost to Brady in the AFC title game. If you win a game or two most of the critics will quiet down.

    roddytorock84 – domination in the second half? I wouldn’t go that far. Outplayed us, yes, dominated, no. What about the pass Ryan telegraphed and Thomas Davis picked it off? And on the 2 long plays, the blocking was superb.

    As for draft pick status, this is not the year to have the #1 pick. There’s no real “franchise player” out there. But there are at least 7 or 8 guys that can be core players on an elite team. As long as we have anywhere from pick 3 to pick 8, we’re going to get a very good player.

  16. That was a desperation throw of his back foot on fourth down. Hardly telegraphed. And dunta was looking at god knows what on cams TD.

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