John Harbaugh: The timing says firing Cameron is the best thing

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh held a press conference Monday afternoon and, as you’d expect, the firing of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was a popular topic.

Despite talking about it a lot, though, Harbaugh didn’t offer too much more insight into the reason behind the move than he offered in his statement earlier in the day. He praised Cameron often and made a point of saying that the move wasn’t made because of any issue from this week’s game.

“We put 28 points up, so you’re not going to say it’s a reaction to a down offensive performance. It’s not that. I think that’s really important to point out. It would be really easy to go the route that it’s the result of something and somebody is taking the blame for something. It is not that,” Harbaugh said, via “People are going to believe what they want to believe. It’s what I believe is best going forward for our offense and for our football team. Cam was doing a heck of a job here. He was doing a heck of a job here for a long time. Nobody knows that better than me, and nobody has stated that more times. I believe that. I also believe right now at this time, the timing says this is the best thing, and this is what we’re going to do.”

It doesn’t really add up to say that the timing of the move is for the best if it isn’t a reaction to the performance of the offense. Unless, of course, there were problems between Cameron and others in Baltimore. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that the firing came after “an accumulation of personal issues” between the coordinator and quarterback Joe Flacco and Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun reports that owner Steve Bisciotti and Harbaugh were both unhappy with play calling on Sunday.

“I’m not getting into any of that. We do a great job in this organization of communicating and talking, and we’ve got great leadership here all across the board, and I’ll just leave it at that,” Harbaugh said when asked about reports of Bisciotti’s role.

New offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell said Monday there will be no “system change” in the final three weeks. It seems the Ravens are hoping a personality change will do the trick.

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  1. I don’t get it. If he was doing a heck of a job then why let him go?

    Just have to sit back and wait…it’s only a matter of time before an unnamed source divulges what went down.

  2. Anytime you have an extremely risk-averse, conservative-minded, party-line front office and something out-of-the-water like a late-season firing happens during a playoff run, people are going to wonder, and rightfuly so, whether some explosion happened behind the scenes.

    Something is wrotten in the State of Maryland, and I feel Harbs isn’t being fully honest about who or what forced his hand on this issue.

  3. This is delicious irony. All week in the lead up to Redskins beating Ravens, Raven fans chirped on and on that Dan Snyder is terrible, menacing etc…not realizing how he has totally changed since 2010 and lo and behold, we wake up today to the Ravens owner being the nosy owner. Life is good in DC.

  4. John Harbaugh is king of the political comments, and also a good friend of Cam’s, so of course he doesn’t want to say anything as to why they made the decision.

    Personally, as a Ravens fan, I think the timing is actually very poor. They should have not brought Cameron back this offseason just gone and hired a new face with a different philosophy. That way they had a full season to evaluate whether the problem lies with Flacco – not just three games.

  5. LOL this the same Caldwell that won 2 games with the Colts?? Rice got his carries and had over 100 yards the Offense scored 28 points..Hmmmz sounds like the scapegoat to me! was it his fault 2 rookie QBs beat them in one game? That old man Charlie beat them the week b4? panic in Baltimore?

  6. Steeler fans talking? Please see losses to titans raiders browns and chargers. You may now crawl back into your hole

  7. The era of Steelers is done. Old – older – oldest team.
    The Ravens can reinvent their offense – but with so many of the defensive starters and backups lost to free agency or injury – they are not likely to win more than one game the rest of the season.

  8. blackngold4life says:
    Dec 10, 2012 6:21 PM
    LOL this the same Caldwell that won 2 games with the Colts?? Rice got his carries and had over 100 yards the Offense scored 28 points..Hmmmz sounds like the scapegoat to me! was it his fault 2 rookie QBs beat them in one game? That old man Charlie beat them the week b4? panic in Baltimore?


    As much as it pains me to say it, you have a good point. The last two Raven’s OC have a combined record as Head Coaches of 3-32.

  9. Man, something is definitely rotten here. Harbaugh has no hiring/firing power, so who made the call? If you really think the tram has a playoff shot why do this huge change now? Just doesn’t add up.

  10. giants56 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 6:32 PM
    I wonder what AFC team will hire him as a “special consultant”…..LMAO..Nice move Einstein…..


    Why would they do that? Watch one half of any game from the last 2 seasons and you’ve seen the whole playbook.

    The only thing to know about Cameron’s offense is to expect more of the same, whether it’s working or not.

  11. This is a reaction to Cameron not calling Rice’s number enough late in close games. How many times have we seen over the past couple years where Cameron hasn’t given the ball to their best player in crunch time? I’m sure Harbaugh probably said something to him about it before, then with Rice not getting enough touches in the 4th quarter & overtime was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  12. This has to be very disturbing for Ravens fans. Who is in control of that organization. Right now it looks like Ray Rice. He wants more touches and now he will get him, now that the human sock puppet is his OC.

    Just how did the firing of Cam Cameron improve the Ravens. Here is a guy who has NEVER called the offensive plays in a game since he’s been in the NFL.

    If Harbaugh was upset about how the game was called on Sunday, he should have DONE something about it. He’s the freakin’ HC, isn’t he?

    The Ravens are one of the top teams in the AFC, but what’s happening to them the last 3 games can’t be cured by making Cam Cameron a scapegoat

  13. reed20fence says:
    Dec 10, 2012 6:31 PM

    As much as it pains me to say it, you have a good point. The last two Raven’s OC have a combined record as Head Coaches of 3-32.


    Wrong. Jim Caldwell went 14-2, 10-6, and 2-14. The last year having Curtis Painter at the helm.

  14. Harbaugh’s just covering his own butt by displacing blame onto Cameron. He knows that with games coming up against the Giants, Broncos and Bengals, his team is about to go from 9-2 to 9-7, and probably miss the playoffs.

    The Charlie Batch-led Steelers and the Redskins were the most winnable games left on the schedule.

  15. Lord knows we have our own problems, but the ship is definitely sinking fast in luckimore.

    As the Nest Burns…


  16. As a Pats fan I am loving this. Without Ray Ray their defense can’t keep them in games anymore and dysfunction in the offense is a beautiful thing!

  17. Loyalty is a positive attribute, but sometimes you can be loyal to a fault, and that was John Harbaugh’s problem when it came to Cam Cameron. Zorn had Flacco’s numbers up across the board, but Cameron couldn’t handle the competition and wanted full control of the QB. It would have been better for the team if Harbaugh had sided with Flacco and Zorn … but hindsight is 20/20.

    It’s unfortunate timing for the team, and Caldwell doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, so he may not be the permanent replacement. But removing Cameron will be better for Flacco and the Ravens in the long run. I’m still so frustrated by our performance against San Diego that I’m having a hard time believing the Ravens won’t win the division despite all this turmoil.

  18. 2 things strike me odd/funny

    1) haubaugh trying to seem like the media and fans will twist this some sort of way when we all know if he was doing a “heck of a job” he would of NEVER been fired…

    2) people talking up cadwell like hes good lol.. he had the worst record in the nfl last year, and even i could get a HC job if i was the QB coach for peyton manning lol

  19. Cam Cameron is clearly responsible for two Flacco strip sacks that have cost them the last two weeks.

    Probably mostly responsible for the Ravens 26th ranked defense too.

    This is clearly a panic move.

  20. Getting desperate. Doesnt matter what OC you bring in. When you have an inept “franchise” quarterback in Flacco and weak defense, you wont make it past the first round of the playoffs. Next year the Ravens fall below the Browns for the bottom the AFCN and the Steelers emerge with a healthy O-Line, strong young defense (as we see this year) and another deep playoff run. The Ravens playoff runs are over and the Steelers will continue to win Super Bowls.

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