Mara says he hasn’t made up his mind on kickoffs

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Earlier this year, Giants co-owner John Mara said that the NFL is evolving toward the elimination of the kickoff.  Earlier today, he said he currently doesn’t support that outcome.

“I certainly have not made up my mind on whether to eliminate the kickoff. I want to see this year’s injury data and have some detailed discussions before we do anything,” Mara told USA Today.  “It is certainly one of the more exciting plays in our game.”

Said Mara in in April:  “We had a lot of discussions about whether we should eliminate it and if we did what we could do in its place.  There’s no consensus on it right now, but I could see the day in the future where that play could be taken out of the game.  You see it evolving toward that.”

Mara isn’t ready for a revolution.  Yet.

“I would like to consider [and hear from the coaches] whether there are other ways to reduce the risk of injuries on the kickoff before we decide to eliminate it altogether,” Mara said.  “If not and if the injury data is compelling, I would certainly consider voting to eliminate it.”

Mara’s team beat the Saints on Sunday, thanks in large part to 227 yards gained by rookie running back David Wilson via kickoffs returns.

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  1. However he has made up his mind that the Redskins will surrender the remainder of their 2013 draft for beating the Giants earlier this year.

  2. Maybe we should just put flags around there waist and you just have to rip it of to stop the play or maybe stop allwowing blitzing because there are to many collisions. Give me a break, injuries will always happen. That’s why they get paid so well!

  3. seems like all the league executives seem to forget fans are the ones who makes your league run.. u start taking out things fans love and you wlil have no fans to line your pockets..

  4. kevindeezy, why would mara care about the skins? a team that hasnt won the division in over a decade. the giants have won the sb more times in the past few years than the skins have actually had playoff appearances.

  5. Just turn the kickoff into a punt from the 50 since they say punts are safer anyway. Problem solved. Thank me later.

  6. Who cares what Mara has to say he doesn’t run the NFL he may think he does though. Half owner of a team that was given to him. He shouldn’t even be allowed on any boards.

  7. @pixelito. You kno what else Danny Snyder loves? Beating the giants on mnf and taking this division over for the next 10 years. All hail to the redskins and all hail rg3

  8. How about replacing the kickoff with one of those vibrating football games of yesteryear and where the ball carrier goes down or out of bound, place the ball there and start the drive.

  9. In the last couple of days, I have heard several people state that if Kickoffs are removed, those people will stop watching the games. I agree. Worst idea ever for Football fans. At some point, player safety just isn’t that important…and this is that point.

  10. Mara’s proposed kickoff rule goes something like this: the Redskins and Cowboys get the ball at their own 5-yard-line where they face 4th and 50. All other teams get the Schiano rule.

    And I can even imagine Mara’s response if he got questioned about something like this. “Given the way that these teams have conducted themselves, they’re lucky we allow them to have the ball at all.”

  11. Have the kicker kick off from the 30 again with the remainder of his team standing at the 50. The kick must go past the 50 and the kicking team cannot start running until the ball passes the 50. This gives the kicking team a great deal more advantage if they manage to recover an onside kick, it would put pressure on the returner because the kicking team is closing in on him sooner, but would also be more fair than setting up a 4th and 15. This would allow a return to happen and not allow everybody in pursuit to have a full sixty yards of steam before they reach the returning team.

    Other than that…have players sign a waiver that shows they know the risks associated with playing the game. You can’t legislate out all of the risk.

  12. Who cares what Mr. Born-on-third-and-thinks-he-hit-a-triple has to say?? He’s everything that’s wrong with the NFL and he’s going to drag the league down with him when the collusion lawsuit burns him down.

  13. The same people saying they will stop watching football if the kickoff is removed are the same people who use kickoffs as bathroom breaks because they know it’s just going to be a touchback.

    To make the kickoff safe and exciting the nfl needs to do the following:

    – The kicking team has to line up on the line of scrimmage, with no running head start before the ball is kicked there is less chance of a “injury collision”.
    – any kick that goes out of the endzone should be 2 points for the receiving team.
    – if the receiving team does not advance the ball out of the endzone it should be 2 points for the kicking team.

  14. I’m sure Mara is taking the position of keeping kickoffs for now because D Wilson looks like a keeper. And in a couple of years when the league gets wise to him (like D Hester) and kicks away, Mara will say let’s get rid of kickoffs.

  15. They really are trying to take the Foot out of Football. If they do then it’s simple put the ball on the 20 yard line and go at it in all pink tights and Vaseline.

  16. Mara says he’s undecided, which means Goodell/Mara haven’t rounded up enough support among the other owners to pass something.

  17. If they eliminate the kickoff they’ll be stunned at the number of injuries that action will cause. Thousands of fat out of shape Americans will suffer countless muscle strains as they leap off their couches to turn off the TV.

  18. Mr. Goodell you are ruining the game of football. Sarcastaball will be what everyone will be watching. I believe that in my lifetime, I will stop watching football.

  19. With David Wilson returning the football, there is no way Mara or the Giants could want kickoffs eliminated! He’s been showing his speed all year and set three records last night!!

  20. Good lord. If it’s that big of a deal, ditch the kicker and punt the ball instead. You’re typically not going to see the same kind of return after a punt vs a kickoff, and you gain an extra roster spot by not carrying a kicker *and* a punter.

  21. Oh my heavens, this is a dumb topic. Football is the modern and “civilized” version of the gladiators ring. We like that. We want that. They get paid big money to risk themselves at the sport we like watching.
    So, either leave the game alone and let use enjoy it, or bring back gladiators rings with real weapons, dangerous animals, buff guys killing each other, and a thumbs up or thumbs down for the loser!
    Seriously though, this is a form of entertainment, and they get paid big bucks for doing it. Mess that up, and guess what… we’ll watch something else.

  22. How about just having the “receiving” team start with the ball at their goalline, and the “kicking” team start at their goalline. The whistle blows, and both teams rush at each other, each player armed with their choice of blunt weapon.

    The receiving team gets first and 10 at the spot where the ball-carrier is felled, or when all players on the receiving team have been incapacitated.

  23. Why don’t we never hear these debates at the college level? Those players aren’t getting paid buckets of money. And, please spare me the, “they are getting an education” argument.

  24. How does John Mara H get to decide whether to eliminate kickoffs or I not? And wouldn’t you look at 50 years of injury history not just this year? This tells me that T kickoffs will be eliminated after this year. What’s next?……. John Mara will decide L who goes to the playoffs this year!? How ridiculous E is the NFL getting when an NFL owner gets to decide which traditional NFL rules to get rid R of in an instant and what teams in his division get cap penalties for not following an UNWRITTEN rule.

  25. It will give Redskins fans many years of satisfaction to beat the blue off this jerk Mara’s team. We will keep a long memory of this idiot’s meddling with the salary cap penalty unjustly leveled on the Skinz & Cowgirls.

  26. Mara should have $18 million in the next two years removed from his team’s salary cap and all draft choices removed for his meddling and unlawful competition compromising hit job on the Cowboys and Redskins. It is obvious his intentions were to prop up his weak team in the face of the other two teams potential improvement. Mara is a vile and disgusting man. The more I read about what this jerk did the more disgusting a person he is – and to think I routed for his team over the cheaters in the super bowl. At least the cheaters were clever and innovative and didn’t use the power of their position to punish other teams OFF THE FIELD!

  27. they need to just move the ball back 5 yards on a kick off!!! o wait i rememeber now….thats when kickoffs used to be intresting…………

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