Norv Turner accepts fate, and also a game ball


Chargers owner Dean Spanos has reportedly decided to fire coach Norv Turner.

Spanos has subsequently denied that he’s made a decision, though no one really believes him.

Now, Spanos has added a layer of awkwardness to the process, going to the locker room to give his soon-to-be-former employee a game ball after yesterday’s win over the Steelers.

Turner, however, doesn’t seem to be fooled by all this.

He told Jim Nantz of CBS that he’s accepted his fate.

We all know in the end what the final outcome will be,” Turner told Nantz, who repeated it during the broadcast.

It’s good that Turner has a grip on the situation, which has seemed obvious for some time.

And now he has a souvenir to go with it.

14 responses to “Norv Turner accepts fate, and also a game ball

  1. Sorry, but if Norv was black does anyone honestly believe he would have been given three chances to be a head coach? When I see guys like him and Gailey and Mullarkey and Wade Philips continue to get gigs there is clearly still a problem.

  2. Norv should have stayed in San Francisco as Alex Smith’s coach. Alex was showing signs of being a good QB when Norv was our OC. Oh well, things happen for a reason.

  3. Dear Mr Spanos,

    Please keep Norv Turner as your headcoach. We really like him.

    The rest of the league

  4. It’s hard to feel bad for Turner when there’s been so many All-Pro level players in SD under his watch since he’s been there to not win a SB, or at least get there. Rivers and now Ryan Mathews seems to have digressed significantly over the last few years. At least he can feel good about Danario Alexander’s play since being signed midseason by SD (550 yds, 5 tds in 6 gms), but that was probably more about him finally staying healthy than Turner’s coaching.

  5. @matt14gg says: Dec 10, 2012 8:28 AM

    Really? He gets more chances because he is white? Thats crazy! Norv has under performed in SD we all know that including Norv. But the man still has rings, still understands NFL level football.

    Perhaps like Wade Phillips he has too much on his plate when HC, being a co-ordinator maybe again maybe Norv will hit his stride.

  6. Most of you see this the wrong way. This was the first regular season victory against the Steelers in Pittsburgh in franchise History. 50+ years and Turner is the first coach to do it. If i was Dean regardless of the situation, Id do the same thing, however it definantly still awkward

  7. Norv Turner’s career record as a Head Coach: 115-124-1.

    Can this be the end of him being a head coach? He can coordinate offenses all he’d like. But he’s just not capable of being the main man.

  8. I feel Norv has to go at the end of the year.. But with that being said, he is the Chargers winningest coach and won more playoff games than Marty so instead of kicking him on his way out, I would shake his hand, then lock the door.

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