Patriots take control early vs. Texans

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In a big Monday night game in New England, Tom Brady is stepping up in a big way.

The Patriots jumped out to an early 14-0 lead over the Texans, thanks to Brady going 6-fot-8 for 114 yards on New England’s first two offensive possessions. The Patriots’ first drive ended with a seven-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez, and their second drive ended with a 37-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Lloyd.

The Texans have shown some promise on offense, but Devin McCourty picked off a Matt Schaub pass in the end zone to end Houston’s most promising first quarter drive.

Houston can’t afford many more missed opportunities like that one. With the way Brady is playing tonight, this game could get ugly.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m. ET: The Patriots are scoring faster than we can update the site, making it 21-0 early in the second quarter.

59 responses to “Patriots take control early vs. Texans

  1. Hernandez waves “Me, Me…” as he sees no one covering him in the red zone. This is the great Texans’ defense? Start the ‘run up the score’ whining now, girls.

  2. Welcome to the big time Texans. Big boy time. Please go back and read your trashy posts from this week. Who’s ‘yo daddy.

  3. I am a Bengal fan forever. Been forv40 years. I am 46. I am a female and me and my dad always watch the games. My second favorite team is or kinda was I don’t know anymore now the new england patriots. hehe I was a fan of NE when Bledsoe first played there too so I just did’nt get on the band wagon. They were bad but believe it or not New England has enough super bowls for me. I love Brady how can you not. I think he is a elete QB but I still think Montana was the best qb of all time and I watched him a lot when the bengals played them and other games wasn’t rooting for him but that is the one qb that is the best ever

  4. Gruden is kissing Josh McDaniels azz a little too much tonight… maybe McDaniels is inline to get the Philly job and Gruden is trying for a coordinator spot.

  5. Patriots are too well equipped this season to be stopped. Unless they lose a couple of key starters, like Brady or a D-lineman, you can count these guys in the Superbowl. It will be the Patriots vs the 49ers or Packers. Most likely it will be the 49ers, unless the Packers get lucky in the Championship game. I also hate to admit it but, look for the Patriots to take home that trophy, they are just too damn strong.

  6. Bill Belecheck is not just a head coach and general manager. The guy is a genius king. Without a doubt the best in the NFL. You have to give Kraft a lot of credit for letting the king do whatever he want’s. Teams run by commity, Dallas, Chargers and others just don’t work. On a football team you need a dictator.

  7. EJ says: Dec 10, 2012 9:39 PM

    Patriots are too well equipped this season to be stopped. Unless they lose a couple of key starters, like Brady or a D-lineman, you can count these guys in the Superbowl. It will be the Patriots vs the 49ers or Packers. Most likely it will be the 49ers, unless the Packers get lucky in the Championship game. I also hate to admit it but, look for the Patriots to take home that trophy, they are just too damn strong.

    I heard all that rah rah in 2007 and 2011.

  8. thekingdave says:Dec 10, 2012 9:26 PM

    Something tells me the January game at Reliant Stadium is slightly more important.

    Givin’ up already? Don’t blame ‘ya. We’ll see if the Texans get another crack.

  9. The only elite QB that the Texans have beat has been P. Manning.

    That took place the 3rd week of the season. Peyton’s 3rd game after being off a year, moving, new coordinators, coupla neck surgeries.

    Given what we’ve seen Rodgers and now Brady doing to them – I’d have to think that in a re-match – Manning hangs 4 or more TD’s on them.

    Texans are a decent squad but their D got fat on some bad teams – Fins week 1, Jags, Titans, Jets, had to have OT and a FG to beat the Lions…

    Good, solid team – just not top shelf just yet.

  10. Man some of you guys are brutal. You’ll reach for any excuse possible to hate on NE. Just give credit where it’s due. They’re a model franchise that every one of you would kill to have your team emulate.

  11. I think your right Ej! Whether you like brady or not you can not say he isn’t one of the top qbs ever and will continue to play good…trade to bengals please hehe. Ne second fave team and I get tired of them winning. 49er and pack when superbowls too. I am so glad pittsburgh wont get in the playoffs I hope because I think they won five. when will we get two teams in the super bowl that hasn’t won one?

  12. Not a surprise that the Texans can’t handle a potent passing attack. Mostly their schedule has been cake, but Aaron Rodgers embarrassed them, even Chad Henne and Justin Blackmon embarrassed them. Now Tom Brady is embarrassing them. Nice letterman jackets, but they won’t be adding any patches this season.

  13. I love seeing the referee comments already. Didn’t take you guys very long did it? There’s only been 5 penalties called in the first half (3 Texans, 2 Patriots) and that’s including one bad one for each team (Offensive pass interference on Hernandez, defensive pass interference on Texans). Please..

  14. 7ransponder says:
    Dec 10, 2012 9:29 PM
    “Is anyone else getting sick of the Pats annual success?”
    a viking fan whining about a team that’s consistently Good ?
    wow – I’m shocked.

  15. No doubt at the present time the patriots are the best team in the nfl. Broncos second. Forty niners third then giants then packers then falcons then texans. Two blow outs on national TV by texans way to shine in spot light you over hyped losers

  16. Colts fan here and there is no battle between Manning and Brady. Brady wins hands down. I dislike him but not as much as I dispise the Pats. I can’t wait for the Colts to end their season in about 5 weeks.

  17. Ok, let’s face it. New England is going to win the SB. They may have struggled early in the season, but it’s clear they’ve gotten their $hit together and are practically unbeatable now.

  18. 99% of the time I don’t put much credence into what the so-called experts say going into a game, but not enough can be said about the way the Texans acted going into this game. The Texans put so much extra importance on this one game that losing tonight could be a huge let down the rest of the way. The Patriots treated this game like it was just one of 16 they play this year while the Texans treated it as their Super Bowl. They acted almost as though they were unsure of themselves & that this game, and this game only, would validate them as a good team. I don’t understand why they needed the extra emphasis on this game just to get up for it. By winning tonight they could’ve pretty much wrapped up their division & the #1 seed. Now, they have the Colts breathing down their necks, only 2 games back, along with the Pats climbing up their backs for the #1 overall seed. The Pats will be 1 game back & hold the tiebreaker. The Colts will be 2 games back with 2 games against the Texans. The Texans acted like a team that doesn’t know how to handle success & it could come back to hurt them. There are 2 ways they can handle tonight’s drubbing (I know it’s the 3rd qtr, but it’s over): (1) they can watch, rewatch, and rerewatch the gametape & fix their deficiencies, namely their secondary & their offensive non-play-action passing game; or (2) they could continue thinking they’re better than they really are, lose the upcoming 2 games against the Colts, and go from division-winning, #1 AFC seed to the 5th seed & a road playoff game, probably against the Colts, on the road. The Texans are notorious for late season swoons & their character & mettle will show the final 3 weeks. Either way, they’re not going to go far in the playoffs unless they change things up. If you don’t think things like this happen, when a team puts too much emphasis going into a regular season game, lose, then fall apart thereafter, just look at the Jets last year. The Jets were looking good, patting themselves on the back & placed extra emphasis on their Christmas Eve game v. The Giants. The Jets wanted to show they “own NY,” and that they were no longer “little brother.” Well, the Giants put a good, old fashioned ass whooping on Rex’s little girls & the Jets imploded, missed the playoffs, and the Giants used that win to jump start their way to their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 year. The Texans won’t miss the playoffs like the Jets did, but A LOT can change over the final 3 weeks.

  19. Mr. Wright 212 says:Dec 10, 2012 9:29 PM

    Love watching the overrated and ref-aided Texans get exposed on national TV.


    Go back and read this POS posts by this guy all week. what a fraud. Loved the Texans, hated on the Pats. Meanwhile, America goes to bed.

  20. unionjack1776 says:Dec 10, 2012 10:06 PM

    When will Goodell finally end the Patriots’ reign of cheating?
    Tell us exactly how they’re cheating?

    I dare you.

  21. There are pretty much 4 “model franchises” in the NFL that other teams try to emulate. They are: (1) Patriots; (2) Giants; (3) Steelers; (4) Packers. You can say whatever you would like about each one of them, but they are the ONLY teams that put 100% of their effort – from ownership down to equipment managers – into winning Super Bowls. The Ravens are closing in on becoming one of those teams, but they’re not there just yet. Every team tries to win a Super Bowl, but they don’t dedicate the same effort day in, day out, as the aforementioned do; they are just as concerned with selling tickets & maximizing revenue as they are winning. Then, there are certain teams like the Jets, who care ONLY about selling tickets & making headlines, they are content with bridesmaid status (evident by Jets fans still holding onto back to back AFC CG appearances as though they won it all). So you guys can hate on the Pats all you want, call them cheaters, but all you are demonstrating is nonsensical jealousy. You guys just wish your team could be perennial winners. I’m not even a Pats fan, but this hate for Brady’s Pats is ridiculous, they’re a privilege to watch & everyone will miss them when they’re gone.

  22. Watchied the whole game up to right now, which is 4q at 12 mins. Don’t know how anyone can say the refs have helped the pats THAT much. Go back to whining about spygate.

    And I am a raider fan, btw.

  23. Well Houston, back to beating up on cream puffs next week. Indy comes to town(the worst 9 win team in nfl history). How many picks will Luck throw next week?

  24. OK 49ers fans, you’re next. Looking forward to an excellent game, vs an excellent team. As is Houston. Hopefully there will be less trash talking from fans that overrate their teams and underrate the Pats, the bad defense, the ‘dink and dunk’ ‘gimmick offense'(that one always makes me laugh) etc.

  25. As a Broncos fan, I’m increasingly concerned there is no good way to beat this Patriots team. They had their way with us early in the season, and I kind of chalked that up to Peyton still gelling with his new team. Now that Peyton and the rest of the Broncos seem to be on the same page, the Patriots seem to be playing on an entirely different level from the rest of the league. They are scary good. Even if they come to Denver to play, there’s no inclement weather I can think of that doesn’t hurt Peyton as much or more than Brady.

    I really don’t like the Patriots, but they are pretty amazing to watch as they steamroll over the rest of the league…

  26. The same dweebs who hate on Belichick today will tell their grandkids “I saw the genius in action!”

  27. I sat down to watch 3 hours of commercials and they kept putting bits of a football game in between.

    Seriously, good on the Pats. You really looked dominant tonight. I am looking forward to the Manning / Brady showdown in the AFC Championship game. It now looks like my Broncos will be coming to you for the rematch.

  28. I wish the Giants and Pats could meet in the Super Bowl this year b/c last years Pats weren’t as complete as this year’s edition. This team will not be denied. Brady is the perfect QB.

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