Pete Carroll feels badly for the Cardinals after 58-0 beating


With some time to reflect on his team’s 58-0 destruction of the Cardinals, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he feels for the guys on the opposite sideline.

“It was unfortunate for those guys,” Carroll said on KIRO Radio in Seattle. “That’s terrible when it goes that way.”

But Carroll, whose USC teams frequently blew out overmatched opponents, said there’s only so much you can do to stop yourself when the other team is all but handing you the ball.

“They fumbled the ball five times,” Carroll said. “Once it goes that way and it gets rolling it’s hard to stop. We didn’t have to do much.”

And Carroll defended his decision to have backup quarterback Matt Flynn throw nine passes after starter Russell Wilson was pulled in the third quarter. Carroll said it was important to reward Flynn for his hard work in practice, and to give Flynn some time in the offense.

“Matt Flynn got to play finally, and I was thrilled, as was our football team, that he got to play, and he needed to throw the ball a little bit,” Carroll said.

Although some might criticize Carroll, the score was 38-0 at halftime and 48-0 before the midway point of the third quarter, and by then Carroll pulled many key players, including Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch. It’s not Carroll’s fault that the Cardinals’ defense couldn’t stop anyone, or that Cardinals quarterback John Skelton threw four interceptions on top of those five Arizona fumbles Carroll mentioned.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt acknowledged that after the game, saying it’s Arizona’s job to compete, not Carroll’s job to hold his players back to make the game seem slightly more competitive than it was. The way the Cardinals were playing on Sunday, Seattle could have beaten them by a more lopsided score than 58-0.

75 responses to “Pete Carroll feels badly for the Cardinals after 58-0 beating

  1. I dont see nothing wrong with running up the score, these dudes are professionals not little leaguers, they are paid millions of dollars to stop the madness, its not the other teams job to do that for them

  2. Stat of the game:

    Seattle had 214 yards rushing…..BEFORE CONTACT.

    Passing the ball may actually have been more merciful.

    And what’s more humiliating? A team continuing to score, or a team going into victory formation midway through the third quarter?

  3. ……Though not too bad to continue to drop bombs and run the score up in the 4th quarter. What goes around comes around. Other teams saw this and there will be payback. The college rah-rah persona is starting to grow old with this guy

  4. The only reason to criticize a team for piling on points is they might be exposing starters to injury. The Seahawks did their best not to, so there’s nothing to criticize. And thankfully no one (even the Cardinals) is whining about it.

  5. It was a pathetic performance by a team. Pathetic preparation by the coaching staff.
    Whisenhunt is an overrated coach(Warner deserves all the credit for SB appearance)
    After this humiliation he deserves to be fired immediatly.

    Carroll punked Whisenhunt, and the Seahawks abused his team. Carroll and the Seahawks just took the manhood away from each and every Cardinal

    No excuse for such a humiliating beatdown.

  6. “Matt Flynn got to play finally, and I was thrilled, as was our football team, that he got to play, and he needed to throw the ball a little bit,” Carroll said.

    What are you talking about Pete? Needed to throw the ball? Naw man, you wanted him to throw it and see just how far you could get that game out of hand. All good, just own it.

  7. I don’t know how the Arizona players can justify getting a game check this week.

    I feel like they might have given Seattle a harder time moving the ball if they had literally just laid down and become obstacles for the rushing game.

    If Seattle had consciously been trying to run up the score, the Hawks would have hit 75 points.

  8. Bush league. They were running up the score on a division opponent. No reason to throw into the end zone on 4th and 23 (from outside the 30) when up 40+ points in the 4th quarter. That is much different than what the Patriots are accused of. It is the responsibility of the defense to make a stop but that play was unsportsmanlike.

  9. Funny reaction from a coach that had the score run up on him by Stanford and Harbaugh while he was at USC and then complained about it at the mid-field handshake. Odds are…Harbaugh will have the opportunity to run it up against Carroll in the next few years…let see how Carroll handles that when it happens.

  10. I don’t mind when teams run up the score, but just remember that all it takes is one play for one of your key players to be out for the season. (Gronk) I wouldn’t be mad if teams ran up the score, but if their starters are still in, you better expect I’m going to keep hitting them as hard as I would to start the game.

  11. Anybody who watched the game knew Seattle was doing the a favor throwing on 4th down.

    The Cards had already lost 2 punts (1 for a TD)

    And by the end of the 3rd quarter all of the defensive starters were on the bench, but nobody is complaining because the Cards couldn’t score on anyone yesterday

  12. The Cardinals get paid a lot of money to win games. They still get paid whether they win or lose. No sympathy from me.

  13. Ahahahaha…
    All of the hate for Pete Carroll makes every Seahawks victory that much sweeter.

    Rah_ rah College Persona? You don’t know Pete. At. All. He’s no saint and doesn’t pretend to be. If you listen to his message about how to be in the world, it’s both mature and inspiring.

    Can you challenge yourself to do what you do better than anyone has before? Probably not.

  14. doe22us says:
    Dec 10, 2012 5:51 PM
    Just let it go no need to comment when your opponent is down.
    I agree because right now it sounds like “Man, I feel sorry for it but whoo hoo!!!”.

  15. this is sad carrol has to come out and say this stuff to shut people up.. this is the NFL.. not highschool, not pop warner, not college not flag football(yet).. these are grown men getting paid millions.. u got an issue with the score, stop them!.. as this talk every week about running the score up, or disrespectful this or that is getting old.. man up and play or step out of the way for someone who can do it better and deserves the 6-7 figure checks!

  16. “I don’t mind when teams run up the score, but just remember that all it takes is one play for one of your key players to be out for the season. (Gronk) ”

    Gronk got hurt on an extra point, which almost never happens. Also Tom Brady didn’t throw any passes in the last eight minutes of that game, unlike Seattle (which I have zero issue with).

    And Gronk isn’t out for the season. He’ll definitely be back for the playoffs.

  17. In regards to the “running up the score” debate.
    Consider the tie-breaker rules:


    7) Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.

    8) Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.

    9) Best net points in common games.

    10) Best net points in all games.

    11) Best net touchdowns in all games.

    Please never complain about getting scored on too much. Thank you.

  18. They needed to keep executing. They’re going to need to win out in order to have a chance to win the division and be sharp in the playoffs. Calling give-up plays, with starters or backups, can knock a team off-kilter. The Cardinals are an abomination. You don’t just stop playing hard because they are tanking.

    And the Giants should have scored 70 on the Saints yesterday. God knows they were not stopping the Giants even on the few times they didn’t score (misreads by Eli and the classic drive-killer penalties we have every week).

  19. At the end of the game the Seahawks got the ball with 10secs left in the game on the 25 yard line or so… if they really wanted to rack up the score they could have gone for a field goal at that point… But I think the whole reason they kept on playing was to get their 2nd string in game play time, more expierence the better.

  20. Flynn has two start in his entire career before coming to Seattle. If Wilson gets hurt the Seahawks will need Flynn to be ready. I wasn’t particularly pleased with the fourth down pass into the end zone, but Flynn did need the work. Also, Turbin was averaging almost as many yards per rush as Flynn averaged per attempt. So what is the difference. I have never seen a team completely quit until Sunday.

  21. FinFan68 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 5:58 PM
    Bush league. They were running up the score on a division opponent. No reason to throw into the end zone on 4th and 23 (from outside the 30) when up 40+ points in the 4th quarter. That is much different than what the Patriots are accused of. It is the responsibility of the defense to make a stop but that play was unsportsmanlike.


    Carroll essentially elected to kick (throw) a much more difficult field goal. His options were kicking a field goal (what essentially WOULD be running up the score), punting (which would be a condescending move from the field position they were in), running the ball (which probably would have resulted in a touchdown, given how weak the Cardinals were playing) or throwing the ball. Throwing a deep ball is high risk and makes it look like the Seahawks at least respect their opponent enough to keep trying (even if the opponent has long since thrown in the towel).

  22. Why should the Seahawks be expected to quit playing just because the Cardinals decided not to compete in that game? Don’t like them throwing late in the game? Intercept the pass. Don’t like Flynn throwing on play action? Sack him. Don’t like getting blown out? Stop turning the ball over and play defense.

  23. How can any of you guys sit there and complain that just because Matt Flynn threw a couple of passes that it counts as running up the score?

    That game was actually not that good by the Seahawks QBs. The Seahawks running game was on fire and so was the defense.

    My point is, anyone who says that throwing it shows that the Hawks were running up the score should realize that if Carroll wanted to run up the score he would have had his team running on every down. Matt Flynn threw 9 passes but it was Leon Washington who ran in the final touchdown after Turbin got his 100+ yard game. The Cardinals couldn’t stop the run, so they were better off having the Seahawks pass for more plays.

  24. Most professional football players make millions. Nobody should worry about their feelings of getting humiliated. They’re grown men. They’ll get over it.

  25. Why is this even an issue? The media needs to stop indicting teams for winning by huge margins and instead attack the teams like Arizona who get blown out. ALL teams should run it up. That’s what competition is about.

  26. I’m not really sure what else you can do to not run up the score when you’ve already pulled your starters less than halfway into the 3rd quarter.

    I was at this game and I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Despite the score the first quarter was fairly close considering the errors by arizona.

    If the Seahawks wanted to run up the score, they could have scored 80 points. and I’m not even exagerrating.

    58 despite the errors and ineptness of the cardinals entire team yesterday was merciful.

    In the stands, from halftime on, it was a party while a football game was played in the background.

    I’ve never seen a team as terrible as the cardinals yesterday, and I remember the ’92 seahawks.

  27. I think ete Carroll is an idiot. Having said that, he’s got to get Flynn some snaps. If Wilson gets hurt Flynn is thrown into the QB job without having played.

    A lot of coaches say ‘It;s about us, not them”. Seahawks aren’t in a luxury position.

    As for those candy ass Cardinals. They can choose NOT to walk to the bank and cash their paychecks today. They all got paid toplay as hard as Seattle. They chose not to.

  28. I can’t stand coaches that run up the score. Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick, they both have ran up the score on their opposition several times. Passing in the 4th quarter and up by 40. Deep passes, trick plays and sometimes keeping starters on the field. Both of these coaches absolutely hate to lose and would do anything possible to win one more game, including cheating. That is why I enjoy seeing these two after the game when they do lose, Its very entertaining at the least.

  29. It would be awesome if the people who called Pete an “idiot” had anything to back it up. NFL coach making millions leading a team that’s gotten better every year after completely overhauling the roster to the tune of only 4 or 5 guys left from the team he took over.

    Rookie sack leader everyone said was a reach. Rookie QB everyone said was too small who should be in the conversation for OROY. Rookie MLB who will probably win DROY. Richard Sherman 5th round pick and one of the best shut-down corners in the NFL, if not the best.

    What a total idiot.

  30. Throwing on 4th & 23 is unsportsmanlike?

    You do realise the other option was a field goal to make it 61 – 0, don’t you?

    What would you have called that in your armchair wisdom? Fair play?

  31. I don’t think coach Carroll could have said it any better. It’s the NFL, not church league. It’s these players jobs to compete at a high level. Plus you have to realize that when the second and third string guys get in there, they are trying to show the coach what they can do in game time situations, so they are obviously going to go balls out. If they Cardinals complain about the score, maybe they should have not turned the ball over so many times.

  32. I don’t see any problem with them scoring as many points as possible. I also won’t see a problem when they have it done to them in the playoffs.

  33. This was a great read……….It is nice to have to put up with someone saying the Hawks were soooooooo good that they should have played less than their best to be nice to the opposing team. It has been a long time in coming……

    Go Hawks!

  34. I played football in high school. We once had a team beat 42 to 0 in the first quarter and eventually won the game 69 to 0. we ran the veer in highschool which is basically a running offense. And, we actually started working on our passsing game which wasn’t that good. I remember thinking that if our coaches wouldn’t have stopped us from running the ball we would have went for 90 that game. The problem is when your running the ball and scoring it really hard not to score a lot of points because there’s nothing else you can do to stop yourselves from scoring. I didn’t see the game but the states tell me the Cards quit. And, it’s not the hawk responsiblity to stop themselves. From time to time this sort of thing happens. But, Pete do everyone a favor. Don’t try to explain it. It only makes it look worse.

  35. “FinFan68 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 5:58 PM
    Bush league. They were running up the score on a division opponent. No reason to throw into the end zone on 4th and 23 (from outside the 30) when up 40+ points in the 4th quarter. That is much different than what the Patriots are accused of. It is the responsibility of the defense to make a stop but that play was unsportsmanlike.”

    Lol I guess they could have just kicked a field goal

  36. If Pete Carroll wanted to run up the score yesterday, the Seahawks would have scored 75 points comfortably. That sounds insane, but it really was the case.

  37. hitit49 says:
    Dec 10, 2012 7:30 PM
    Hey stinky Pete dont you remember when you dropped the whats your deal bomb for the same treatment?


    Big difference between doing that to a team full of kids and a team full of millionaire professionals. The Cards ran the score up on themseves anyway.

  38. I don’t see any problem with them scoring as many points as possible. I also won’t see a problem when they have it done to them in the playoffs.

    This is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read. Seattle hasn’t lost by more than 1 score all season and has beaten 6 teams that are still in playoff contention. No one in the NFL is blowing this team or this defense out.

  39. How does he feel about getting credit for winning a football game that the whole world recognizes his team didnt earn? Perhaps there is a limit to his empathy – if not his integrity…

  40. There is no level of sports in the world that should get butthurt about having the score run up on them. From pop-warner, to powderpuff, to highschool, college, and pro.

    There are valuable lessons in getting beaten like you stole something, just as there are valuable lessons in losing a tight one, and winning by both margins.

    The Pro level is the most laughable. These guys came from college, where the culture was to run up the score with the hopes of getting the best bowl bid, and then they are getting paid to now do a job.

    This should be a non-issue. “We’re living in a society of men, who have been raised by women, the last thing we need is another woman.” Start acting like it men.

  41. Cardinals should have just played better instead of quitting like they did! I Hate pete carrol,but he was not running up the score! the cardinals are just that bad,at least yesterday they were!

  42. Let’s think back a few years when Prince ( poop pants ) Pete was the coach at USC. Due to excellent coaching/recruiting he was able secure one Reggie Bush who under his watch was able to win the Heisman trophy. Win a couple championships. To bad it was found out while on Prince (poop pants) Pete’s watch Reggie did not get free tatoos, or a free car, no free clothes. Nope he got a house, a friggen house for his mom in SoCal. So when the flames start nipping PppP feet he bails. So now that Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman. What happens you might ask to the involved parties? USC is disgraced, Reggie Bush is disgraced (although he was hitting on Kim K so I will give him that) and Prince (poop pants) Pete gets another chance to coach in the NFL which is kind of fitting as no one outside of Seattle cares about Seattle. He is a disgrace as a coach and even worse, a disgrace as a human being.

  43. Solution for Cardinals is simple: Draft a QB in the early 1st round, instead of drafting them in the 4th round or signing unproven FA QBs such as Kolb.

    That’s what every other team (except Patriots) did to acquire a franchise QB. Can’t understand why the Cardinals can’t figure it out lol.

  44. Wow, you all think Seattle is a great team because they pounded the worst team in the league.

    They still may not even make the playoffs even with the Green Bay gift.

    Pete is not a top level coach either.

  45. As an Arizona fan, I have sat through many many terrible losses but this one took the cake. I was actually rooting for Seattle to run the score up in the 4th quarter. Maybe I felt like the Cards deserved the embarrassment, maybe it was the whiskey talking. Whatever it was, this team needs an enema.

  46. That was the seventh best defense that gave up 58 points to the Seahawks

    Sounds to me that the sports media must have too little to talk about if they make a big deal out of this

  47. I’m SO sick of the criticism of Carroll for his persona. If any of us had 1/10 the passion for what we do that he does, not only would we benefit, but the world around us would as well.

    I challenge anyone to watch the film from that game and show me a team that was trying to embarrass the other.

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