ProfootballTalk: Week 14 questionable calls

Was Andrew Luck down on the pick-six he threw? Was Reggie Nelson’s hit on Dez Bryant really illegal? Former NFL official Jim Daopoulos answers those questions and more.

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1 responses to “ProfootballTalk: Week 14 questionable calls

  1. Luck *was* down on the pick-six. The eye-in-the-sky don’t lie.

    The Nelson hit on Dez was legal. Another bad call.

    Ngata’s hit on RGIII – the one he was flagged for, was also legal. Yet another bad call.

    Antonio Brown was mugged in the Charger game, but it was an abysmal non-call. Should have been clear defensive P.I.

    To this day, it still amazes me that the “Real Refs” somehow successfully managed to paint themselves as modern day “HEROES” -by- decrying the incompetence of the replacement refs. I guess they must have “forgotten” about how regularly they themselves butchered calls too.

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