Report: Change coming to Ravens coaching staff

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Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show opened up with a potential bombshell regarding a likely playoff team.

Dan Patrick said that a change could be coming to John Harbaugh’s coaching staff in Baltimore.

Immediate speculation will center on offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.  But the failure of the defense to hold a lead could get defensive coordinator Dean Pees in hot water.  (Or, at a minimum, 98.6-degree liquid.)  And special-teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg could be feeling a little nervous this morning after his punt team allowed the Redskins to get in position to score the game-winning field goal.

Dan says to stay tuned.  So we will.

34 responses to “Report: Change coming to Ravens coaching staff

  1. They put up 28 points in a hostile environment so I don’t know that you can Blame Cam for this one.

    Dean Pees’s defense did let up 31 points, but given how many guys they are missing I feel like he should get a break.

    I can’t speak to the Special Teams over the course of they year but whatever they’ve done with Jacoby Jones seems to be working – firing a guy because of an OT punt return seems knee-jerk, even if Harbaugh as an ex-ST Coach might hold that to a higher standard.

    Never want to see a guy lose a job just for the sake of lighting a fire so I’m not sure if anyone deserves to get the axe today. A Ravens fan could probably correct me but based on what I’ve seen this is just a hard fought game that they lost to a team that matches up well against them.

  2. If there are changes made, I doubt it’s based solely on the outcome of this one game.

  3. You can’t put this on Dean Pees. At least, not entirely. He’s working with a totally depleted unit, a lot of guys who really should be relegated to backup duties. The starters they DO have been been riddled with injuries (Ngata, Lewis, Suggs, the core three). Losing Webb was the most devastating loss for the season, IMO.

  4. The Ravens biggest weakness could be their O & D coordinators. Belichick kicked Pees to the curb once his contract expired and Cameron has never impressed me as an out of the box thinker. Last week he didn’t run Ray Rice(their best player) in the 4th quarter ? And the Ravens schedule does not get easier.

  5. I believe the offensive part. Not the defense or ST.

    ST has been pretty good this year. One mistake gets a guy in hot water?

    The defense has crazy injuries so you give the guy the benefit of the doubt for now.

    Offense….thats all you hear about. The offense has not improved at all. Check the stats. When you have an offense set up with all types of weapons and can barely move the ball…then you have an issue.

  6. Ravens fans have been unmerciful with Cameron and it likely cost him his job. They were a dropped touchdown pass away from the Super Bowl last year. He’s won 100 games as an OC in less than 10 full seasons.

    I’m sure the Ravens felt like they could make the move with Caldwell on the staff but Ravens fans should be careful what they wish for. The problem just might be Joe Flacco, who just seems brain dead sometimes. Brees went to the Pro Bowl under Cam very young in his career and Rivers went in his first full year as a starter. Flacco is in year five and hasn’t taken the next step.

  7. As a Skins fan, I find the sight of a normally stable Ravens organization making a knee-jerk Dan Snyder-esque coaching move because of a loss, quite amusing.

  8. I can’t wait to see what happens with Flacco’s free agency. They pretty much have to re-sign him because they have no other option and aren’t really in a position to go gambling on someone (I guess they could bring in an Alex Smith), yet there’s no way they think he’s worth what he thinks he’s worth.

  9. The Ravens are overrated this year, should have lost a couple of more games, but have been playing without Ray Lewis, their leader, Suggs, the Defensive MVP last year, and their CBs have been hurt too.

  10. I know everyone is gonna think its Cameron. But it would be odd timing considering we just put up 28 points. I think it has to be Dan Pees. I know he was handed a bad situation with Suggs, Lewis, Ellerbee, Smith, and Webb all being out multiple games with injuries but his 4 man rush zones have now cost us 2 leads.

    I’m not an NFL play calling expert but I’ve watched football enough to know that you attack mediocre quarterbacks (Batch/Cousins) with blitzes. You don’t sit back in a soft zone and give them time to throw the ball. Pees reminds me of Greg Mattison and that’s not a good thing.

  11. The problems with the Ravens, for the most part, have to do primarily with coaching. And it starts with Harbaugh, and spreads down from there. The guy was with the Eagles for 10 years (that’s right, folks…10 years!) and never even got promoted to a coordinator’s position. He’s an arrogant little Andy Reid clone who routinely tells the press which questions to ask, and which questions he simply will not answer. And his gaudy W/L record notwithstanding, he’s absolutely clueless. They really need to clean house completely, but at least if they dump Cameron and put in Caldwell, there’s a CHANCE the team can win some important games that they will NEVER win with Cameron at the helm.

  12. If it’s not Cameron than it’s a HORRIBLE decision. And no, dezmick, this reaction would be the complete opposite of “knee-jerk.” The Ravens should have a top 5 offense given their talent level, and have never finished in the top 10 under Cameron. More proof that Cameron is the problem- Flacco has a rating of 113 when the Ravens go no-huddle and he calls the plays, and a rating of 75 when Cameron does (and that was before yesterday, that differential was only widened by that game). And you wonder why Flacco wants to run all no-huddle?

    The Ravens defense hasn’t been what it was last year, but they were playing yesterday without:

    -The Defensive Player of the Year
    -Their THREE best inside linebackers (Lewis, Ellerbe, and McClain, who got hurt during the game)
    -One of the best CBs in the league and one of their best blitzers and tacklers (Webb)
    -Their second best CB and a rising star (J. Smith)
    Hard to play good D when you are historically banged-up like this unit is.

    Finally, the Special Teams weren’t great yesterday (although they did force a fumble that they recovered, only to be questionably overturned by replay), but before this game, they had been historically good (by football outsiders’ metrics). This isn’t the problem.

    Cam, I pray you are gone. You are the worst.

  13. There’s absolutely nothing amusing about people losing their job, and if they do make the move I wouldn’t characterize it as knee jerk. There’s been a disconnect between Cameron and Flacco for years now, and since the team isn’t progressing, now is the time to remove Cameron from the equation so Flacco can be evaluated. If Caldwell – whom Flacco has great rapport with – can have a positive effect, then the blame would go to Cameron. However, if Caldwell can’t improve Flacco’s pocket awareness, accuracy, timing, etc., then the team will know for sure that Flacco has reached his ceiling, and they will have a decision to make in the off-season. With all of the team’s injuries, the season is very much on the brink, and it’s going to rely on the offense to outscore the competition and win some games for us. Yesterday was a perfect opportunity to do so, and Flacco, Cameron, the “scheme”, all failed to do so.

    With the Steelers and the Bengals losing as well, this is a good time to make whatever coaching moves will benefit the organization.

    As far as yesterday’s game is concerned, kudos to the Redskins for a job well done. No excuses. It was obvious what a great QB RG3 is going to be. I was at the game, and I was surrounded by Skins fans. They were knowledgeable – unlike a few on this board – and friendly.

  14. I’m sorry but I think we need to fire our entire coaching staff. Our defense has been awful all season which to me says that Pees isn’t getting the job done. I think we should’ve fired Cam a long time ago. The only person on our coaching staff I would consider not firing is Harbaugh but the fact that he stuck with Cam this long and that the players almost turned on him a couple weeks ago says to me that it’s time to go. Also considering all of the coaches that’ll be looking for jobs at the end of the season, Norv Turner, Andy Reid, Rex Ryan, etc, I think it’s a great time to change our coaching staff.

  15. Yeah go for it, Harbaugh. It worked for Philly, why not you? Mid season coordinator changes are what makes playoff teams.

  16. As a Steelers fan, I’d love nothing more than for the Ravens organization to implode.

    That said, it makes no sense to make any coaching changes, other than *maybe* Cameron (but I think that is extreme as well).

    Remember when everyone was calling for Dick LeBeau’s head? They all look pretty stupid now. I think Harbaugh would look equally stupid for cutting his DC or ST.

    This season is a story, and as that story unfolded, a lot of challenges were placed at the feet of the Ravens. Both the Ravens and Steelers have had to weather some pretty tough times, and bigtime losses to injuries.

    Culling the staff doesn’t make sense from that perspective, as the injuries don’t suddenly go away because you fired a coach. Or three.

    I also do not think Flacco is as good as he says he is, and also don’t think he has demonstrated that he is as good as he says he is either. That is an issue, but let’s be realistic: If you want a true franchise QB you gotta go TOP TEN in the draft.

    Ravens never draft that high. Was Pittsburgh’s problem for well over a decade too – and the one time we did (ok, eleventh was the best we could do), we got Ben.

    As long as the Ravens are competitive, they are not going to have access to a franchise QB, unless they get a crazy lucky deal in free agency.

    Is that really the staff’s fault for fielding a team that is competitive every year?

    Ok done typing now, gotta go wash my keyboard. 😉

  17. The Raiders have offered a trade of Greg Knapp for Cameron….aka be happy you’ve got what you got!

  18. Why didn’t Harbaugh go for two yesterday when they scored late to go up by seven points. If you make it the game is over. If you don’t make it and the other team scores they are still going to overtime because the Skins would have just kicked the extra point. That was a big blunder on Harbaugh’s part.

  19. Hahaha this team is imploding. Everyone loves a good train wreck. Thank god we have the ratbirds to provide that for us.!!!!

  20. Cam Cameron has been a lousy coordinator. He does not make in game adjustments. He barely gives the ball to Ray Rice. In the 2nd half agaisnt pittsburgh last week, Rice had two carries. never mind in the first half he average 6.2 yards per carry.

    Cameron consistently does not have routes running over the middle of the field. Ravens fans are well aware of Flaccos limitations. But Cameron is obssessed with throwing the ball

  21. Cam Cameron has been a lousy coordinator. He does not make in game adjustments. He barely gives the ball to Ray Rice.


    Ray Rice is 2nd in NFL in touches since beginning of 2010 season behind only Arian Foster.

  22. steelersownyou says: Dec 10, 2012 10:57 AM

    Hahaha this team is imploding. Everyone loves a good train wreck. Thank god we have the ratbirds to provide that for us.!!!!”

    Says the guy whose team got blown out at home by the Chargers and sits a full two games behind said “train wreck.”

  23. Add Cam Cameron to the list of lousy coaches, with Tony Sparano. Ask any Dolphin fans, we had to put up with both of them, and they suck.

  24. They need to fire harbaugh, cam, all the way down the line….start fresh, harbawl makes too many bad and idiotic decisions…they need to get a better Qb too in the off season….

  25. Is John Harbaugh ever going to hold himself accountable? He’s fired some good coaches and others jumped ship, (some weren’t let out of their contracts, IE Montgomery <—Yeah thats right, Rice's coach). I'd like to see him hold himself accountable for once. He sure did take some notes from Andy Reid.

  26. It’s one thing to not get the most out of Flacco, simply because nobody knows his real ceiling.

    To all but ignore a proven playmaker in Ray Rice for an entire deciding quarter is embarassing.

  27. Given how conservative and protective the front office is of their coaching staff it’s hard to imagine they’re forcing anyone out.

    Someone may be stepping down for “personal reasons.”

    It’s late in the season, if losing close games is bad, wreaking havoc on your team’s psyche by making a big move like this is disastrous.

    It’s probably much ado about nothing.

  28. I’d like to see Coach Harbaugh have some accountability. Its the refs, its the assistants… Come on, you hired these people. I’m tired of these head coaches blaming everyone but themselves. Better change it up, its not working for Andy Reid anymore.

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