Report: Raiders to cut Ron Bartell


The Raiders have spent a lot of time cleaning up the mistakes of the previous regime this season.

According to Bill Williamson of, they’ve decided to move on to cleaning up mistakes of the current regime as well. Williamson reports that the Raiders have told cornerback Ron Bartell that he will be released on Monday.

Bartell signed a one-year deal with the Raiders in March after he was released by the Rams following seven years in St. Louis. He missed all but one game in 2011 because of a neck injury and broke his shoulder blade in the season opener this year, landing him on injured reserve with the designation to return. He missed seven games, but has started the last five for 3-10 Oakland. He didn’t play particularly well, but, then, neither did too many others on the Oakland defense.

The timing indicates the Raiders would rather see what the likes of Michael Huff and Phillip Adams can do at cornerback and then move forward in the offseason with a fuller idea of what they need to do to improve the performance at cornerback and on the defense as a whole.

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  1. “they’ve decided to move on to cleaning up mistakes of the current regime as well.”

    Yes, because the Raiders are the only team that lets go of players after signing them. SMH.

    The fact is that they found a gem in Phillip Adams, so they don’t need Bartell.

    It’s called upgrading, Alper.

  2. The Raiders are willing to admit their mistake and move on? Pretty big change from the previous regime. Al never admitted mistakes.

  3. Adams has been solid as of late. Huff will move back to safety next year. I look for reggie to trade down in draft for more picks. But Ron had 3 games left under his contract why not let him atleast travel with team. I hope they bring Checkwa up from practice squad. See if he can cut it.

  4. lol @ JoeToronto.

    More spin for a terrible team. If Adams was a gem he would have been starting

    Fact is, the Raiders are terrible and have digressed to the point its laughable.

  5. If they don’t know what they have in Huff, I don’t see how 3 games is going to change that – the guy’s 29 fer cripes sake.

  6. Texans may want to at least kick the tires to see what he can do. It would be adding another failed Raider CB to the roster, but we’re so desperate for bodies in the secondary, we’ll take what we can get.

  7. The Raiders already know what the likes of Michael Huff can do at cornerback. Not much. They brought in Bartell and Spencer because they fit the budget, and signed both to one year deals. Bartell was decent in St. Louis before he broke his neck, but he’s been beaten regularly this season, and Adams is better.

  8. “mjbulls45 says: Dec 10, 2012 1:00 PM

    jon gruden has proven he is the only man that can save the Raiders in the past 20 years.

    just GRU baby”


    And apparently he knows how to beat/embarrass the Raiders as well……

  9. It’s a new day in Oakland. Even though the new regime signed Bartell. He was only meant to be a stopgap player at best. They are out of the playoff mix again. So u cut him se what u have with the rest of the roster. Then move on to the task at hand. Building a proper NFL TEAM. A team based around accountability, performance and competition. Oh and Huff has not been bad at all at CB. Its looking more and more like that’s where he should have been playing his whole career

  10. I hope Mark Davis shows patience and allows McKenzie the necessary time it will take to retool the roster. I’m a Giants fan but the reason why I even care is because there are some great players on the Raiders and with some improvement around them, this could be a team that is fun to watch and is in contention for a playoff spot. Carson Palmer, Jared Velheer, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, Marcel Reese, DMC if he’s healthy (huge if), Brandon Myers, Michael Huff, Tyvon Branch, Desmond Bryant, Lamarr Houston, Philip Wheeler, Phillip Adams and maybe a couple that I am missing are a good foundation to build on.. for Davis to pull the plug on McKenzie or Allen would show immaturity and a lack of understanding of how to build a winning NFL franchise.

  11. This whole thing is a re-build. Bartell was just a rental to keep the spot warm for a year, just like Shawntae Spencer. This isn’t a big deal. Cutting Bartell is nothing….I’m more interested in the players like Rolando McClain and Darren McFadden….guys who needed to show that they are long-term pieces to the puzzle, and haven’t. That’s where the real stories are.

  12. The Raiders won’t have the first pick. They will have the 2nd. The Chiefs are still technically a NFL team.

  13. They announced Bartell is gone and Checkwa is on the active roster.

    It should have been like this all year. Bartell runs about as fast as I do, Checkwa is young. If you’re going to get beat anyway I can never understand why this and some other team refuse to play young players.

  14. Stevie Brown was drafted by the Raiders He looked like he was showing some potential during the preseason last year. He was always around the ball & had a tendency to intercept it, just like he’s doing now. Somehow he got released at the end of the preseason and we ended up with Matt Giardano instead. Now Stevie Brown is making highlight reel plays in the Meadowlands and Matt is constantly ending up on highlight reels for which ever team the Raiders play against. SMH

  15. joetoronto:

    The Raiders are brutal, crazy, crazy bad. To watch.

    This time, next year, when you’re looking for a new head coach (again), and a new GM (again), and a new QB (again) after yet another sub .500 season, please come on back here and discuss whom the “trolls” really are.

  16. dannymac17 says: Dec 10, 2012 12:57 PM

    lol @ JoeToronto.

    More spin for a terrible team. If Adams was a gem he would have been starting
    Fact is, the Raiders are terrible and have digressed to the point its laughable.
    The only difference between the Raiders and the Chargers at this point is draft position. One good game against the Steelers didn’t save your laughable season.

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