Rolando McClain reinstated to Raiders roster


Earlier on Monday, we shared a report that the Raiders would release cornerback Ron Bartell.

The team has made that move official and also announced that linebacker Rolando McClain has been reinstated to the active roster. McClain was suspended for the last two games for conduct detrimental to the team after an argument with coach Dennis Allen during practice. McClain said that he was finished with the Raiders, but Monday’s move shows that the Raiders have a different take on the matter.

According to the team, McClain will not be required to return to work until he and Allen have a conversation. Allen is away from the team to attend his father’s funeral, so any such meeting will be delayed until he returns. If he does suit up and play in the final three weeks of the season, part of the intent will likely be rehabilitating his value enough to create a possible market for his services in the offseason.

The Raiders also released fullback Owen Schmitt and promoted cornerback Chimdi Chekwa from the practice squad. Chekwa, a 2011 fourth-round pick, played in four games last season and was signed to the practice squad after failing to make the team out of training camp.

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  1. The Raiders already dumped on this player and didn’t support him. Make Dennis Allen beg and offer him a pay raise or don’t expect him to want to be there. Rolando should be upfront and tell him he will only do the minimum required by his contract to still get paid at this point unless they cough up an extra incentive after how they have treated him.

  2. Im done with Rolando so is most of raider nation. Cut ties and get Manti! Im excited to see Chekwa though I always rooted for this guy ever sense he was drafted. He showed more promise then Dvd although i think they shoulda kept DVD over carlos fransis or Spener!

  3. poprox13 says: Dec 10, 2012 2:21 PM

    They should make him waterboy but he’d probably find a way to screw that up too.


    Do you really think Raider players want their water delivered slow? 9 out of 10 times he’ll also miss the area they are in and run right past…..

  4. McClain has not been the same since they drafted Mile Burris, and he just sulked with a bad attitude ever since..And why blame the raiders as one post has it here?

    We had no clue if he was going to serve time in jail for what he did, The raiders needed additional LB’s and they drafted 4 overall, Burris just happens to still have a high motor and turned to be a great pick! he has totally outplayed McClain since he was drafted 2 years ago.

    Kudos to Chekwa!! It was hard seeing Bartell get schooled in the Denver game, and he signed for 1 year anyway – Lets see if Chekwa can show promise here the next 3 games. he deserves a shot and show what he can do –

    Schmitt was expendable as he was never used, so we are now tweaking to see who can play and stick around for next year.

  5. Well I’m happy to see Chekwa finally getting a chance but it’s sad to see the Runaway Beer Truck get cut. I like his attitude.

    As far as McClain goes….3 more weeks till the inevitable. You can’t let him throw a fit and get his wish. Make him play special teams. I wonder who would get there first? McClain or Janikowski? My money is on Jano.

  6. The talk of trading him is laughable. In order to trade, BOTH sides have to offer something of value.
    Why would any team trade for a player that they can sign for the league minimum after he gets released?

  7. I could be wrong, but I think the only reason the Raiders added McClain to the active roster was to avoid suspending him for the rest of the season and then having to deal with the NFLPA and grievance procedure. The team has enough problems already, and that would just be one more unneeded distraction. I DOUBT that he ever plays another down for them. As for trading him, he has NO trade value. The whole league has tape of him. Why give up something for him when you know he will simply be cut? Also, I like Manti but I really hope we trade down and acquire more picks. McKenzie nailed it with Burris. If he can do that again in this draft with more picks, we’ll be better off in the long run by addressing several areas of need. Plus, I wonder if Manti would be another Rey Mauluga..idk. God knows we’ve suffered enough setbacks.

  8. no way do we take Te’o with the overall # 1 pick. It’s O-line or D-line period. Wait until the combine, and see what Te’o 3 cone, shuttle, and 40 time is. Speed of the NFL is far greater in the NFL than at the collegiate level.

    As far as “thestrategyexpert” ” who thinks Rolondo should do the minimum, my answer to that, is why would he change now? That is all he has ever done.

  9. Oh goodie I was missing watching him hit the wrong gap and be out of position on most every play. How bad is this guy that his coming back actually makes the team worse?

  10. Glad to see Bartell gone. Rolando will be gone soon. Burris has outplayed him by far.

    The Raiders have got to fix that D first and foremost. They played well around the goal line last Thursday night, but that’s easier to defend with a short field. If they had a decent D…one that doesn’t give up 20-30 yard gouges EVERY defensive possession, it wouldn’t matter if Carson thru 1 or 2 picks a game. They should trade that first pick for more picks, use them ALL on D and go with Carson for another year or two, then draft a QB. If they draft a QB with that first pick now, they’ll still be crap on defense. These rookie QB’s that are doing so well now – part of that is they at least have a mediocre defense. You can’t tell me a rookie QB can come in and save the team and play any better than Carson has. SOLIDIFY the D!!! That takes the pressure off Carson and doesn’t force him to try and carry the team on his shoulders. And, Greg Knapp MUST go!!! How can that offense take that many steps backwards from last year?!

  11. elmaxoh says: Dec 10, 2012 2:33 PM

    Trade that guy and draft Manti Te’o.
    Another linebacker with questionable speed? Let’s hope not. With any luck the Raiders will have a top 3 pick and can trade down a bit.

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