Saints loss embarrassing, but not unusual this year

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When the Saints won five of six games to get back to .500 on the season, it became fashionable to mark them a dangerous team, pushing for a playoff berth.

But a three-game losing streak that follow has revealed them for what they are, a flawed team that isn’t sure how to fix it, with time dwindling to do so.

“When you’re losing the way that were losing, you’re a fragile football team,” interim coach Joe Vitt said, via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “We’ve got a lot of guys who are used to winning and doing things the right way around here. But, unfortunately, we don’t have enough of them. All of a sudden something goes bad and it’s, ‘Oh, here we go again,’ instead of just setting your jaw and drawing a line in the sand and having some mental toughness to get it done.”

The 52-27 beating they took from the Giants was the second-worst of the Drew Brees era, and tied the most points allowed since their quarterback joined them. In those last three, they’ve been outscored 106-61 and committed 11 turnovers.

The Saints only had one three-game losing streak under suspended coach Sean Payton. This is their second of the season.

“That’s not us,” Brees said. “We know better.”

Or maybe it is.

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  1. This game swung on ST play. You can’t let a strong opponent start deep within your own territory over and over again. It’s a lack of focus, or a lack of talent down the roster.

  2. If they spent half as much effort on football as they waste lying about bounties, they’d be right there. But I guess Drew demands an explanation about that too…

  3. I can understand the offensive struggles, Payton is an offensive genius and no team has ever had their coach suspended like that.

    The defense is another story. It’s always been bad, we just had Darren Sharper and Tracy Porter generating huge turnovers to mask it in the Superbowl year. They have so many 1st round and 2nd round picks on that defense that it’s mind-blogging how bad they are. Mickey Loomis is great at evaluating offensive talent(Graham, Evans, Colston etc. in late rounds) but is apparently really bad at defense.

  4. They haven’t had many draft picks the last few years. Still puzzled at why they’d cough up two first rounders for Ingram. He’s just another running back. They coulda had one of those in the fourth round. Now they got no second rounder because Goodell’s freaked out about all the lawyers suing the league. Gonna take a few years to get out from under this mess, but I think if Spags gets the guys he wants and they just leave him alone for two more years and let him coach, we’ll be okay. Meanwhile, these cats better get to signing Payton. Like now.

  5. That was a bizarre game, as much as the score indicates a shellacking, the Saints had some moments in that game when they had the momentum and were a play or two from tying it/really pressuring the New York Giants.

    I was sitting there thinking this is great as the Giants were making plays and driving up the lead, then three minutes later the Saints were within 15 and had the ball.

    The defense gave up some big plays but also made some big plays. I was quite impressed with Stevie Brown who just has a knack for making plays. Antrelle Rolle is a leader on the field who orchestrates a lot of plays and it was refreshing to see the Saints receive a smackdown from the Giants because in the past it was all New Orleans in this head-to-head battle.

  6. “They haven’t had many draft picks the last few years. Still puzzled at why they’d cough up two first rounders for Ingram.”

    @wayupsouth – That decision stemmed from what happened the year before when all of their RBs were hurt by the end of the payoff game. They thought they were getting a durable RB with Ingram. Hasn’t panned out.

  7. It’s hard to fault Brees’ ints over the last few games when he’s been bailing the defense out every game since he’s been a Saint. Our defense is beyond terrible, especially the secondary. The only players I’d consider keeping on that side is Cam Jordan and Jabari Greer. Jordan didn’t show much last year in the sack total after taking in 1st round for being one of the most pro ready DE’s out that class, but has really come on strong this year and the only bright spot of the D-Line. Greer has been a very underrated shutdown corner since when we signed him in ’09 so it’s hard to criticize him much for his play over the last few games.

    Patrick Robinson, Johnny Patrick, Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper, as well as our Special Teams coach, on the other hand, all need to be shown the door as soon as the offseason gets here. Time after the time we gave the Giants great field position to get an easy score due to terrible ST coverages and ultimately handing them the game. Those 4 clowns in the secondary mentioned are the main reason why we’re 5-8. Even if Goodell didn’t unjustly take our season away by suspending Payton the entire year, I’m still not sure we would’ve had a legit chance to play at home for the SB since our DBs have constantly given up big plays all season long.

  8. jimmygrahamchrisivory says:

    It’s hard to fault Brees’ ints over the last few games when he’s been bailing the defense out every game since he’s been a Saint.

    The defense gave the Giants the ball on the Saints 45, 35, the 20 and the 22 yesterday?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that was the Drew Brees led offense that gave the ball to the Giants deep in Saints territory 4 times, leading to 24 points.

    When Drew and company set up the Giants offense with a short field and put their defensive teammates right back on the field with little or no rest – it doesn’t make sense to lay the blame of the defense.

    Brees has thrown 9 INT’s in the last 3 games – funny thing – they lost all 3 games. And of course it was all the defenses fault (sarcasm).

    NO defense isn’t good, but Brees has been as much of the problem as anyone else on the team “in the last few games”…

  9. contraisloosebuthole says: Dec 10, 2012 2:20 PM

    The Giants still cannot beat a running team.

    Thankfully, we don’t face another one the rest of the year. And the spoilers Week 17 feature a guy with fumbilitis.

  10. However, we owed the Saints, especially since they run up the score on their “fast track”. No much for that in foggy East Rutherford. We should have scored 70. God knows they couldn’t stop us.

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