Tagliabue decision coming Tuesday, but bounty case not over yet


Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is expected to announce on Tuesday his decision on the appeals for four players suspended in the Saints bounty case. But that doesn’t mean this whole thing is over.

Reports from the Associated Press and New Orleans Times-Picayune say that if Tagliabue does uphold any of the players’ suspensions, he’ll delay implementation of the suspensions for at least another week to give time to Judge Helen Berrigan time to issue a ruling.

So Saints defensive end Will Smith, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, Browns linebacker Scott Fujita and free-agent defensive end Anthony Hargrove won’t necessarily know for sure what their fate is even after Tagliabue issues his ruling.

Fujita (who is on injured reserve with a neck injury) and Hargrove (who hasn’t drawn much interest since being released by the Packers) may never play again anyway. Smith and Vilma will at least be available for the Saints this week, even if Tagliabue announces on Tuesday that he is upholding their suspensions.

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  1. The smartest thing Tags can do is rule in the Saints favor.
    Judge Berrigan is going to spank Goodell for his blatant disregard of CBA procedures, his blatant attack on the Saints players with almost zero proof, and his blatant slander of Vilma.

    For the good of the league, and for Roger’s own good, Tags had better just rule for the players and hope that Vilma will let this die away. However, I hope Jonathan takes as much money away from Goodell that he goes broke.

  2. I doubt that Vilma will take enough money away from Goodell to make him go broke.
    In fact I doubt that Vilma will get any money from Goodell. The most that he can hope for is that the discovery process of his lawsuit reveals some hidden gems that Goodell would rather not see the light of day.

    Goodell comes across to me as a very shady, sneaky man with many secrets. I do not believe that what you see on the surface with that man is the depth of his character.

  3. How about the collusion case? Suspend Mara for a year without pay. That would be the only just outcome from a football year full of controversy.

  4. Thankfully this season for the Saints will be over soon. And, we can start thinking about getting SP back, the draft, and free agency. Hopefully we have one more run in us for a Superbowl before Drew calls it quits. As for the bounty scandal, I think most fans, even those who hate the Saints believe now that this wasn’t has bad as RG made it out to be. As, a Saints fan I would like to say I’m sorry to anyone I personal may have offended during this time. Now, we may be coming to the end of this. And, we can get back to talking smack about more important things, like what’s going happening on the football field. Keep your heads up Who Dat Nation. And, like I said forty three years before we won our first Superbowl, “wait ti’ll next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. NFL has screwed up. Vilma should be out of the game. No one who watched the NFC Champ game has doubts about the Aints — when did you last see roughing the passer called on a running play? Where is the NFLPA’s concern about intent to injure one or more of their members? DC admitted it, this is not made up by RG. The best part of the season is the implosion of the Aints and the loudmouth turnover machine named Brees.

  6. “montanapredator says:

    NFL has screwed up. Vilma should be out of the game. No one who watched the NFC Champ game has doubts about the Aints — when did you last see roughing the passer called on a running play?”

    You must not have watched the AFC Championship game that same year.
    Colts DB Bullit leveled Sanchez well after a handoff in a very similar play to that in the NFC champ game.
    The hit wasn’t flagged in the game but the NFL later admitted it missed the call:
    “Pereira also said Colts defensive back Melvin Bullitt should have been flagged for drilling Sanchez well after Sanchez had handed the ball off.”
    Rex Ryan went into a rage on the sideline at the missed call.

    Did the Colts have a ‘bounty’ on Sanchez?

    People act like the hits in that game were somehow unprecedented.

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