Titans mistakes are self-inflicted, too much to bear

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Teams don’t get to be 4-9 by accident.

And the reasons the Titans got to be that way were evident, and self-inflicted yesterday.

While it wasn’t the reason they lost to the Colts, the most ridiculous play of the day was a Jake Locker quarterback sneak on first down, because the Titans still thought it was third-and-short.

“The way we do that is designed to happen quickly so the defense is caught off guard,” left tackle Michael Roos said, via David Climer of the Tennesseean. “We were already getting lined up and nobody looked up to see that it was a first down.

It was a wasted down. That’s our season right there. We need to create as many breaks as we can and we could’ve used that first down for a better play, but that’s just the way it happened.”

Of course, there were other such bad calls, such as Locker’s pick-six from deep in his own territory, when he should have called a sneak.

“It was just one that I shouldn’t have thrown,” Locker said.

“That’s my fault. I should’ve just had him sneak it and not give him the option,” coach Mike Munchak said. “… In some crucial situations, it’s on us to maybe limit the decision making to help a young quarterback along.”

Young quarterback isn’t a valid excuse anymore. The rookie on the other side yesterday (Andrew Luck) has led his team to a seven-game improvement already, with a negligible difference in talent.

7 responses to “Titans mistakes are self-inflicted, too much to bear

  1. Wow what a joke. I’ve wasted 3 hours every Sunday this season watching a team that is so poorly coached, they run a QB sneak on 1st down.

    Please Bud Adams fire Munchak, we can’t take it anymore. He is just not cut out for a HC position. And get ride of the nepotism with Bruce Matthews and his son who is a terrible offensive lineman.

    Call me crazy, but maybe Tennessee is a potential landing spot for Gruden? It really is a team that has some nice young talent on both sides of the ball, and YouTube Gruden’s reaction to the Titans drafting Jake Locker. He is a self-proclaimed Locker stalker.

  2. The biggest coaching deficiency I can see with Locker is that he’s not being taught to protect the football. Ironic since many Titans fans faulted Jeff Fisher with being too conservative. He was notorious in training Steve McNair to protect the ball and Mac’s touchdowns to ints ratio reflected that solid coaching his whole career. If I could give Jake Locker and the Titans anything for Christmas, it’d be Jeff Fisher.

  3. Dwelling on the misreading of downs is a stupid issue because it wasn’t all that relevant to the game. Munchak isn’t the problem – he is, after all, the same guy who took the Titans cold to a 9-7 record. And Gruden was a fraud coach who lasted longer than he should have in Tampa.

    The problem is the time Locker lost in his development earlier this season. Unlike Luck, Locker hasn’t had a full season yet thanks to losing games to the shoulder injury, plus they changed coordinators on him midstream. “Young quarterback isn’t a valid excuse anymore.” Actually it is, and the hiring of Tom Moore indicates that; we saw some tangible positive effect with Locker and it’s going to get better.

  4. Titans don’t care about the W, Jake Locker out rushed Chris Johnson so I expect even more dissension in the locker room. After all, in Nashville it seems to only be about individual stats.

  5. Say taxpayers…how’s that “NFL YES” vote working out for you? Sad really, great fans without a team. At least you have the ‘Dores!

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