Vince Young makes Twitter bid for shot with Cardinals


Watching the Cardinals’ 58-0 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday led Larry Fitzgerald’s father to take to Twitter to say that the team’s performance was “pathetic” and that they quit on the game.

The elder Fitzgerald wasn’t the only person looking to Twitter while the Cardinals were being humiliated by the Seahawks. Vince Young took note of the league’s worst quarterback situation and decided to send a message to the younger Fitzgerald offering his services as an alternate to John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Kevin Kolb and whoever else the Cardinals might have in mind at quarterback as they try to end a nine-game losing streak.

It seems ridiculous, but these are desperate times in Arizona. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic asked coach Ken Whisenhunt who would be the team’s quarterback in Week 15 and Whisenhunt responded by asking Somers if he could play the position. It must have been hard for Somers not to follow up with wonderment that such experience was in any way a qualification given the way the Cardinals quarterbacks have been playing.

Young’s chances of landing in Arizona are probably about the same as Somers’, but we look forward to hearing some other alternative choices to the guys that the Cardinals have been running out there for loss after loss.

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  1. Vince Young had some pretty incredible games with the Titans. If he has matured, what in the world is there to lose by giving him an audition?

  2. Why not give him a call and see if he has anything in the tank? I’m not the biggest fan of VY or the AZCards, but what do they have to lose by giving him a look?

  3. Vince young is better than anything they got in AZ, that QB sitiuation is just horrible. There are high school kids that can play better than that, and vince is a proven winner so give him a chance i feel bad for fritz. CARDINALS GO GET VINCE

  4. After he was released by the Bills during the pre-season, Vince Young retweeted a fan’s remark which stated, “I know what Jeff Fisher did to you.” And now this?

    It appears my former favorite player (Yes, I naively backed him through thick and thin for several college and pro seasons) is either too stubborn or too clueless to begin conducting himself like a professional, much less an actual leader.

  5. Hmmm, hey, Arizona! You got a first founder or two to trade for a solid young QB who deserves a chance to become a starter next year?

  6. I thought we were rid of T.O. now we have V.Y. whats next a video of V.Y. working out jumping on newspaper boxes?

  7. Last time I checked the Cardinals were 4-0 when Kolb was running the offense. You have to roll with him next year. This year is a wash… no point in bringing in VY now.

  8. That staff needs to fired for not bringing hin in for a Tuesday try out. At least fake it like you give a darn.

  9. Im glad vince spoke up, is the NFL color blind? Vince young has a winning record as an NFL QB beat the superbowl champs last year & if im correct threw for over 400 yds in a win for the eagles over the giants? Does he throw pads in the stands? Yes Did he say dream team ? Yes but didnt he win games for jeff fisher and his mustache?Arizona deserves what they get i mean guys do we hate vince that much that we have too watch this in AZ? There is no way you can tell me that vince young would not have you lookin at highlights of AZ games, but now you turn away in shame. John skelton? Ryan who? Any san diego st QB for that measure & just to be fair who can forget the max hall era? Donovan mcnabb would have pulled a kurt warner if AZ had only gave him a chance to play with larry not anthony armstrong or any redskin wideout up until this year!!! Or for the love of god micheal i had one good play in college jenkins on the vikings.Mcnabb could have saved whisenhunt job right now with a quick 9 and 7 season wildcard 4300 yds airing it out too larry. They just wasted 3 years of larry fitzgerald career over his coach thinkin he is a QB guru.. Somwhere Matt leinart is smiling lol & ken may want too see if bill cowher is coming back.

  10. The Cardinals can use a guy like Vince Young in the same way the Seahawks used Tavaris Jackson last year.

    That offensive line needs serious help. Draft a couple of linemen high, maybe bring in a FA, then sit Young behind it to take a beating while it gels.

    Once the line is in at least serviceable shape, then go find the young QB prospect to grow behind it. In the meantime, Young takes all the abuse that, if given out to a younger player, might destroy confidence (see David Carr for an example).

    And if Young somehow manages to resurrect his career and play at a high level (AHAHAHAHAHAHA), then, so much the better.

  11. R.E. hillzmickelzon says:

    Vince Youngs problems are between his ears, both in terms of leadership (the tweet shows he has not learned what that is about) and learning a playbook/reading a defense. You really think he can come in at week 15 and learn the new offense when he couldn’t do it with the benefit of training camp and regular season at his previous stops? You are as delusional as he is…

  12. If I were the Cardinals, I’d rather have David Garrard than VY. But it doesn’t really even matter at this point of the season. They’re toast.

  13. I think Vince Young could definitely help and be an immediate upgrade over their other QBs, maybe including Kolb. They should bring him in for the rest of the year, see what he can do, sign him fairly cheap, and let him audition for next year. He would at least be a decent backup in AZ for next year. Actually a decent opportunity to get a chance to see if he can play and get a head start for next year.

  14. Vince Young has been a major disappointment since leaving the University of Texas but has shown signs of greatness throughout his tumultuous carrer.

    He’s had several game-winning drives over the years while last season he defeated the Super Bowl Champions last season while Michael Vick was injured.

    What’s the worse that could happen if they sign Young? 58-0 is a clear sign that things in Arizona are wrong and go get even worse believe it or not, imagine if Larry Fitzgerald demands a trade?

    Then you would have malign quarterbacks throwing to even more-malign receivers.

  15. The single fact that Whisenhunt used his football genius and named Skelton as the starting QB at the beginning of the season shows he’s a total clown. Fire him today, go ahead and give VY a try.

  16. While I agree with the commenters who think that the Cardinals have awful QBs, I don’t think that Vince Young would be a significant improvement over any of them.

    For those of us who watched this buffoon in an Eagles uniform last season, it’s obvious that the man is a less-talented Randall Cunningham or Michael Vick: Able to run around, throw a football 75 yards down the field, and not much else. He has no touch on the ball, he hasn’t the ability to read a defense, and he’s too arrogant, immature and entitled to learn. He was an interception machine in Philly, and he was the one who coined the ‘Dream Team’ moniker in 2011.

    If I were a Cardinals fan, I would hope the team looked at other options in the offseason, including names already mentioned here, like Matt Flynn and David Garrard.

  17. Two second round picks for Kevin Kolb. Sheeesh..
    It doesn’t appear there are any Luck’s or RG III’s in this draft, just Barkley and Glennon.
    Not sure VY, at age 29, still unproven as a passer and with the maturity of a 12 year-old, is the answer either.
    Bringing in Vick or another 30+ QB is just a short term band-aid. one thing’s for sure; they can’t go into next year wasting their time w/ the current situation. Might as well ante up a 2nd for Ryan Mallett, IMO. He’s been in a good system, with excellent coaching and he’s got most of the tools an NFL QB needs.

  18. even if they signed Vince Young he would still have to come in and earn the starting job after learning the offense which isnt an easy task. this season is a wash for Arizona. the only way it can improve is if Kevin Kolb is healthy. i say wait till next year and draft a QB in round 1 of the draft and also sign a QB to help bring the young guy along.

  19. If nothing else Ryan Leaf and Art Schichter may have a shots at getting out on prison on a work release program. The case can be made that either would be an upgrade for Cardinals.

    Or the Cards can get Jeff George out of the head case ward in the nursing home to play one last game or two in the NFL.

  20. It’s over for Whisenhunt. There’s no recovering from this. He did well as a coach in some regards, but you just can’t have a guy known for his offense put that horrid an O on the field year-in-and-year-out. They’ve wasted Fitzgerald.

  21. Now is not the time to be campaigning for the Cardinals job. He needs to get hooked up with somebody that can position him properly for opening up this opportunity. Now is the time to get creative in how you approach different clubs about investigating your services. Twitter posts are not a tactful way to do that.

  22. Try Arizona, atleast try! Cardinals game are not watchable. Lindley belongs on the practice squad, Skelton should have been gone by week 7. Two options right now are David Garrad and Vince Young, whats the worse that could happen…….lose another game?

  23. Bring in Vince Young NOW, work with him and see if he can help you next year as a starter or in a backup roll….

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